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  1. I noticed today excursions for OC available for our October cruise. $400 seems a lot for a cabana for 2. It says lunch and drinks included. But isn’t lunch & drinks included anyway? So I too am wondering if the umbrella and float mat need to be rented in YC or included.
  2. I found this on MSC website under FAQ. Interesting, sounds like non vaccinated will be required to wear mask even while seated in doors but vaccinated will not. I’m sure exception is if you are actively eating or drinking.
  3. Our cruise is not till October and much can change. Debating whether to make final payment. I’m going want to see what happens in next few weeks. Also what exactly wearing mask indoors means.
  4. If CDC says vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask indoors on land then why must they on ship. You could easily have all guests wear color coded bracelet to show if vaccinated and unvaccinated. Much like different venues do to show whose 21 and whose not or who bought the package and who didn’t. No masks for vaccinated person is good incentive for people to get vaccinated. I’m not cruising if I’m required to wear a mask 100% indoors. I don’t need them on land venues anymore not wearing them on trip I’ve spent 1000s of dollars on. #JMO
  5. We will be cancelling our cruise. Bummed! But not paying thousands to wear mask indoors for hours. CDC said vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask indoors so why is onboard cruise ship different. And will you have to even wear the mask while seated at a table? I’m so disappointed! I’ll check out other cruise lines and make switch
  6. Well look at it as it not being about the destination but being about the journey! I was all set to book a 3 day September cruise this morning until heard the new announcement. Hopefully our October & November cruises are still good.
  7. I never dismissed anyone’s opinion only stated we have been pleased with MSC customer service. Perhaps many of the issues you have are due to the arrogant dismissive way you talk to people. Was this a necessary thing to say? What are you trying to insinuate about people who disagree with you?
  8. I don’t understand the complaints I’ve been pleased with customer service. I had one minor issue with someone that was new but it was easily resolved.
  9. I’ve noticed that companies are not requiring proof of vaccinations for employees to go maskless. Even DOJ and other government agencies that have lifted mask requirements for vaccinated employees are purely on honor systems. Same for many businesses they are not asking employees or customers to show proof. I’m thinking perhaps the fancy lawyers on certain news outlets that spout off that requiring proof of vaccine is perfectly legal and does not violate HIPAA are wrong. So we may not see proof of vaccine requirements for cruising. #JMHO
  10. I heard ships are coming into Port Canaveral to get vaccine. Governor has opened it up for them!! 😊
  11. https://www.politifact.com/article/2020/apr/24/context-what-donald-trump-said-about-disinfectant-/
  12. Facebook groups seem to be more popular now a days. Can usually find a group page for cruise.
  13. Which did you end up booking? We are on Divina Oct 17 be our first yacht club. We love Divina have her booked in August also, hopefully she sails!
  14. I remember our first cruise in the 90’s the last night on board Captain got on speaker and said if you bought any of that wacky weed in da islands you better be smoking it tonight! Customs coming on board in the morning and da dogs will find it! Lmao whole ship recked of reefer that night! 😝 🤪😂
  15. Quarantine cases of infected people till they can be removed from ship. Contact trace and quarantine anyone who may have come in close contact for more than 15 minutes with infected person that has not had vaccine. I've been on 25 cruises I've never felt crowded or in close contact with people for longer than a few minutes. Except in line to get on/off ship or elevators. Social distancing and masks seem to work in stores, airplanes, hotels & amusement parks so no reason to believe they can't work on cruise ships.
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