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  1. Yes Mic but now we are all paying the price for their sins!
  2. Well I don't know when it became standard Chiliburn, because I did cancel a cruise earlier this year coming up this December which was refunded. I had booked directly with RCI but it was a while ago, probably when the cruises were first released because a) it was cheap and b) refundable. It was the 8 Queensland one and it was only around $120 a day each for inside cabin. Mic, I am in two minds about that practice. I can understand RCI getting annoyed with people doing that, but of course if you could then who wouldn't?
  3. Oh really ? I was wondering if it applied to the Americans too.
  4. Thanks for the reply. But we are a family of five which makes it not reasonable.
  5. So I haven't booked a cruise for a while and I was going to book one with RCI for next year. But of course I always like the option of cancelling if something comes up. However, I noticed that the cruise that I was looking at and put a 24 hour hold on has a non-refundable deposit. Is this the norm now? I always liked RCIs flexibility and liked to book way in advance if I see a good price but I don't think I will be doing that any more.
  6. I don't think you feel any ship movement wherever you are. It's so big and stable, even in rough seas on Bass Strait we felt nothing.
  7. The funniest one I read about a cruise that I was on was that The Beatles Tribute band did nothing but play Beatles songs.
  8. I saw that on the NSW port authority cruise schedule. Intriguing name.
  9. Thanks for the photo. That's what I am getting - obstructed balcony ,except mine is an upgrade not downgrade. Lol. At least with all my OBC I will be able try all the specialty restaurants if the food is not great.
  10. Yes both cabins got the offer. I wouldn't have taken just one offer.
  11. Yes we almost cancelled that cruise 3 months ago because my partner just started a new job and we thought that getting time off would be a problem. So glad we didn't. BTW meant to say "unusual" in my previous post.
  12. Yes Mic. It worked out really well. I feel like I won a prize really. They give you six weeks to choose another cruise. In my excitement I chose another straight away. I was paranoid that they would renege on the offer as the lady on the phone said it was usual to get offered another cruise up to 10 days when the original was only 4 days.
  13. plus upgrade and refundable OBC was included on the Sun princess cruise. I called up after the first offer but they said were all taken. Then I got same offer second round later that day. Couldn't turn that down. Best thing is the new cruise I took on Majestic is only balconies and inside cabins. So our upgrade jumped two levels from inside to balcony on Majestic. And we are five people in two cabins - so we got a $10 500 cruise for port taxes only if we spend nothing on next cruise. Amazing!
  14. I'm tempted to book high season with them every year now!
  15. I got the offer too. I took it. Was going on a 4 day cruise on Sun Princess on Jan 5, now going on 10 day cruise on the Majestic with upgrade to balcony and price of cruise with refundable OBC. Didn't really care if I didn't go on this cruise as it was the cruise you have when you're not having cruise - just a little jaunt up to Moreton Island. Couldn't be happier.
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