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  1. parttimr

    Massage in Cabo,Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta

    Thank you. Sounds like taxi it is,
  2. parttimr

    Massage in Cabo,Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta

    Doing the Mexican Riviera for the first time and will be in PV on Feb 13 and have reserved a couples massage after reading this thread and reading trip advisor. Can anyone tell me how far it is from the ship and if it's fairly easy to find? TIA
  3. parttimr

    Cabo San Lucas Lover's Arch Rock Formation

    Thanks Mike but we just went ahead and prebooked the trip.
  4. parttimr

    Cabo San Lucas Lover's Arch Rock Formation

    There will be four of us there February 11 our first trip to the Mexican Riviera and were looking to pre-book a glass bottom boat thru Trip Advisor for $20pp then spend rest of afternoon at Medano Beach. My question is can you just get a boat right there at the dock after getting off the tender or better off taking the water taxi to the beach and going with the booked boat. Guess I'm asking in both cost and convenience. TIA.
  5. parttimr

    How difficult is it ......

    Thanks everyone for the the responses. Seems it wouldn't be that difficult and we do like the Conquest so decisions, decisions.
  6. parttimr

    How difficult is it ......

    I figured the way I worded it folks would be confused. Magic leaves on Feb 1st and returns to Ft Lauderdale on the 9th and doesn't show going out again until the 15th so b2b not possible. Thinking it may be booked for special cruise. So since we live in North Dakota and air fare is crazy we thought we would do another cruise the week before out of Miami on Conquest that leaves on Jan 25 and returns on Feb 1st. So that's why the question on transportation. Seems it would be easy to do and plenty of time. Thanks for the quick responses.
  7. We have done a b2b before and was looking to do it again in 2020 on the Magic but nothing available after the first leg going out on our return day. For some reason the Magic doesn't go out again until the 15th and we get back the 9th. There is a cruise out of Miami on the Conquest which we really like which would be the first part of two weeks. Was wondering how difficult it s to get from port of Miami to port of Ft Lauderdale. I'm sure it's done all the time but curious of the time it takes for the most part and easiest transportation. Thanks in advance for any info.
  8. parttimr

    AARP/Allstate gift cards

    Thanks for the quick responses. I did find them on AARP both $100 and $500 available right now.
  9. parttimr

    AARP/Allstate gift cards

    I used to get mine thru Verizon but as others have said no longer. Tried to find them on the AARP site and no matter what no luck, Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. parttimr

    Muster inside or outside on the Glory

    Just got back Saturday and as others have stated still outside as have all the Conquest class ships we've sailed on.
  11. parttimr

    Decent motel near Long Beach port??

    Gong to use this in 2019
  12. parttimr

    Long Beach Question

    Was wondering the same. Sounds like Uber is the way to go.
  13. We are going here on the Splendor in 2019 and was unsure of logistics from airport to ship pre and post cruise so following.
  14. parttimr

    HELP question on back to back cruise

    We just did our first B2B this past February. We had the same room and continued on as we had on the first leg meaning nothing changed and we went about our morning until time to meet with the others doing a B2B also. We made sure both trips were linked thru our PVP and guest services once on board. The night before we were given instructions on where and when to be the next morning. We were given our new S&S cards at the meeting and took a group picture and had mimosas. They then escorted us off the ship where we met with customs and were "dinged" back in and back on board having the ship to ourselves for about an hour. It was pretty painless. Hope this helps.
  15. We just did a group booking in February and we all had $100 obc with ten rooms and we went thru our PVP.