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  1. They do use fuzzy math. I love when pricing a cruise on line. The price comes up exactly the same whether or not you punch in all the things that could net you lower fare....over 55, Military, Florida resident or Diamond member. We’ve been loyal to Royal long time but lots of cruise lines offer the same or close to the same experience at lower fares. We are going to start shopping around!
  2. I love the Grandeur! As I love Baltimore hoping to do both next year!
  3. Great review! I want to go on cruise with you! You’re hysterical! Maybe don’t bring Brandon!! 🤩
  4. I’m in same boat! No pun intended! Always book direct but looks like with some TA’s they get you same cabin price but offer extra perks like drink package or paid gratituties. Just don’t know who to trust to do good job!
  5. Thanks! DH is very good excited about the possibility of bridge tour! Can you photograph up there?
  6. If booked in Owners suite plus a Diamond member you’d get opportunity for all or just one of these tours? It’s an 11 day cruise on Serenade if that matters,
  7. DrunkinCrab....been to the Hardrock, use to live in Brandon. Now we are over by Port Canaveral. I’m little miffed all money I’ve dropped in casino on cruises I never signed up for their loyalty program thought it was for the keychains & tee-shirts like free spin tokens! But now I know.......
  8. How much money are you dropping in casino to get free cruises?
  9. Everything on Royal Caribbean is the same.....ships all kinda look the same except some are bigger & have more but still pretty much same.......lounges & bars the same......cabins look the same......menu/food is the same....same specialty restaurants.....they play same lame games...stores on board all the same selling same stuff...Entertainment pretty much sounds the same anyway. Piano singer singing piano man is sorta the same. Same silly waiter dance in dining room. Shoot the guests all kind of look the same! *disclaimer, this is a snarky answer. In no way is it to show any personal dissatisfaction or unhappiness with cruising.Only meant to show absurdity of worry about a single entertainer! 😉
  10. Many have stated this change is probably because of category changes Oasis is undertaking. Sorry if someone booked cabin 1234 for $$$$ Royal Caribbean should honor it not play cabin shuffle! Very poor customer consideration. I know we put a lot of thought into the cabins we choose on a cruise. I never even wanted free upgrades (back in day) for fear it land our cabin in location we didn’t want.
  11. Orlando is a busy airport they say to be there 2 hours before flight I wouldn’t do less then 1 1/2 before. There is cool restaurant & Airboat rides on the way to airport from port on 520. We locals go there!
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