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  1. I've actually sailed Elation before, but it was around 2015 and before any of the newer features were fitted. Any thoughts on itineraries? Back then she sailed the rather unfortunate 5 day run out of New Orleans that included Progresso. I'm hoping to get 1 or 2 good cruises out of these old ships that don't call on the worst ports. Also, while I certainly appreciate the new features like Guys Burgers and Blue Iguana, the old neon stuff isn't a real issue for me.
  2. For better or worse, it seems clear that our time with the Fantasy class is soon coming to an end. (Please do not debate how much you do/don't want them retired here, I'm looking for something else). We are hoping to have a little more fun on these ships before they vanish entirely, so of the ships left, which ones do you think are the best (current features, differences, level of care)? And specifically which ones still have a decent itinerary in 2021 & 2022 that's longer than 4 days?
  3. That seems to make more sense. Thanks for the insight. Overall seeing any ships go is sad for the memories that we've had on these ships but if (and that's a big if) things can return to something close to normal, and cruising resumes as it was, these losses aren't as bad as they could have been Honestly we've all seen Fantasy class retirements coming for a while now (like it or not). I'm more concerned with the fact that they have announced a new Mardi Gras class ship and progress on the Mardi Gras without any real changes. These new ultra crowded ships may be less
  4. Does anyone know what "long term layup" really means? It sounds like the ships will remain in Carnival's possession, but the language of the releases feel like they've already moved on. I'm going to take this as they don't feel like they will use the ships again, but holding them for "just in case" cruising takes off bigger than expected and they can activate again? Or does someone have more insight?
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