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  1. A lot can change and change quickly. I for one am not giving up hope that cruising will resume this fall or early 2021. 😊
  2. We had an 11 day on Divina in January they changed us to 7 day Meraviglia. Called when it was first changed they said call back July 1 which I did they said still working on them call back next week.....so we wait! I won’t accept the 7 day because we went from ports like Cartagena & Panama to ports like Cozumel (been 100 times) lost our great aft balcony to nothing special. When the change originally happened their website said 11 day cruises would move to 14 day cruises..... that verbiage has since been removed. Makes no sense to me why during corona virus and cancelled cruising they would start repositioning ships disrupting things even more. In order not to cancel they will need to make it a really good deal. Plus we had our May 2 Armonia cruise cancelled so we had moved it to March 26 Divina now that’s been cancelled and moved to Meraviglia sane ports as January
  3. This is one reason Florida numbers are going up. One person presents to Doctor with mild flu symptoms tests positive for Covid-19. With contact tracing they test others and find many who test positive with mild to no symptoms. The rise in ICU beds in state is largely due to elective surgeries beginning again.
  4. My 11 day on Divina with Aft balcony was moved to a 7 day on Meraviglia with a qty cabin. I’m not happy but have to wait till July 1.
  5. Which Governor pretended Covid didn’t exist? And site example please. I’ve not heard any One pretend it didn’t exist. I think most reasonable people know the answer to that question. 😊
  6. We received a full refund for our April Cruise on Royal Caribbean in under 45 days. I didn’t find that to bad considering the massive amount of refunds they are doing. Last week we made final payment for B2B on Seaside in September. When the announcement was made about extension of cancellations I was bummed. We ended up making the cut as sail date is September 19th. I won’t hold my breath but I am crossing my fingers! 🤞🏻🙏🏻 It’s still 3 months away hopefully we will cruise. Have to be optimistic.....if we don’t Cruise we will just take fcc and apply it on another later on!
  7. I called today about our January & March cruise. I have not received an email from MSC so there is nothing we could do or really find out. I was told that those being moved will be put in a qty cabin. That once I received email that I should be able to call and try to get a specific cabin. . I’m really bummed because our 11 day on Divina was an Aft Balcony. They’ll move us to a 14 day on Meraviglia but not holding out much hope I’ll get an aft. 😞 at this point though I’ll just be glad to be back on a ship
  8. I don’t see any cruises available out of Port Canaveral for MSC. We are booked on Divina out of Miami end of March. I’d rather lift and shift to Canaveral On Divina then move over to Meraviglia. Even if means moving to April or May. Does anyone know when cruise out of PC will begin and what the 7 day itinerary looks like.
  9. Ugh the itinerary on the 11 day was why we picked that one. It went to Cartagena and Panama. Looks like the 14 day is not even close. I wonder if we get all perks. The 11 day was double points and had I think drinks/WiFi/OBC included. I guess I’ll have to see what they offer. Such a bummer!
  10. Oh No! This is devastating we had 11 day booked on Divina for January 29th and a 7 Day one in March! And I had great cabin selections! Dang it!
  11. I never said this nor do I believe this. Have a great evening.
  12. For the record I never said you were hiding in your basement only that I wasn’t. There is evidence of deaths being labeled as corona yet may not have been. Some states counting probable case as a covid death. Friend in Maryland’s father had lung cancer went under hospice care in December died in March when she received the death certificate it said Coronavirus as cause of death. She called and was told anyone with symptoms that could be CoronaVirus were counted as such. This was interesting on the subject. I’m not looking to argue. Seems everyone has made their minds up and fall into their perspective side. I do believe & hope cruises will begin again In the fall. Only time will tell
  13. My understanding from several people I know in the medical field there are therapeutic drugs in large trials currently that are showing amazing results. If the trials pan out these drugs would be available by end of summer. I’ve also seen reports of the potency of the virus weakening and we already have data showing those in younger age groups have far less problems with the virus. It is my personal opinion that much of what is heard on the news is over hyped and politicized because it’s an election year. And data is often manipulated to fit an agenda. Coronavirus has been around for a very long time it isn’t going away anytime soon. We need to live with it. We live with the flu which effects over 64 million in US alone each year Even with a vaccine so will Coronavirus. Hospitalizations and death rates are declining which is a positive trend and if continues with the addition of therapeutic drugs being successful I do think we will cruise again in the fall. Am I optimistic? Yes, I’m not living in fear or hiding in my basement thinking negatively. There are 3 months to go and much can change. JMHO
  14. When does Seaside start in Port Canaveral? I thought they said Divina would be there originally so is this temporary?
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