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  1. babyblues1333

    UBP - Must try cocktail/drink list!

    going on the getaway sept. 19 and also got the UBP promo, so what doesn't it include..lol this will be a first trying the UBP....im a Stoli (vodka) and Maker's Mark (burbon) drinker, those should be included correct? was there a particular bartender that you preferred?
  2. Single and ready to mingle..lol that soundd cheezy anyhoo...celebrating my 37th bday on NCL Getaway Sept. 19....hope to see someone there thats not taken..lol cheers
  3. babyblues1333

    Alcohol package question

    Hi I am taking the Allure on 9/22 and i drink but my friend doesnt....where do i go to get the package just for myself???
  4. OOOOMMMMGGGGG! that was Amazing. Thank you sooooo much for that Review! ever since i booked the Allure in January, i have been wanting to know what it was gonna be like when i sail in September. Your Review made me feel like i was on that ship with you!. thank you again for the amazing review and i cant wait to meet Ms. Allure!:D:):p
  5. babyblues1333

    50lbs before is cruise oct 13

    Hi everyone, i'm so happy i found this thread ...ill be cruising in September and i desparetly need to lose 35 lbs....i've stared Herbalife and so far I lost 3 lbs since last week. i know i need to be better at snacking at night but now i have all of you and a big picture of the ship on my Fridge to stir me away from the kitchen..lol good luck to everyone and lets keep pushing....before you now it, Fall will be here!;)
  6. i saw the vid....nice shot! and super loud...awesome to see the planes sooo close. thanks for the review...loving it. i get to visit her for the first time in Sept for my bday! i cant wait.
  7. thank you sooo much, i was looking for this exact question "no lifeboat obstruction" to see right down to the water....i want to be as close as possible..lol thanks again..hopefully one of these cabins is still available...so i can switch out of the one i am in now!!!!!
  8. babyblues1333

    What's your bio, solo cruisers?

    Hello, I am a SWF 34 yr old who lives in Miami. I love cruising, traveling, and adventures. I havent done a solo cruise yet. i always try to find someone to go with me, but all my friends are either broke, have kids, married or just cant take the time off and i'm always up for a weekend cruise. I'm learning from all your reviews that going solo isnt bad. i might take your advice.:p
  9. babyblues1333

    Any under 25-40s Solo Cruisers??

    Ill be on the Allure in Sept for my 35th Birthday....and it really suxxs cruising alone; I'm in the process of luring one of my friends to go with me ..i dont think I can be on a 7 night cruise by-myself...especially because iam anti-social and intraverted; I am in the same boat, all my friends are either broke, have kids or just cant take the time off. I live in Miami and would cruise every weekend if i could....just need a partner in crime to do it.
  10. WOW, this has been the best review overall. I can't thank you enough, now I am totally prepared for my first time on the Allure come this Sept to celebrate my 35th bday, especially in Mexico!!!!! (shots shots shots)..heheheh.... love love love the photos!!!!!!!! thanks again Gambee :p
  11. babyblues1333

    How many days until your next cruise???

    185 days and not soon enough :(