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  1. My husband & I have been on many cruises before but this was our first time with a child. My daughter is 2 yrs and 8 months. We stayed overnight in Texas City for a cheaper rate. Very easy drive to Galveston Saturday morning. We used Lighthouse parking, no issues. Boarding: We had (I think) the 1st boarding group at 12:00. Sorry I don't remember the exact times but we were onboard right around that time. We walked all the way through and never had to wait to board. It did seem they were being lenient with the boarding times. The people in front of us had 1:00. Got
  2. Has anyone stayed on the ship in port with a toddler? Any ideas to keep the little one busy besides the obvious activities?
  3. We are staying in a FH room for the first time next month. I did a lot of comparison between FH vs regular rooms and there was minimal price difference. We booked about a year in advance.
  4. We really enjoyed it! Went in early October. Maybe 20 people there the whole day, no loud music, food was good. Everyone was very nice. It was a very relaxing day. There are steps into the ocean however the water was very rough and it did not appear safe. The pool was cool and refreshing! Highly recommend!
  5. Thank you for sharing! We are sailing vista in Feb 2020, will be our first cruise with my daughter 2.5 yrs old. I hope she is potty trained by then to avoid the changing table drama. Any other tips for bringing a kid along?
  6. We only ate the Buffet on formal night and they had some of the same food selections the dining room had including prime rib. My husband said the prime rib was 2 out of 5 stars.
  7. I was on the same cruise and I agree about the dining room food. What cruise lines have y'all sailed that have better food? We are booked on Vista next year and were discussing that it might be our last carnival for a while.
  8. Day 3 I think there was another page to the menu. I didn't realize I had to scroll up to see more. 🤦‍♀️
  9. Day 2 forgot to screen shot the menu. It was formal night. No lobster unless you paid the upcharge.
  10. Our preference is 7 days but 5 days is a nice quick getaway.
  11. I posted a short review and will be adding the funtimes and menus soon! 😀
  12. My husband & I just returned from a 5 day on Carnival Dream. I believe this was my 9th cruise. Our last cruise was almost 3 years ago! We took a break and had a baby! This was also our first trip away from her. We live in San Antonio and drove to Galveston. We used Park N Cruise for parking and were happy with them. It was nice not having to wait for a shuttle to pick us up. We were not aware that we did not have to stand in long lines for a sail & sign card! This was fantastic and made the process so smooth. We were walking toward the terminal from our parking spot at 10:55am and were
  13. Hi, I've been a member here for a long time and I don't always do a good job at posting reviews. I love reading others reviews & often find them very helpful. I'm leaving on the Dream on Monday 9/30 and wondered if anyone on future sailings wanted me to get any info while I'm onboard and report back? I don't know if I will be able to access this site once we set sail. I will try to post a review when I return.
  14. found the answer to my question.
  15. Thank you all so much! I just checked into my cruise right when it opened and got the 11:30-12 time slot!
  16. I've searched (many word combinations) to find the answer to my question and no luck. What is the earliest time I can check in online with Carnival? Do the time slots fill up quickly? Also a side question. Does Carnival typically start boarding at 11am? (I know there are many factors that can cause this time to change)
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