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  1. Ecuador's currency is in fact the U.S. dollar. Very convenient.
  2. Yep. From a May 2019 QM 2 Daily Programme:
  3. Terry--thanks as always for the timely update--typical litigation--goes back and forth. This latest 11th Circuit decision is arguably mostly symbolic at this point other than giving Florida a victory claim, because as we all know on CC, NCL's separate lawsuit is still pending, and the major cruise lines are enforcing significant restrictions clearly seeking to scare off unvaccinated adults.
  4. Florida continues to fight the CDC with a US Supreme Court motion applying for an emergency order vacating the 11th Circuit's stay of the US District Court's decision granting Florida's preliminary injunction request. https://www.scotusblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/21A5.pdf Ironically, Florida's vaccinated attorney general, Ashley Moody, who filed the motion, was just diagnosed with COVD-19.
  5. Sorry to go off topic, but are these the typical SS portion sizes? I realize there's no limit on what can be ordered and devoured, and that no one goes hungry despite a comment to the contrary on another thread, but they appear to be a bit skimpy, although as stated the monster plates don't help.
  6. Terry--we're supposed to be going on the Cloud to Antarctica at the end of this year, and the thread below has been a useful source of information as to whether that may really happen. Especially considering the enormous cost of the cruise, you can bet SS will do everything possible to make it work.
  7. My feelings exactly. My tux was also cheaper to buy than almost all of my suits in case something happens to it on the ship or en route.
  8. In an interesting turn of events, per Gene Sloan of The Points Guy, NCL Holdings has sued the State of Florida in federal court in connection with its recently enacted law that generally prohibits businesses in Florida from requiring customers to show proof of vaccination. The complaint states that “one anomalous, misguided intrusion threatens to spoil (NCL’s) careful planning and force it to cancel or hobble upcoming cruises, thereby imperiling and impairing passengers’ experiences and inflicting irreparable harm of vast dimensions.” NCL's head honcho Frank Del Rio stated that “I attribute th
  9. Per Gene Sloan of The Points Guy, here are the venues that will exclude those who can't prove COVID vaccinations on RCI cruises out of Miami through the end of July, and it's a long list. The Chef’s Table Izumi Hibachi & Sushi R Bar Schooner Bar The Pub Viking Crown Nightclub Solarium Bar Solarium Pool Casino Royale (the ship’s casino) Casino Bar Vitality Spa (the ship’s spa) In addition: Some shows and activities on the ship will be off-limits. Access to shows in the ship’s Royal Theatre will be limited to a single deck only, and to St
  10. We will only get mini-suites on the Grand class ships with the covered balconies, which are the ones on the Emerald deck aft. The ones farthest aft have elongated balconies that are great.
  11. It was in January 2011. A few days before the RCI tier system changed, I took a last minute cheap 3 night solo cruise on the Majesty from Port Miami (25 minutes from where I live) because RCI was going to grandfather in everyone at the level they were at on the change date, and we had a long Royal cruise coming up after that where the Diamond perks were significant.
  12. I agree completely. The cruise lines have apparently figured out an "end-around" plan clearly designed to discourage nonvaccinated persons from cruising from Florida ports and to treat them differently if they decide to do so anyway, when the intention of DeSantis and the Florida legislature was to totally "level the playing field" (sorry for the sports analogies). On the other hand, Sen. Scott, the consummate pro-business politician (ignoring the issues his company had in the private sector) can't really say anything different.
  13. Florida's Republican Senator Scott is quoted this morning in the Miami Herald that he supported Gov. DeSantis' so-far successful court battle against the CDC's government-based restrictions, but at the same time, agreed that private companies such as cruise lines should be able to set their own standards for vaccinated and non-vaccinated passengers. Scott stated that he didn't believe that the government should be able to mandate disclosure of personal medical information ,"but a private company, if they want to make a decision that's going to keep their employees safe, their customers safe, t
  14. Another win for our Governor, although an appeal would not be surprising. The Miami Herald reports that in a 124-page ruling, U.S. District Judge Steven Merryday of the Middle District of Florida threw out the CDC's safety rules for cruise companies operating in Florida during the COVID-19 pandemic . The CDC's “conditional sail order” can remain in place for Florida cruises only until July 18, granting DeSantis’ request for a preliminary injunction while the full case moves forward--thereafter, the rules become only non-binding recommendations for cruise companies. The CDC has until July
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