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  1. We have a cruise in April we took Royal Caribbean Insurance because honestly it’s very confusing. I did look at others but they seem more expensive. We made decision to take insurance because so far away and lots can happen. Insurance is running around $500 for that cruise!! 😮 We also just booked a cruise for September 23rd. We are debating need for insurance. So close we won’t be canceling. We do drive to port. So given your situation, if we were on ship and due to storm ship not coming back on scheduled day we have flexibility so wouldn’t be issue for us. If cruise line cancels before sailing they reimburse. Any advice or pointers are welcome. I find the insurance stuff very overwhelming!
  2. If already on ship and not worried about getting home so happy with extended vacation would you need to use insurance? If cruise is cancelled because storm coming doesn’t cruise line reimburse so if you don’t have plane tickets you wouldn’t use insurance? I’m really curious how this works.
  3. Storm is pretty much pass Port. All the bridges are currently closed for inspection and to give beach areas time to be inspected for safety.
  4. God bless the people of the Bahamas. How devastating this is. I hope we all open our wallets to help them. 🙏🏻
  5. I tried to book the balcony for $199 on Armonia 9/23 sailing......said no balcony Cabins left! But I did get Ocean View Fantasia for the $199! So we are happy and excited to try MSC out!!
  6. I would agree and did not say otherwise!!! Obviously I also agree they should err on side of caution. Does not change the fact they may or may not have miscalculated. One does wonder in the end will their mis-judgement and loss of $$$$ affect decision making the next time. Living in the hurricane zone all my life I know how unpredictable these storms can be and also how media tends to hype them. Even under Mandatory Evacuations on our barrier islands many will stay put!
  7. Another goof....they closed because of a mandatory evacuation for barrier island on Sunday. The evacuation was pushed off to this morning. The hype created by this storm caused some to call decisions to soon.
  8. I’d doubt they will pull in to Port Everglades on Wednesday. They’d have to bus many passengers up to Port Canaveral to their cars. Dorian will be off our coast on Wednesday. Barrier island is under mandatory evacuations. Unless they leave guest the option to stay on ship till Port Canaveral is cleared. They can not start inspections of port & bridges going over to island until storm passes. Royal Caribbean missed judge this one by not sticking to the original itinerary. I don’t see any way they dock Wednesday even Thursday may be tough depending on port infrastructure inspections.
  9. I don’t know when port closes however the bridges become unsafe with wind speeds of 45 mph. Bridges will be closed after storm passes so they can inspect them this can take 24-48 hours and would present a problem getting to and from port. Tuesday 0200 to Wednesday evening will be when Dorian is off our coast. Doubt you’ll be back in port Wednesday!
  10. They can keep the massive mega floating resorts with 6000 guests! If I want to go to an amusement park I can drive over to Orlando. We like smaller ships where service seems more personal and intimate, people seem more relaxed and friendly. Don't have to wait in long lines or pre make a zillion appointments to ride a fake wave, ride bumper cars or go to a show. I’ve seen these things stress people out, cause pushing, complaining and arguments....not for us!! We like sitting in almost every venue on a smaller ship and see the ocean and feeling like we are on a cruise! Just what we like!!!
  11. Is ship coming back to Miami today?
  12. Latest forecast is that not hitting PC area till Tuesday & Wednesday and may not be a direct hit. We are all hoping for the wobble that keeps it further off shore.....which is a possibility!!
  13. We bought the impact windows! Best investment we ever made!!!!
  14. That’s what I figure! Was curious though if they’d change it up... DH learned this lesson flying back to Florida from Guam. Plane had to make an emergency landing in Japan. What a mess that was for him because he did not take his passport with. You just never know!
  15. Just saw report that there is a possibility Dorian could be pulled North before hitting Florida. If that were to happen and ships were able to get into port safely on their original scheduled day would they or stick to the changes already made? #JustCurious 😆
  16. I would to because probably going to be mess around here! Might not even have electricity! Stay safe!
  17. Good luck to you it sounds like the logistics will be a hassle. Hopefully you’ll get it straightened out soon and be able to sit back an enjoy extra week cruising!!! 😆
  18. We’d really like to try Seaside the prices were so good for Armonia we thought be good way to see what we think of the cruise line! Thanks for your response
  19. If Dorian does what the forecasters predict. Flying to and from Orlando next Wednesday & Thursday could be difficult. We could sustain a lot of infrastructure damage. Fortunately we have found that the weathermen tend to hype and rarely get predictions correct in early days. Here’s hoping he turns and goes out to sea!! 🤞🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  20. I’d be thrilled about this but I sure there are a lot of people who can’t get extended time off work or change travel plans. Stay safe all I’ll be riding it out in Melbourne Fl 🎯
  21. After 3 weeks I still had not received my status match. We booked an MSC cruise yesterday our TA called MSC they pulled up my request and matched me to black and added it to Cruise I was booking.
  22. Thank you so much for info. is Hurricane Dorian affecting your trip? Hope the rest of your cruise is awesome!
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