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  1. I cancelled my November cruise on March 19. I checked my account this morning, as I have been doing daily, and I have finally gotten the refund. So 5 weeks and 2 days.
  2. I am only looking to get back my deposit and upgrade cost - about $242, so not nearly a much as many of you. I called again on Tuesday, because I cancelled on 3/19, and still hadn't seen it. I was told that it was processed on Saturday (4/11) so it would be another 2 weeks probably until I will see it. I guess I don't get the entire credit/refund process, and this isn't just on cruises, but on everything. With the technology today, and the fact that they can get money out of your account literally within seconds, why are we supposed to tolerate that it takes 7-10 day
  3. I cancelled a November 5 cruise on March 19. Called 2 weeks later because I hadn't received my deposit. Was told it would be 30 days. I'll be calling back today and verifying that it's 30 days from the date I cancelled, and has nothing to do with the sailing date.
  4. Thanks very much for the review. I have an inside stateroom booked on Deck 11 for next summer. Thought it would be pretty cool to be right on the pool deck. Also nice to hear the positive reviews on the changes on Coco Cay.
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