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  1. I also booked the special restaurants in advance, but never had problems to book extra nights on board. Even on our last cruise we where just on board and had a lunch in la Veranda and the maitre of Chartreuse came asking us if we like to have diner that same first night.
  2. I love the Voyager and the Mariner both. The biggest difference in standard cabin is the size (Mariner little smaller but both a good walkin closet) and Voyager and Navigator both have a good shower and a good bath. On the Mariner or a good shower (take those) or a bad bath. What I miss on the Navigator is a the bar in front (Observation lounge). We like to sit there with a nice drink round 17:00 - 18:00.
  3. Yes there is the U standing for and indeed with the (P)remium package there is no wine upgrade.
  4. I had put a list of all drinks in an earlier question. Some thing maybe changed but it gives a good idea. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2708197-included-wines/?tab=comments#comment-58720520
  5. I wouldn't do that if you plan to board when boarding starts which is generally 1200. Why? because then you will have to "schlepp" your carry ons with you around the ship until you can get into your suite around 1430 You can drop you carry ons on board (last time for us was in the theater also where we did the check in). And also those you can find in your room later.
  6. "C" = Complementary in the paid cruise price 😉
  7. That is why the "C"omplementary, "P"remium and "U"ltra are for.
  8. The nice thing on Azamara is you can do it for one. My wife is not a real wine lover (I don't call it good wines because also the upgrade wines are for me not the super wines but much better then the included ones) and a simple cocktail is oke for her. So I did the upgrade for the wine, the draught Heineken en nice spirit with the coffee after dinner and it was no problem at al.
  9. You can find it on the Azamara website but I have made a total list. Beers Bottled Draught Beer (C) Budweiser (P) Carlsberg (C) Newcastle Draught (C) Beck’s (P)
  10. It is a 1 hour drive (minimum) so it must be possible if the driver is there round 8:30. Look at a car service that may go to the ship and not waiting at the entrance of the port. Last time for us it was from FCO to port and we used ShuttleDirect.com.
  11. The list of upgrade wines from my June cruise on Pursuit. I did like the White Pinot Grigio and the 2 reds Pinot Noir and the Chianti (U) Wine Champagne & Sparkling Rosé Wine Nicolas Feuilatte, Brut, Chouilly (France) Beringer, White Zinfandel (California) Santa Elvira Prosecco Extra Dy Treviso (Italy)
  12. I was on the Pursuit in June and have bought the upgrade for the drinks and the wine. Glad I did because the wines you can choose are a lot better (for my taste).
  13. Sorry, you are right. Only on the Journey the casino is still there, but the rest of the answer keeps the same. You can't use OBC in the casino and must use it for other things incl the shops.
  14. There is no casino any more on the Journey. Use it for: Upgrade internet, excursion, upgrade drinks and/or transfer to airport
  15. What is also nice on Azamara: You can do the upgrade per person. You don't have to buy it both. My wifi is not a wine drinker and the included drinks are oke for her. I like the better wine and a something nice with the coffee after dinner. So I buy only for me the upgrade.
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