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  1. We did the ship's tour that started at Akrotiri. You take the tender to the other end of the island, away from Oia, and tour Akrotiri. It is quite a large ruin and is covered by tarps and temp roofing to shield from the sun, highly recommend. Then you are taken by bus and tour all the way back to Oia, arriving near sunset on our tour. Did that coffee shop serve "Dutch Coffee"? 😉
  2. Just discovered your thread. We did this B2B on Reflection in 2016, absolutely loved the Greek Isles, except for Santorini. Very crowded and a very long wait (1 - 1 1/2 hours) to take the cable car down to the tenders. Enjoy your flight to CDG. Will be following along. Safe Travels.
  3. Strange things happen in those safes, under the liner. On the same cruise I found two credit cards under there. One belonged to a Brit so I turned that into Guest Relations, the other belonged to a good friend who was in our cabin the cruise before. I gave her card back to her, as she was doing a B2B with us. We have lost cameras twice while cruising, once in a cab going to HNL and the other on a tour in Akarora. We were able to work with the tour operator and get that camera sent to us. The one in the taxi, who knows. Never "lost" anything in the cabin.
  4. Hi there, we are on this cruise, if you are talking about the Nov 2020 one. As the cruise is still almost 500 days out, there are no dining packages available yet in the cruise planner. FYI, the current price for the 12 night Specialty Dining package is $378.00 p/p. for a cruise we are doing in Oct 2019. It also currently shows the pricing for the premium drink package as $0.00 per day, I think that may be wrong ;). That's on the U.S. site. Try checking back around January 2020.
  5. Just noticed that our CC points are now finally correct. The sun does shine in some places. 😉
  6. We have stayed in the aft corner S1 on deck 7. It is a great cabin, either port or starboard. The views are great from the aft. There is no window washing equipment parked outside the porthole window. The balcony is nice with two lounge chairs, 2 footstools, and one table. The balcony is uncovered so it could get quite warm in hotter climates. There is only one closet in this room, so if you are a clothes hog then it could be tight. We did a B2B, first in a S2 cabin (has 2 closets) and then in the S1, we found the closet space to be limited. You are in the only suite on this deck, besides the other corner S1, so the butler may or may not make a lot of appearances. Bulgari products, as of April 30th 2019 on the Solstice, were still being furnished in the bathroom. I don't remember if the aft S1s on deck 7 have a pole in the room or not, but no big deal. Don't remember if there is any vibration, but everyone is different. I, because I am also and aft cabin lover, would take this cabin in a minute. And the location helps you walk off all the drink/food intake. 😉
  7. Hi Tony, Really great job of providing useful information on your blog. See you guys in November 2020. 🙂
  8. Got 50% off on premium drinks packages for our cruise. Price was $69.00 p/p per day and I just booked packages at 34.50 p/p per day. It's a different story for unlimited internet package for one device. Yesterday it was $195 for the length of the cruise. Today it is $255.00 for one device. Well one out of two ain't bad! 😉
  9. You may want to check out the Omni Parker House. It's been there since the 1800s and is the place that the Kennedys' made famous. Lot's of history and great location on the Freedon Trail. Also the best place in Boston for a Boston Cream Pie, it was invented there.
  10. Hey Tony, you and Julie have a great time. Looking forward to reading your posts.
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