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  1. Yep just got the same, but was mentally prepared for this.
  2. We stayed in 1710 on the Harmony last year, and it was absolutely PERFECT.
  3. Those pesky facts again 🙂 you are 100% correct, and who thinks these islands want cruise ships docking right now? We leave, and infect the island population, it spreads. People need to realize that cruising will not happen anytime soon here.
  4. It's a RCL voluntary extension from how it reads. STILL nothing from the CDC!
  5. Well the bad news is out, extended until ATLEAST NOV 30th.
  6. I agree, in the video I explain why the shower upstairs was amlittle odd. I think I would have preferred the huge stand up shower that the Oasis has in the CL.
  7. You are sooo right about the location, you can't beat being 45 feet from the bar. I brought many many drinks back to the cabin nightly;) Also sooooo nice the dining room menu is free for room service, we did that a few nights also.
  8. Hello All, Well it's been a year to the day since we boarded the beautiful Harmony, and wow what a difference a year makes. This was our first Crown Loft, and it was sooooo incredible. What an experience this was for us, and the kids. We have the Quantum booked for Alaska in August 2021, and hope it happens, but in the mean time I wanted to share this video with you just to wet your whistle a little bit:)
  9. Hi There, At first when you walk in it did feel a little narrow, BUT once you look up at those high ceiling it really makes a difference. I absolutely loved this cabin, and cruising in something smaller in the future is going to be tough:)
  10. Last year we got an amaaaaaaazing deal for two adults, and two kids. We paid 4400 out the door, it was the deal lifetime, and we could not turn it down. What an amazing experience it was for sure, and I look for new deals in 2021 every single day:) See video below if interested to see the cabin.
  11. Happy to share my video of our Crown Loft on Harmony from Sept last year. It was such an amazzzzzing experience, and I hope we can pull it off again in the future.
  12. Awesome to see the Divina come to PC, out all the cruises I have done it was top 3 for sure.
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