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  1. I took screen shot from my online account with RCI. It shows my first name, crown & anchor number, status and future booked cruises. They want something with last name. I don’t have any old documents and my paperwork for future cruise only has C&A number not the level. Does anyone know what I need to send and where I’d find?
  2. If not in my swim suit....then shorts & flip flops or sundress!
  3. After reading the thread and discussing with my DH this is post that bothered him. It is so easy to be turned around looking for your cabin and he could see this happening and more frequently then is probably reported. He is now searching Amazon looking for security device for cabin door.
  4. They embark out of Baltimore if they can survive there they’ll be fine in Jamaica! 😉 😆 Disclaimer; Just joking!! From Baltimore, grew up there going for visit in couple of weeks!
  5. First congratulations! Love true love ❤️ is a beautiful thing. I’m a firm believer in less is sometimes more. Go for a walk around the ship find quiet beautiful spot get down on one knee and purpose!
  6. Exactly what we are going to try in April. We have DL/CL for evenings. Bringing on wine and we are good with tap water & ice tea. So if we want a beer or cocktail during day we will just pay. DH is big drinker but after couple days he will cut back as we do not drink alcohol daily in real life! 😆 it’s an 11 day cruise, drink package adds almost $1150 so we will see how we actually end up!
  7. I agree 100%. DH & I have big cruise planned next April, we are pulling out all the stops from fancy suite, Specialty dining to awesome shore tours. We really want to squeeze a cruise in before then but DH put me on a tight budget. So been searching for trip and Royal Caribbean is hardest to price out because other then tips I can’t be sure of other incidentals so I’ve been going with higher numbers like $65 for drink package. It’s making other cruise lines look tempting especially ones that we’ve never tried. We have been loyal to Royal for 15 years but honestly their standards have lowered and there is a lot more competition out there now! Gotta get best bang for our buck!
  8. When drink package was first introduced we thought GREAT! Pay up front no worries. Now I’m not so sure. We’ve seen a decline in table service in lounges and the bars often get mobbed! People drink more in effort to get their “moneys worth” so really drunk people around. Drink package kind of negates the benefit of DL. Price is all over place $46 on one cruise $67 on another. I’d love to see Royal Caribbean offer some different packages at lower prices. Perhaps 50% off package for Diamond and above. Or a package for $35 day but with drink limit. #JMHO
  9. It just appeared on my April 11day on Serenade for $24.99 seems like a lot of money for what you get. Not to mention it’s kind of like Royal is flipping the bird at those that doled out big bucks for a suite.
  10. Not to mention you will have a great story to tell in the future! If you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up to much space! 😝 🤣
  11. I just applied to transfer my Royal Caribbean status to MSC, have not heard back. I’m Diamond with RC does anyone know what level that would be on MSC?
  12. We pick....had few cruises either right over the nightly band or woken up at 5 am to carts pushed around in Windjammer. If my DH gets woken up he is a 🐻 bear!
  13. Looking at angle I think they were waving at the people on the other ship in port. The crew member was kind of turned towards the aft well past couple on dock. We saw a woman left once her husband was on ship with kids.
  14. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/travel/cruise-fake-hand-goodbye-missed-boat.amp
  15. We live in Florida near beach our finest restaurants would be nice dress slacks or khakis with collared shirt. DH only owns 1 suit used only in past for cruises. As stated we are rule followers but frankly we get little sick of lugging suit & all the paraphernalia that goes with it around to see a lot of people in shorts & tee-shirts (Royal Caribbean gotten bad) Which my husband would never wear in MDR at dinner. But he would be more comfortable especially on Caribbean cruise in just dress slacks & collared shirt.
  16. We had figured booking in suite plus being Diamond it would eliminate the need for the drink package. I wish they’d put deeper discount on drink package for Diamond/Diamond + . At $52 pp pd that adds over $1100. I’m not that big a drinker. DH will hammer them for a few days then he won’t be drinking that much. So it really wouldn’t be worth it. Honestly had we known when we booked that the “Free” drinks were such poor quality plus other changes we probably would have just booked Jr suite or balcony. If only I had snagged the $18 drink glitch!!! 😔
  17. Our next cruise will be first as Diamond and we are booked in OS. We were excited about the DL/CL. When we found out they used Amsterdam Vodka we were really disappointed. It makes the perk mute for me. Don’t get me wrong we aren’t top shelf’s snobs but Amsterdam is pretty crappy vodka. We really are starting to rethink loyalty to Royal.
  18. Yes going out of Miami on a 7 day.
  19. We’ve have only cruised Carnival, Celebrity but mostly Royal Caribbean. A big argument on RC is dress code. What RC suggests people wear to dinner many take literally as just a suggestion and wear what ever they want to dinner in MDR. We are are getting ready to book a 7 day cruise on MSC. My question is what does MSC want you wearing to dinner? What do people actually wear? And does it matter? Disclaimer: DH & I are fine with dressing with what ever is expected. We’d prefer no suit for him or fancy dresses & high heels for me but we are rule followers by nature. Just want to know what actually goes on ship!
  20. We love to travel and have seen quite a bit of the world! DH served 22 years in USMC which helped. We like to try to take at least 2 cruises a year then usually 1-2 land base trips (primarily to visit a kid) that’s about all traveling we can afford. We are so mixed on how much to do as DH gets close to next retirement (job after he retired from military) we love traveling but we don’t want to miss moments with kids, grandchildren & friends!
  21. Mariner is crazy high. We’ve been looking for little get away cruise! But they are way to high!
  22. Yep don’t show up on the cruise....just throw away couple thousand dollars right into RC’s pockets! That’s the way to show em’ 😉
  23. “.....Given its small size and low passenger count, you kind of have to take the reins anddo whatever you like to amuse yourself. Some people, like myself, enjoy vacations like this, thus I ended up having a really good time on the Armonia. It was the relaxing week I needed. I think you may end up enjoying it a lot as well.” Absolutely how we like it! Thanks so much for the input!
  24. Casino is non-smoking? I thought I read on line it was smoking. Thanks for for your reply. We are Nervous about trying MSC there are a lot of bad reviews on cruise critic about this ship.
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