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  1. Got an offer this morning 21DOC103 $250 in casino. I don't see an itinerery with it.
  2. The offer I got today was the worst one in over a year. Now my offers from Carnival are better.
  3. I got an inside cabin dates June-August on Vision..
  4. My last 2-3 cancels were JS and Balc booked. The replacements have been OVW or Inside. Some of the straight up offers have just been $$ off. I have JS booked Aug 25, and Balc booked Sep 24. I hope they make without some ridiculous demands.
  5. Just some info. My wife and I each got offer from Carnival for free OVW any sailing $200 deposit. Plus taxes and port fees. The deposit becomes OBC when you sail. This was a land base players card match promo. I think the dates were Sep - Jan. The offer code was FS2.
  6. My offer for Oasis was just $500 off. My wife got $300 off. I guess we could combine them. No good for us
  7. I have 3 of the PRIME I could book. My wife has 2. You are right. They should have moved it out another year.
  8. I got the adventure offer with $500 off. My got $300 off. Will wait for greener pastures.
  9. All my cruises were out of Florida or Galveston, and less than 7 days. So nothing for me. Wife's offer was $250 off any cruise.
  10. Might be of interest. Gov Desantis leads round table at Port Canaveral on starting cruising.
  11. That is right. Not for me. I still have my 2019, and 2020 PRIME I could use. My wife has her 2020. I hear we will get another PRIME this April. My 2019, which had been used on a canceled cruise. Will expire soon. I could use it to book any sailing this year, I was told. Hello CDC, when do we sail from USA ?
  12. Got another Club Royale offer. Only 3-4 day cruises. Not for me.
  13. Well I just got an offer today that is only $500 off the Odyssey. The offers keep getting worse for sure.
  14. I am at 14 cancels or re-books since March 2020. Had some good sailings booked too. Our last few months Club Royale offers have been of lower quality than for 2020. I am down to only 2 still booked. Late August and late September. Kind of "down in the mouth" about a return to normal in USA.
  15. June sailings from Bahamas on Adventure. One caveat: At this time vaccinations will be required for adult guests to sail on Adventure of the Seas. Guests under the age of 18 will need to provide a negative RT-PCR test result.
  16. NCL cancels June for N America. Updated: March 16, 2021 - Suspended Cruises We have extended our voluntary temporary suspension of all voyages through June 2021.
  17. I phoned in about my May 9 cancel. Did not offer back anything good. Had to take the refund anyway. Then book a new offer. A balcony on a 5 day or OVW on 7 day. So I lost the 7 day JS with free play.
  18. yes looks like another DUD ! My offer was only 3 ships and 5 different dates.
  19. My May 9 cancel is a JS 7 day sailing. The booking offer is OV. I have many offers of no good use in my Casino Royale bucket. You know a bunch of 3-4 day sailings. I will phone in a day or two and see what they really offer. With 2 more booked for 2021 and NO sailing thus far. This might be another refund.
  20. Here we go again. May cruises canceled. Last updated March 9th, 2021 At Royal Caribbean International, our guests and crew's safety and well-being are always our top priorities. In order to allow additional time for our return to service preparations, we have decided to extend the suspension of sailings for our global fleet through May 31st, 2021 – excluding sailings onboard Quantum, Spectrum, Voyager, and Odyssey of the Seas. Our plan is to resume further operation in June;
  21. I have that offer. I won't book anything on it. Brilliance was there.
  22. Another offer, do nothing 3 day sailings. 21SHC106
  23. Carnival cancels sailings through May, 2021. Are we next ? Likely there goes my May sailing. https://www.cruisehive.com/carnival-cruise-line-cancels-all-cruises-until-june-2021/47277
  24. M Life offer follow up. In my wife's Club Royale it shows a M Life player number. Strangely in my account. They removed the offer. ?? Got another CR email about some $500 off offer. It is another 107. So my offers have gone from being 103,104 down to 107 level. Yes it has been over a year since my last sailing. My March 2020 and many others were canceled.
  25. I did not notice the number. I think my wife does have M life. The offer details were in the email.
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