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  1. If you are in the resorts then, yes it is idyllic. However, this is somewhat artificial and once you step outside the resort's property, then, you see the 'real' Bali, with its hawkers, stray dogs, lots of motorbikes, and swarms of tourists ( well not now obviously). I have somewhat mixed feelings about Bali. It is an amazing place, but for me there are an equal number of positives and negatives. Obviously too, for us Australians, Bali is really not that exotic, as pretty much everyone here goes there. You should talk to someone who knows Bali really well (some Bali forum), as the place k
  2. Yes opinions on Bali are pretty divisive. You know over here, Table 6, Bali is probably your Spain. Not that I have been to Spain, but Bali is a cheap destination where lots of Aussies go to drink and party, which is what I think the English go to Spain for. In other words, it's not Eat, Pray, Love. I went to Bali once. I was glad I did it but I have no desire to return. That said, I have family members who love it there. They hire a villa and have a live in cook and just lie around the pool all day. Personally I find that boring. Each to their own.
  3. The short answer is no if it is a tendered post. I went through the same thing last year (wanted my daughter to join a Queensland cruise) with Princess. It has nothing to do with the cruise line and everything to do with the port authority. Believe me I had multiple conversations and it was just not possible, even though I argued we are all Australians doing a domestic cruise. The only port they would have allowed it to happen was Brisbane (we were leaving from Sydney) She couldn't join at Brisbane so missed out.
  4. To give you an idea of what is happening here, I have a land holiday booked for January in Queensland and we are still waiting for Queensland to open the borders to people from Sydney. That should give you a clue as to the odds of an international traveler being allowed in Australia in April. The politicians are being super cautious in Australia (especially the Queensland and WA ones).
  5. Erin, the RCL SP cruises are on their website now. Much better choices are now available.
  6. If most of the ports are by tender boats, I would prefer the smaller ships. I wouldn't book anything yet. RCI usually have a lot of cruises from Sydney to the SP. Maybe wait a bit for them to become available. (Unless it's just not happening next year). And I would pick one with the Isle of Pines included.
  7. Also if you are happy to get up close to a koala but not hold them there's two zoos in Sydney city. https://www.wildlifesydney.com.au/ and https://taronga.org.au/sydney-zoo The first one is small but very convenient being right in the middle of the city. There is also an aquarium there. Or you can catch a ferry to Taronga zoo which makes it a very pleasant way to get there.
  8. I'll just add my biased opinion. Sailing in and out of Sydney is truly a magical experience. I am born and bred in Sydney and the experience of cruising through the harbour is something that I never tire of. Also the cruise terminal (the OPT) is in a great spot between the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Can't beat that!
  9. Watched a bit of the stuff with COVID-19. I think they pointed out about five incidents of COVID-19 on ships without saying that there are roughly 300 cruise ships in operation. I saw they had the Shine lawyer on still spouting the BS that there were people on the previous Ruby cruise with COVID-19 symptoms. I wonder how successful this class action will be, when they have a major flaw in their argument. I suppose they don't want to lose face now and say their case isn't that strong after the Inquiry was released proving that that allegation was false.
  10. Well I'll just as add this here as the topic is about refunds. I just got my $2000 deposit back from P & O just two weeks after they cancelled my November cruise. That makes me feel loyal towards them although I have never done a P & O cruise before. Good PR that is.
  11. Oh that's true too. But you can definitely do both - help them ( a bit later in life) but not spoil them. I see how my MIL is pretty frugal but at the same time enjoys an inside cabin cruise every year. My parents on the other hand would do everything first class and be very extravagant. My MIL helped us when her mother died and I would like to pass it forward to my kids when she dies.
  12. Your husband does sound like me. I am so used to trying to get the best value and save so much, that I don't think I could spend more than I need to, even if I could easily afford it.
  13. Do you really think that's what they'll do? My parents were SKIS (to the extreme) so I have the opposite view.I want to pass on as much as I can.
  14. Yes the rule is you get a refund back in how you paid, so that if you paid for something in $$ you don't get a refund in say chickens or cows. We're not bartering anymore.
  15. Interesting, I just realized that that is the same as the RCI number. Maybe if you choose the Celebrity extension you get a different country, but I have always got Americans when I rang RCI.
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