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  1. That email also said you now can arrive in Chile any day prior to your cruise, provided all testing requirements are fulfilled.
  2. I'll bet your analysis of the Wind and the Cloud is spot-on. It makes a lot of sense.
  3. We used to think that long, exotic trips were once in a lifetime, but for example, we had planned making second visits to the Galapagos, Australia, and New Zealand in the last two years--each were of course cancelled due to the pandemic. We'll hopefully return to each of those destinations instead in 2022, 2023 or 2024. Presuming that the Cloud is going to Antarctica in December, we want to be on it. What has now unfortunately happened to the Wind was predictable in a pandemic situation--see my prior post below. We expect to say hello to the million+ penguins on South Georgia on another trip.
  4. It does appear that a significant number of former Wind passengers may have chosen to switch to the Dec 21 Cloud cruise--in the last couple of days, unlike before, most of the suite categories on the latter are now waitlisted.
  5. An interesting video describing the different components of the program. Undoubtedly sponsored, but allegedly an independent review. Looks fantastic.
  6. If you care, given the state of the world and the cruise industry in general, there is also the issue of letting SS keep a large amount of your money for an extra year versus cashing in your chips now.
  7. Business class on the MIA-SCL flights in question was sold out a long time ago--lots of Chileans fly back and forth to Miami to shop and visit relatives for the holidays--if you go, you may be sitting in coach next to us.
  8. In line with the comments above, all Cloud cruises through July 10th of next year have been removed from the SS website--the deck is being reshuffled.
  9. Finally, some real news--Falklands changed from the beginning to the end. No South Georgia. Dear Esteemed Guest, Your Antarctic expedition voyage aboard the beautiful Silver Cloud is fast approaching and we look forward to welcoming you aboard. We are writing today with important information regarding your pre-cruise travels. As previously communicated, your cruise will now depart from Punta Arenas, Chile, and not from Ushuaia, Argentina. Silversea continues to work in partnership with the Chilean government in preparation for our upcoming Antarctica season to ensure your experience is as comfortable and successful as possible. We are pleased to let you know that in partnership with the Magallanes region of Chile, the country’s mandatory five-day quarantine requirement has been waived for Antarctic tourism. This waiver allows for only a 1-day pre-cruise arrival into Santiago, where all guests are required to quarantine and are not permitted any independent excursions or activities (no dining out, shopping, sightseeing, etc). All Silversea guests will be hosted at the InterContinental Santiago hotel. We understand that some guests have requested a pre-cruise deviation of two or more nights. Silversea will assist in obtaining these permissions; however, these guests will then have to quarantine in their hotel, in order to comply with Chile’s five-day mandatory quarantine currently in place. Costs associated with pre-cruise deviations (hotel nights, meals, and beverages) will be at the expense of the guest. Regarding your air arrival in Santiago, please note the following: • For Silversea Air/Sea guests (those who booked their travel with us) who wish to change their arrival plans to align with the 1-day pre-cruise waiver protocol, your air ticket will be changed at no cost to you. • For guests with independent air travel arrangements who wish to change their arrival plans to align with the 1-day pre-cruise waiver protocol, you may proceed in doing so and Silversea will reimburse you for the airline change fee up to $250 per person. Please note: 30 days prior to your cruise, you will receive a detailed protocol and travel/entry requirement checklist from Silversea. For your information, at the bottom of this letter you will find the Chilean country requirements for entry into Chile as they currently stand; you are strongly encouraged to review these protocols in advance of your travels. Please be aware that these protocols may evolve and/or change before your cruise departs. We’d also like to let you know that we have had to make minor itinerary adjustments to your voyage as noted below: PRIOR ITINERARY 21-Dec-21 TUE Ushuaia 17:00 22-Dec-21 WED Day at Sea 23-Dec-21 THU Saunders Island 6:00 11:30 23-Dec-21 THU Carcass Islands, Falklands 15:00 20:00 24-Dec-21 FRI Port Stanley 6:30 12:00 25-Dec-21 SAT Day at Sea 26-Dec-21 SUN Elephant Island 12:30 27-Dec-21 MON Antarctic Sound 28-Dec-21 TUE Antarctic Peninsula 29-Dec-21 WED Antarctic Peninsula 30-Dec-21 THU Antarctic Peninsula 31-Dec-21 FRI Antarctic Peninsula 1-Jan-22 SAT Antarctic Peninsula 2-Jan-22 SUN South Shetland Islands 3-Jan-22 MON Drake Passage 4-Jan-22 TUE Drake Passage 5-Jan-22 WED Ushuaia 8:00 UPDATED ITINERARY 21-Dec-21 TUE Punta Arenas 17:00 22-Dec-21 WED Drake Passage 23-Dec-21 THU Drake Passage 24-Dec-21 FRI South Shetland Islands 6:30 25-Dec-21 SAT Antarctic Peninsula 26-Dec-21 SUN Antarctic Peninsula 27-Dec-21 MON Antarctic Peninsula 28-Dec-21 TUE Antarctic Peninsula 29-Dec-21 WED Antarctic Peninsula 30-Dec-21 THU Antarctic Sound 31-Dec-21 FRI Elephant Island 13:00 1-Jan-22 SAT Day at Sea 2-Jan-22 SUN Port Stanley 7:00 18:00 3-Jan-22 MON Saunders Island 6:30 12:00 3-Jan-22 MON Carcass Islands, Falklands 13:30 19:30 4-Jan-22 TUE Day at Sea 5-Jan-22 WED Punta Arenas 8:00 Thank you for your understanding of the importance of these policies and protocols. Silversea is guided by our commitment to always provide you, our valued guests, with a safe and comfortable travel experience. Should you have any questions, please contact your Travel Professional. On behalf of everyone at Silversea and aboard Silver Cloud, we are excited and eager to show you the wonders of Antarctica. Best personal regards, Barbara Muckermann Chief Commercial Officer COUNTRY REQUIREMENTS TO ENTER CHILE: · Visitors must be vaccinated for Covid-19 and must complete a five-day isolation period at a hotel or residence. Waived for Antarctic tourism; specific protocols apply as noted above. · Proof of the Covid-19 vaccine will allow visitors to obtain a Mobility Pass issued by the Chilean Ministry of Health. This requirement is due at least 30 days prior to your arrival in Chile, and we strongly encourage all guests to do this as soon as possible to avoid any potential delays. · Before entry, all travellers must complete a "traveller’s affidavit" form 48 hours prior to travel. The electronic form includes contact information, medical history, and previous travel history. · Visitors must produce a negative Covid-19 PCR test performed within 72 hours prior to departure; counting from the last boarding on flights with stopovers. · Also, they must have travel insurance to cover any medical expenses related to Covid-19 with a minimum coverage of $30,000 for health benefits. NOTE: Pre- and post-cruise land experiences are not allowed.
  10. Thanks--you answered several questions I've been holding back for a while at once! We did buy boots because owning them cost about the same as renting them--we just need to get them there and back without a luggage overage cost.
  11. The Cloud's 15-day itinerary probably wouldn't be enough to include the Falklands, South Georgia and the Antarctica continent. It has 5 days at the Antarctica continent (a big draw for us), but there are only 2 days there on the 18-day Wind itinerary. I'd hate to have only 2 days there and Plans A, B and C each day are all blocked due to ice or some other reason. At least with 5 days in theory there are more opportunities to touch ground at a desired location. Anyone other than Falklands-Malvinas War buffs would probably trade the Falklands for South Georgia in a second, but hopefully not at the expense of a far-shorter Antarctica visit. I'm curious if any seasoned Antartica cruiser could comment here about this.
  12. SS is probably still recovering from its recent servers shutdown due to IT issues--not much seems to have been updated on its website or My Silversea since then.
  13. Barbara M.'s most recent FB post indicates that: 1. SS intends to operate multiple ships in Antarctica this coming season, but 2. As to which ships and when, ""we are working through the last details, should individual cruises get cancelled you will be offered reprotection. I am very sorry for the continuous changes."
  14. That could in fact be the reason, but also possibly so it illegally bypassed Uncle Sam's scrutiny. 😁
  15. I can assure you from various personal experiences that SS may have had the best and most recently updated anti-virus and anti-ransomware software and link-blocking hardware installed on all of its servers and workstations, but all it can take to still bring the whole system down is for one person to unknowingly click on one bad phishing link. Nothing is 100% perfect for blocking malware.
  16. Terrific news--thanks for the update. Many of the trip reports for these cruises show the SS ships arriving in Ushuaia from the Antarctica area after only a one-day trip across the Drake unless the Drake Shake was in full force, so that makes sense.
  17. Hooray! Just got this from my TA for our 12/21 Silver Cloud cruise. Dear Valued Travel Partner, We are contacting you today with excellent news related to your client’s upcoming Antarctica voyage. Driven by our commitment to delivering the most enriching, immersive travel experiences to our guests, our team has worked closely with authorities in Chile and other governing bodies to facilitate the departure of your client’s voyage. We are delighted to inform you that we have been permitted to depart for Antarctica from Punta Arenas, Chile – a fantastic gateway to the Final Continent, which will replace Ushuaia for both embarkation and disembarkation. In Santiago, our guests will enjoy a dinner and an overnight stay in a 5-star hotel, before boarding a charter flight the following morning for Punta Arenas, where they will embark the ship. As well as favourable flight times and preferable immigration procedures, Punta Arenas offers excellent services and a strong infrastructure. I hope you share my excitement for the Antarctic adventure that awaits your client. We will be in contact in the near future as additional details become available. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact your Silversea representative should you or your client require assistance. We look forward to welcoming our guests on board for the voyage of a lifetime. Kind regards, Barbara Muckermann Chief Commercial Officer
  18. We greatly enjoyed Club Class and thought the extra cost was worth it. The only reason we didn't book it on our upcoming Grand Princess cruise was because the E729 aft minisuite with the huge balcony was available, which we've enjoyed several times on this class of ship.
  19. CC and others sell nice plastic covers for those paper tags--we've been using them for years on various cruise lines.
  20. Because it's 21st century semantic game-playing, like "pre-owned cars" instead of "used cars" or a number of others that I can't repeat on CC.
  21. That's the only viable explanation as to why it's taken this long. It must take a very long time for SS to reinstall of its data and possibly its software programs from its backup systems. Let's now look for an statement regarding whether anything else needs to be done.
  22. Also check out a very well done review of a Silver Moon Silver Suite--absolutely beautiful.
  23. For us, 2 days in Uluru was enough to see the area. Renting a car let us do it on our own schedule. On the other hand, we spent 4 days in Port Douglas (one day at the GBR) and it wasn't enough--there are excellent restaurants (especially seafood) and much to see and do nearby if you rent a car, such as Mossman Gorge, along with Millaa Millaa Falls, Zillie Falls and Ellinjaa Falls in the Atherton Tableland area. We second the motion to drive up to Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest. Daintree Tea is the best I've had anywhere--we took home 3 big boxes of it. We're now trying to return late next year or 2023.
  24. Impossible to have too much garlic.😋
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