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  1. I see that the Valor is in for an overdue drydock before returning to service. I know it's getting the new paint as well as some behind the scenes mechanical maintenance that we'll likely never know the details of. Is there anything noticable being done to the ship aside from the paint? Can't find details anywhere.
  2. Our PVP helped us switch from a Thanksgiving cruise to one two weeks earlier, as airfare was more expensive than the cruise during the holiday! He was able to keep us from incurring any fees or losing our deposits. If it matters, both cruises were almost the exact same price.
  3. I looked through the menus, and while they are much, much shorter than before, I didn't see anything missing that would damage my cruise experience. I'm assuming once they have the full fleet going again and supply chains are up to full speed it will expand again. Right now with just a few ships, I'd imagine it's hard to keep selections the same.
  4. I really never anticipated the GC stop going forward. Mostly booked this cruise due to our availability on that week and nothing else. I'm hoping we don't end up with the Belize stop, though I'd be very happy with the Roatan stop. My better half would be disappointed if we totally reroute east and don't stop in Cozumel, but we will roll with it no matter what!
  5. No worries there. I just don't want to book an excursion at a port that I won't be going to.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. We haven't gotten any emails, and the booking still shows the Grand Cayman and Jamaica stops. Is that something that is for sure that the porta are going to be substituted, or is it one of these month by month things? (Not upset, just trying to plan and deciding on possible excursions)
  7. I'm supposed to be on the Horizon in November sailing to Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica. I've heard rumors that Grand Cayman isn't welcoming ships back this year, and haven't heard much about Jamaica. Does anyone have any info on whether to expect to actually go to those ports? If not, any ideas on what ports might be substituted?
  8. I feel like what we are seeing is a reaction to rapidly changing times: Pre-pandemic the idea was to not spend too much money and run old tonnage as far as possible. Carnival was profitable, but starting to lag behind RCI's aggressive new builds. During the pandemic, they quickly shed the least profitable (and I'm guessing most costly to repair and keep running) ships in a bid to slash costs, survive the unknown and prepare for what everyone thought would be a slow return to cruising. Now they are seeing insane (and unexpected) demand as folks want to travel again, causing them to decide the best model forward is to take advantage of it, re-grow the fleet and try not to get too far behind RCI in new builds.
  9. So Carnival sold 4 Fantasy class ships (3 scrapped, 1 sold for another line) and then is returning with 3 Excel Class ships and 1 Destiny era ship. Anyone have a breakdown on how this affects Carnival's overall passenger capacity? It seems like a dramatic increase! I also wonder if they will expand back to some of the ports that they've temporarily abandon, as it seems like they are positioned well to ramp up quickly over the next few years.
  10. I appreciate all of the feedback and tips and tricks so far. I'm certainly filing the Havana Bar secrets away for that trip 🙂 I am going to miss going on the Pride. I've been on the MIracle and loved the layout, but the Pride appears to be far more updated than the Miracle. Its also going to be my first voyage on a non-Farkus designed ship (though the Magic clearly is tamer than anything that came before) so that will be an interesting change. I'm seeing mixed messages on the crowding issue, some folks saying its really bad, others saying its not. For those of you who have been on this ship, or any of the Vista class, I have a few questions: 1) What time of year did you go? Crowded or not? 2) Do you typically go to the "main" areas like the theater, comedy club and lido, or do you tend to visit some of the less busy areas of the ship? 3) How was bar service overall? Any places better or worse? 4) Any good places to lay out in the sun that aren't super busy? I have no need to be on Lido or near the pool just somewhere that gets good sunlight and would be caught by the bar servers that walk around.
  11. So I'm sort of confused by the Havana Bar. I know the Havana pool is closed to non-Havana guests, but is the Havana bar open to everyone? All the time?
  12. What were your favorites about the ship? Any specific venue or place that really stuck out?
  13. We typically fly out of Detroit. My PVP was mentioning that part of the issue is Detroit to Tampa is using two less busy airports, and there simply aren't as many flights, so availability is so much more restricted. He thinks part of the reason the Horizon cruise is cheaper is because its heading into Miami, where there's a ton more flights and airlines available.
  14. I just checked it out, and the Havana Balcony is over twice the cost of the regular balcony for our cruise. Ouch! lol. At least we have a balcony on the 9th deck, just under lido.
  15. I was debating on holding off and seeing how flights are going to be, but 1) Spirit and Delta have released their dates, and those are usually the cheapest airlines for us. 2) Everything has been totally unpredictable with travel, and I'd rather switch to a flight I know I can afford ($200 per person), rather than hold out hoping for one that is simply out of my budget right now ($650 per person). I'm glad you've had and heard of good experiences on the Vista class. I'm just worried about the venue size in comparison to the number of passengers. I'm hoping that maybe the newness of the ship will help make up for any crowding...
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