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  1. I called HAL and asked. The $750 payment follows the cancellation policy of your cruise. So if your cruise is refundable before final payment, then the $750 is refundable before final payment. The only catch is the refund may take longer than normal due to the volume of cancellations. I personally wouldn’t choose the pay in full option nor the non-refundable option. If things don’t look good right before final payment, then I will cancel the cruise and wait for the delayed refund or change the itinerary to a future date prior final payment. I’ve cancelled my upcoming
  2. per statement.. so the extra OBC is per statement (or $125 OBC for guest 1 and 2).
  3. Yes, it exists. My friend got a letter and I didn’t. However, when I called HAL, they applied it to my booking. Pay $750 installment and get $250 OBC. There are less $$$ installment option, but you will get less OBC. If you pay the cruise in full, you’ll get 10% off on cruise fare. Expires 12/31/2020.
  4. The installment option ($250 obc) is combinable with buy 1 gift 1 offer + view and verandah + future cruise deposit. I just booked. You may use FCC for the installment option as well. So I believe the pay in full option is combinable with other offers as well. However, you cannot use FCC with the pay in full option.
  5. I just paid the $750 instalment. It is $125 OBC more for the first 2 guests on top of my existing OBC.
  6. I just booked this. The free room has a separate booking number. We have a party of 3 also and I’m the adult daughter. You need to pay the tax in full for the inside room. The verandah/suite room must pay the view and verandah option (e.g. drink package, free tips, 1 specialty dinning). The free room has no perks. This offer is combinable with the pay $750 installment and receive $250 obc in the verandah room. If you decided to pay $750 upfront, it follows the cancellation policy on your booking (e.g. refundable before final payment). If you have FCC to use, you can only choose the inst
  7. I am select and didn’t receive an email :( I just booked a cruise yesterday.
  8. If they offer you the same price same cabin category, take it. I just received a cancellation email from celebrity today on the European cruise for oct 2021. I called, I have to pay for the inflated rate (more than double) or they just refund my deposit back bt dec 1 2020. Previously, i got 2 perks already with refundable deposite option. Now, they only havr the all inclusive option. They only thing extra was $200 OBC for any cabin up to aqua class or $400 in suite. I booked during the captain's club offer (e.g. 10% off ), they said they cannot offer the same promo, must pay
  9. 4/5.. i haven't asked about GS.. i don't know how to navigate on the web to see other selections and how the price would be different. I will call again to inquire the price again.
  10. I think so.. seems like getting different response everytime.. haha
  11. I was planning to book a Junior Suite and the first RCL sales said I will have access to Coastal Kitchen for dinner only. When I tried to pay the deposit, another RCL sales said I am not entitled to dine in Coastal Kitchen because of Golden Suites (certain sailings have modified benefits). The sailing I am interested is roundtrip Tokyo on Quantum of the Sea and it won't dock in China. I just read online that Golden Suite is for sailings from mainland China. So what does this mean? Does it include or not include? I never sailed with RCL before, but have sailed mostly with Celebr
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