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  1. I would to because probably going to be mess around here! Might not even have electricity! Stay safe!
  2. Good luck to you it sounds like the logistics will be a hassle. Hopefully you’ll get it straightened out soon and be able to sit back an enjoy extra week cruising!!! 😆
  3. We’d really like to try Seaside the prices were so good for Armonia we thought be good way to see what we think of the cruise line! Thanks for your response
  4. If Dorian does what the forecasters predict. Flying to and from Orlando next Wednesday & Thursday could be difficult. We could sustain a lot of infrastructure damage. Fortunately we have found that the weathermen tend to hype and rarely get predictions correct in early days. Here’s hoping he turns and goes out to sea!! 🤞🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  5. I’d be thrilled about this but I sure there are a lot of people who can’t get extended time off work or change travel plans. Stay safe all I’ll be riding it out in Melbourne Fl 🎯
  6. After 3 weeks I still had not received my status match. We booked an MSC cruise yesterday our TA called MSC they pulled up my request and matched me to black and added it to Cruise I was booking.
  7. Thank you so much for info. is Hurricane Dorian affecting your trip? Hope the rest of your cruise is awesome!
  8. DH and I are experienced cruisers although it’s been a couple of years.....life got in the way! We got an awesome deal on 7 day MSC Armonia. We figure good opportunity to check them out. We did the loyalty match and received Gold so we booked last night and sail in 25 days! So excited! We did book fantastica experience but we realize since so late may not get our choices! We printed out all paperwork it says Dining requested- First seating......next to it says waitlist seating. Not sure what this means and does anyone know what time first seating is? It also says on embarkment day our check in opens at 13:00. Is this firm or if we arrive early will we be able to board? We have 11 am checkout at hotel. Are the blow dryers in room any good. I have long thick curly hair need one with little power. Can I prepay our gratuity. I did see it when on line only saw shore tours and drink packages type stuff. We did book though agent if that makes difference. Anything else we should know I’d appreciate it!
  9. Good think you’re getting out of town! Going to be a mess around here! Stay safe! Enjoy your cruise!
  10. We are little south on mainland right over the bridge. It’s exciting to have like minded cruisers near by!!
  11. Judging by the quick drive home & your view seems we live very near each other!
  12. Well I guess we can agree to disagree. I spent many years living in Maryland. We’d Lose power in blizzards. Snow bound in house for days till roads were cleared. We lived in North Carolina for few years (husband military) just an ice storm would knock out power and cripple town for a week! I’ve lived in both climates and I’ll take Florida any day. Most time storms veer off or weaken and usually over hyped by media! But.....jmho
  13. I’ve lived in Florida a long time. Hurricanes are not that bad. I’d take one over a blizzard any day. You get plenty of warning to prepare. They are rarely as bad as the over exaggerating weathermen would have you believe.
  14. Just an example. 😆 Whether it’s a bartender, our waiter or cabin steward if I hand them an additional tip outside of whatever we prepay or what’s been added to a package I expect it stays in their pocket. I’d be very upset to hear RCI put their grubby hands on it! JMHO
  15. So if we give bartender at the pool bar a $50 he has to turn it over to RCI until they make sure I didn’t remove auto tips?
  16. Ahhh I remember these days and you’re not exaggerating. I’d even put the number higher. They were the days before Specialty dining venues and MTD. So the MDR was full every night except the last night. On one cruise DH & I ran into our table mates (who had not shown up for dinner with white envelope) we asked why they were not there. They said because they had put their luggage out so had nothing nice to wear. These were also the days when suggested dress codes were adhered to. We personally love the pre-paid gratuities. We also often tip waiters, room stewards & bartenders in cash extra when they’ve impress us with exceptional service. I’d love to know if they get to pocket those extra tips or are they required to throw in the kitty.
  17. We are booked on Serenade of Seas April 13. 2020 Costa Rica, Panama, Aruba, Cartagena & Curacao. 11day cruise. Seem to be as far South as you can get leaving from Florida.
  18. They recently had the $18 Drink package glitch....now apparently incorrect wording on a so called unlimited dinner package. Sounds to me like Royal Caribbean needs to hire better people to run their website! 🤔
  19. You can take One 12 pack in your carry on
  20. That’s exactly what I just did hopefully it will be enough. I don’t keep old paperwork or sign & sail cards. My husband the pack rat 🐀 is saying.....see!!! If it isn’t enough I’ll try calling Royal Caribbean see if they can send me something. We do have Carnival but we are much higher level with Royal. Ready to book a cruise but want status match first.
  21. I took screen shot from my online account with RCI. It shows my first name, crown & anchor number, status and future booked cruises. They want something with last name. I don’t have any old documents and my paperwork for future cruise only has C&A number not the level. Does anyone know what I need to send and where I’d find?
  22. If not in my swim suit....then shorts & flip flops or sundress!
  23. After reading the thread and discussing with my DH this is post that bothered him. It is so easy to be turned around looking for your cabin and he could see this happening and more frequently then is probably reported. He is now searching Amazon looking for security device for cabin door.
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