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  1. Hmmmm we just bought Mystery Dinner for our April Serenade Cruise. We don’t mind cheesy corny show but these reviews don’t sound very good. But things like this can be subjective. May have to rethink our plan! 😞
  2. This is an argument smokers have stated for years. Like you with no data to back it up. I’d say 20 years ago it was probably true. Times have changed. Celebrity Casinos seem to do just fine. My argument would be perhaps non-smokers don’t spend as much time & money in the casino because of the smoke.
  3. Thanks for 2 weeks of living vicariously though you! I’m with Lisa though .... my own bed would be calling me! Safe travels home tomorrow!
  4. My XR has it put only when using camera in text messages. Which I think is odd!
  5. We heard smokers say that banning smoking in restaurants & bars would kill business.... but it didn’t. Most smokers will adjust and non smokers will spend more time in casino. Smoke free casinos are coming. Just like smoke free cabins/balconies and all indoor venues have switched to non smoking!
  6. Nothing has changed but always better to have passport. Just recently with Hurricane Dorian and ship could not come back to port. Some people needed to return but couldn’t fly home without passport. Years ago while on a cruise my Mom passed away I wanted to fly home immediately luckily we had our passports so I was able to fly home from Belize. Better safe then sorry!
  7. Mine took almost 4 weeks to get back and we were already booked. So they will be sending a check for 5% discount. I did it now don’t see point in waiting if we don’t take a second cruise within 3 years of first I guess we don’t deserve to keep our status!
  8. Just like the secret to life is all about the search for the secret and not the secret itself....... I’ll bet Stevie is excited about his quest to win the game then about the prize! Years ago I won a karaoke contest on a Carnival Cruise....I won a 14kt plastic ship on a stick! I love the cheap little ship and still have it to this day!! Not everything in life is about the monetary value !
  9. I wonder why RC has banned smoking in casino when cruising from Australia or UK but not US. I understand they are govern by countries they are registered from. But why banned from Australia & UK?
  10. Keep hearing some Diamonds matched to Black we only got gold! 😔
  11. We are boarding her in couple weeks! I think Tampa be great port. I hope MSC brings ship to Port Canaveral! Competition is a good thing!
  12. Smokers use to say if they ban smoking on balconies they’d stop cruising! But they didn’t. I remember when smoking was everywhere on ship they’d have one non-smoking lounge and it was always empty! Times are changing. Less and less people smoke! Casino will go non smoking .... I for one look forward to it!!
  13. We sale on Serenade next April unfortunately out of Ft Lauderdale. Wish it would be non smoking!
  14. I ended up using screen shot off website that does not have last name and a photo of booked cruise receipt that had first/last name, C&A # but not Level. They did match me at last to Gold but it was over three weeks and my TA had to call them.
  15. Good morning Ester, We are loyal to Royal or at least have been. We have been very interested in trying MSC we did status match we also received Gold from MSC. We were thinking of trying Seaside. However, last week I stumbled on a great deal for Armonia for September 23rd. We like smaller ships and really looking forward to trying MSC. I’m curious to see what others reply to you so I’ll be following!
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