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  1. We just got off Divina this morning. Yacht club for week was only at around 80 they were all talking about this coming week expecting a full yacht club.
  2. We have sailed MSC, Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity. The few times on Celebrity we did not find it any different then Royal. Ships were prettier but we found no noticeable difference in service or quality. I wonder how Celebrity gets away with no masks. We leave in few days for our first post covid cruise. Dread having to put on a mask even to just walk from here to there. Seems so unnecessary since they now require all over 12 be vaccinated.
  3. I noticed you said you dropped bags with Porter then went to YC tent. We are leaving on our first YC on Divina next Sunday. I was told to turn bags over at tent do not give to a porter. What time does YC start disembarking?
  4. With the low price of cruises and the inflation and shortages on groceries I am not surprised to hear quality might be lowered! 😞
  5. We cruise on Meraviglia in Yacht club end of November! So following this!
  6. That’s exactly why we love MSC. It’s not like Carnival or Royal. It reminds us of how cruising use to be 25 years ago. Unfortunately our fear is as Americans cruise MSC more and more they will fold to the pressure and just become an extension of Walmart and Target……oops! Meant Carnival & Royal!
  7. Adding credit card on line and is brand new. We were unable to add as it is AmericanExpress and apparently many people had trouble. Adding once on ship is easy peasy though. But you should still be able to get documents. Just skip though the section add credit card and hit send documents.
  8. Year's ago on a cruise I had same problem. I'd feel fine during the day but suffer at night. Turned out it was my gall bladder.
  9. I'll be exiting Divina on 24th may need to hang around and listen! There are still cabins open in Yacht Club for that sailing makes no sense why they wouldn't just move you over.
  10. Yacht club is suppose to have better linens, mattresses, pillows & toiletries! Will they be brought down to deck 8?
  11. Has Majahual changed? We heard it was nice and considered it for our November cruise.
  12. We knew that was coming so not surprised we cruise on 11/28. Couple that was going with us cancelled a month ago because they already had covid so do not want the vaccine yet. I wonder if we will see many cancellations for the November/December cruises because of the change. Have to believe those who want vaccine and had planned a cruise have already done so.
  13. Well we will be dressing in clothing nicer then shorts & flip flops. Disappointed to hear they have gone that route.
  14. If Asti is considered champagne on their list is it Asti waiting in the cabin on arrival? 😊
  15. No, We booked it last February it's (or was) a 2022 cruuse
  16. We completely cancelled. They had moved us from a 12 day cruise to a seven day, leaving on a different day going to different ports. Who does that? And failed to notify us or offer any help. So we want complete refund booked a Royal Caribbean cruise instead.
  17. Divine is in orange status and Meraviglia is in yellow per the cdc. That means they have reported covid cases in last 7 days. The Meraviglus apparently had enough cases reported for CDC to investigate.
  18. I cancelled my Mediterranean cruise that they actually cancelled and moved my money to a 7 day. I was told it will take 90 days.....its been about 30 no refund yet!
  19. We had a really great price on the 12 night still significantly higher then the 7 day they stuck us on. MSC never contacted us and when I called them to inquire as to what was going on I was basically told it is what it is. Keep it or cancel & rebook. So I found a great deal on a suite with another cruise line so I cancelled and rebook. I believe as covid wains and people get back to cruising we will see a large jump in cruise pricing. They need to off set the 25% extra on FCC’s and make some money. So I didn't want to wait to see what happens. Both my fall cruise still look good! Divine Yacht club in 20 days but whose counting!!! 😊
  20. We had same thing. Had 12 night booked for Mediterranean for next year. They cancelled one we were on and moved us to a qty cabin on a 7 night cruise which was about $900 cheaper they had not corrected price or even bothered to contact us to let us know. I contacted then after a month they pretty much said Oh well, cancel rebook on another ship (at new higher rates) or kept what we gave you. I was someone taken back by the poor handling of the situation. But I did as they suggested I cancelled and rebooked a Royal Caribbean ship.
  21. Check in at tent. They will have you on a list and fix your tags. Can I ask what the minimum bid for yacht club was. We have a YC Interior booked on Meraviglia and and hoped to bid on YC Deluxe but the minuim was high only saved us $200 if we just booked deluxe to begin witv. Didn't feel it was a good deal so we passed
  22. I looked this Salsa cruise up and it’s been planned for awhile. So shame on MSC for waiting till a month before to tell guests booked outside of the group. Looks like you can only book balcony and below category so they must have booked all yacht club rooms. So MSC has been double booking! The rate for balcony is $1900 a person!!! If I were on that cruise I’d be canceling. https://salsacruise.rezmagic.com/Booking/Reservation/Start?tripID=5073
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