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  1. Ohhhh.... we got off the Brillance my husband wasn't feeling well....turns out he got norovirus....which he quickly passed to me. Omg this stuff is horrible. Friend told me two weeks prior her and her husband sailed Brillance and also came down with Norovirus while on board and was confined to cabin. All our cruises we have never gotten sick and always careful to wash hands and not touch stuff....just glad we got it after we got off. Doctor told us that purell stantizer they have you use does not kill the norovirus..... :(
  2. We did try the pub one evening it wasn't very crowded so service here wasn't to bad, we didn't stay to long......
  3. Oh so glad you saved your compass. They were all excellant! we also saw Jimmy Hopper on the last night he was so good! We stayed for the Kronos Band as we enjoyed them to.
  4. Let me begin by saying it has been several years since our last cruise as we have been busy with weddings and the birth of grandchildren. There have been a lot of changes since our last cruise some we liked some we didn’t. Anything negative I write about this cruise please understand did not detract from our cruise, we had a fabulous time and booked a future cruise while on board. Brilliance of the Seas, March 3rd 1) Embark/disembark both were very smooth and fast. 2) Ship clean and nice 3) Junior suite was smaller than others we have had. We booked adjoining Jr’s with friends was disappointed balcony partition did not open but this was design of ship. We also were located under Windjammer which we were nervous about because on another cruise we had such a cabin and it was very loud. But it was all that was available so we took a chance this time it was fairly quiet. 4) Cabin steward was very nice and friendly. We did have to ask for our robes and laundry bag not a big deal he did bring promptly although he never did get us a room service menu…but again no big deal. 5) Coupon book or lack there of….this was disappointing. Coupons were not as good as they use to be. Sheet was smudged and parts unreadable we asked for a new one but never received. Discount in logo shop was not automatically applied had to ask about it. The girl did void and re-ring but seemed annoyed. We did not receive automatic discount on ironing either. I understand the want to save paper yet every night our bed was filled with printed flyers for one thing or another. 6) My time dining first time we tried and really liked. Our servers were Kerwyn and Stephan. They were excellent and made the dining experience exceptional we were happy to add extra to their gratuity they deserved it. We also tried the up-charge lobster….it was excellent and worth every penny. 7) Pre-paid drink package we loved having this and having it all paid for in advance. However bar service was absolutely HORRIBLE! Do not know if this was because so many had the drink package or just bad service by Royal Caribbean. There was little to NO table service at any bars or pool area for drinks and often 20-30 minute wait at the bar to get a drink. The bartenders in the solarium were the absolute worse. In general most of the bartenders seemed overwhelmed and under trained. Many did not know how to make some drinks and it was very inconsistent on how drinks tasted. They ran out of strawberry daiquiri mix and lemons pretty much ship wide early on the last day at sea…this seem odd to me, poor planning by someone. I must add there were many angry passengers really laying into the bartenders because of the poor service which I found annoying, it was obvious they were doing the best they could and no reason for people to be abusive to them. This was the fault of RCCI planners not the crew. We often added tips for them we felt so bad. Not just because they were overwhelmed but because of the abuse they were taking. 8) Entertainment was best we have ever had on a cruise! I wish I could remember all their names. Really enjoyed them all. Only hard part was when they played at same time we often bar hopped to be able to catch them all. It was an excellent time and we are looking forward to our next cruise and hoping to squeeze one in before that one!
  5. Thank you everyone. We took a six pack of larger bottles in a backpack. Carried it right on board. No problems! :D
  6. We just got off the Monarch. And loved her!!! The best crew on any RCCI cruise we have taken to date. We even enjoyed MDR food this time....other cruises we usually ended up eating in WJ because we found food and service lacking in MDR...but not on Monarch. Ship was clean....entertainment was good. We so enjoyed this cruise we are ready to go again!!! :D
  7. I know this gets asks a million times but couldn't find a recent post on it. Going out of Port Canaveral on Monarch can I take a case of bottled water. If so can I just stick a luggage tag on it and it will get to cabin. I have seen this done on other cruises never tried it myself. I was going to order water but they want over $70 for a case which is crazy. Has anyone done this them selves recently out of this port?
  8. We took a 6 day Celebrity Cruise the first of this year......We have never seen so many drunk people.....it was worse then any Carnival Cruise we have been on. And they were not spring breakers they were older folks. Honestly we were really surprised. And we are not tea tottlers.....
  9. Then why do they not enforce it all year.....instead of just spring break? Just wonderin'
  10. :pThey just like Floridians better we are nicer people!!! :p Just joking......
  11. And when your in port the couple in the cabin on the ship across from you will be joining the "Balcony Club" while your having breakfast .....
  12. I vote for the Nook. Love mine! Screen is easy to read....can download books for free from public library can share books with other nookers, which we find easy and works well .... (kindle is limited to 6 people on your account) All I have read on both, they say if you read a lot go the Nook otherwise go with a kindle. Note: website called ProjectGutenburg you can also download books for free to Nook or Kindle.
  13. True not EVERY restaurant has a fee attached. It does seem on all the cruise lines there are more and more "fee" charged restaurants and the quality is going down in the mdr's and Oceanview (buffet). And none of the cruise lines seem to miss an opportunity to make a sales pitch for you to buy something extra.....which can be annoying.
  14. I agree....we have cruise many times with RCCI and CCL...and have NEVER had a bad cruise..... We are hoping that the extra $$$ means better quality food and service....we shall see. Thanks again. Merry Christmas to you
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