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  1. "Land tour" means no cruise as part of the trip. A hoped-for broadly-distributed vaccine is why we're waiting until next December to cruise--if there is no vaccine by then (and we won't cruise without one--yes, I know they aren't 100% effective), there also may not be any cruise lines.
  2. Our only future booked cruises are on SS (Antarctica-- end of '21) and Celebrity (second time to Galapagos in '22). Shore excursions aren't an issue with either one--it's all done through the cruise line in each place. We only booked these because of the currently small deposit requirements and the tendency for early sell-outs on the staterooms we want. Around 95% of our port visits to date have been on our own or with a local guide with the cost shared with 2-6 others organized through the CC Roll Call boards. As long as the aforementioned cruise line shore excursion restrictions are in effect, we'll only do personally-designed land tours everywhere else as we're not interested in seeing everything by bus with 40-100 or more others and a single guide with a microphone and umbrella and waiting for the whole tour group to buy souvenirs and take the scheduled bathroom breaks.
  3. Singapore Airlines tried this too with "flights to nowhere," but apparently there weren't enough takers, so now it's trying to convert some of its airplanes into on-the-ground restaurants. Good luck. Full story at: https://thepointsguy.com/news/singapore-flights-to-nowhere/.
  4. Terry is certainly right about Copenhagen. You could easily spend several days there (we did) seeing everything in the city as well as nearby by using the excellent public transportation system or rental car, such as the excellent Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Frederiksborg Palace, Kronborg Castle, Malmö in Sweden across the bridge, Karen Blixen's (from Out of Africa) house, the Viking Ship Museum, etc. The Nimb Brasserie restaurant behind Tivoli had the best Sunday brunch we've ever encountered.
  5. Presuming that masks will be required, it could be fun cross-checking CC posters discussing their latest or upcoming cruises to see how many of them had stated here that they wouldn't take a cruise if they had to wear a mask.
  6. X is accepting bookings for Flora, Xploration and Xpedition (the latter at a reduced capacity of 48--Deck 3 cabins empty) out to the end of 2022.
  7. Definitely the Chef's Table. It is a long but extremely enjoyable experience with the type of personal attention you don't get elsewhere on Princess. Second place could be any one of the dinners we had in Club Class on the Pacific Princess where the entree (or dessert) was cooked nearby by the Maitre 'd--all were excellent, and he loved to show off his culinary talents.
  8. I got the email and managed to get it all filled out and accepted. Since our next X cruise might be Nov. 2022 on Xpedition, if I can accumulate points every month between now and then, maybe I'll make Elite Plus. Then I can get all the (nonexistent) benefits for that cruise.
  9. Nice to hear a philosophical standpoint for a change--well thought out.
  10. Another train story... DW and I were in Rome on a Civitavecchia port stop. I just HAD to get one more cup of gelato at a fabulous place near the Pantheon. No problem, we'll just catch the express bus to the Rome Termini train station. Wait at the bus stop, 5 locals go by, no express bus. Finally, we gave up and caught the next local bus. After about 15 stops, we got to Termini. Still doing OK on time. We needed to get to the platform for the Civitavecchia train, which happened to be all the way at the back of Termini. We made the train, which was of course also the slow local. After several stops, we got to the Civitavecchia train station and ran out of the front gate like maniacs to look for the Princess shuttle bus. DW was trying to run wearing sandals, so I heard some interesting expletives directed my way. I saw the shuttle bus driver at the bottom of the hill near the end of the cruise ship dock, locking up the bus and lighting a cigarette while walking away. I screamed down at him, and he fortunately took pity on us, unlocked the bus, let us on and headed for the ship about a 1/2 mile away. On the way to the ship we caught up with a family of 4 running to the same ship, and to our dismay the bus stopped and let them on. When we finally reached the ship, the crew was in the process of dismantling the gangway, but were kind enough to let us all on. I gave the bus driver a ridiculously large tip. Our next port stop was Naples. Since I like being married to DW, at that stop and the 100 or so we've been to thereafter, we've been back on the ship a minimum of an hour before all aboard time..
  11. The NBA had to shut down this year when Rudy Gobert (age 27) (shortly followed by his teammate, Donovan Mitchell, age 23), both great young athletes in the peak of condition, contracted COVID-19. Don't kid yourself.
  12. Yep. Maybe it will be easier to get a reservation at the Admiral or Curate this summer (we have a home in Hendersonville) 😅.
  13. Add to that many of the summer camps in Western NC being closed this summer, and the traffic in the area could be further cut.
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