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  1. The picture of your products in “the cooler” looks like a FabFitFun box.
  2. If you booked through a TA, it could have been a gift from them.
  3. Here’s another question. If we’ve already purchased the $18.00 a day drink package and we decide to add a 3rd person to the room that is also over 21, do they just have to purchase the package at the listed price when you add them?
  4. We booked a Harmony cruise for May of 2020. We booked as a group rate with a TA. We currently have 10 cabins booked. Are there typically rate drops with group rates? Also, how would I myself find these rate drops?
  5. Maybe they plan to give everyone the $18 a day drink package. 😁
  6. I booked and paid for 5 cabins on our cruise (with the help of my TA)because I couldn’t get a hold of my friends and I wanted them to receive the fantastic deal. Two other cabins booked on their own and two cabins we didn’t get in soon enough so they will be paying a higher price.
  7. The package was booked through my cruise planner. I received confirmation right after it was booked. TA hasn't received an email and I've checked my spam. I'm not going to worry about the email. I can see it is bought and paid for in my cruise planner. I do like the creativity they used in the email.
  8. I'm going to miss this thread. It has been entertaining these past few days. I still haven't received my letter. 😞
  9. We did get a great rate. $2800 for an ocean view balcony. That price includes the prepaid gratuities.
  10. We ended up booking the May 10, 2020 cruise on Harmony. Nine cabins 18 adults! Everyone is excited. Unfortunately cabin choices were limited in the group to decks 11 and 12 and the only options given to me by TA all had beds by the balcony. I like deck 8 with bed by the bathroom. So in the end I am trying something different. 😜
  11. I can’t even keep track of drinking 8 glasses of water a day without counting them down with pen and paper. I know as an adult I would not be able to play games in an arcade and keep track of how many games I’ve played.
  12. I wish I could help you but I don’t know that either! It’s only my 3rd cruise and our cruises are all a few years apart so it’s like brand new research every time I book. Everything changes!
  13. My friend works in the hospitality industry as a pricing agent. She said she once accidentally put $29 for rooms that were supposed to be $299. It was quickly caught and changed. Only a handful of people received the $29 rate before they made the corrected price. She said now they have checks in place to ensure that won’t happen. No relevance here except the fact that they could make the correction within minutes. By the way they honored the $29 price😜
  14. We were already considering the move. I posted about it on Sunday on this forum because of the reviews regarding the pool areas and other things we loved about Royal that we were not sure we would get with the cruise we had picked with Norwegian. To be honest I had picked the Norwegian Cruise because of itinerary and free at sea offer. It was quickly chosen because the day I decided it was time to start looking at booking another cruise the free at sea offer was supposedly ending that night according to the little countdown clock. Our group decided to book very quickly to get that deal. After it was booked I began digging into my research and started to feel like it wasn’t going to be a good fit for us so came back and started researching Royal again as that was the cruise we had a blast on a couple of years ago. Yesterday we decided to make the jump and the $18 drink offer was a huge bonus. From a free at sea offer to $18 a day for a ship we all know we will ❤️. Why wouldn’t we go for it!
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