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  1. Our May 2020 cruise cancelled in March and we have not received our FCC yet. We did receive the portion for our cc refund several weeks ago, but still no FCC. We booked another cruise for May, 2021 so hopefully it will come prior to final payment.
  2. Sorry, I was not clear. They allowed ME to cancel my cruises and that I had booked. I should have phrased it differently. Originally they said that they would not allow me to apply my FCC to my already booked cruise. Not they let me.
  3. I just got off the phone with HAL. They have cancelled all cruises for the next 30 days. I guess they made that decision last night, but I had not heard. Well, mine is slightly past that. Based on all that is going on, they cancelled both of my cruises and refunded me 50% plus taxes and port costs (to my credit card), and the other 50% went into a FCC. She told me that she put a note in my folio that the FCC would be transferred to my cruise next year. I am very happy! Also, she said they were giving pretty much anything anyone wants for the short term, since this is all happening.
  4. The cruise I want to cancel is on April 25-May 2 and May 3-May 10. I would like to transfer the funds to my 2021 cruise to the Holy Land. They say I cannot transfer the funds to that one, but I need to book another cruise, and we just don't have the time for one. Does that make more sense?
  5. Last I saw, they were offering FCC for cancellations. Are they offering refunds? We have a Holy Land cruise in 2021 but HAL will not let me transfer the credit to that cruise. Are others getting different actions from HAL?
  6. I called and spoke directly with HAL on Sunday (after holding for over 1/2 hour), and they told me that the FCC could not be used for our existing cruise in 2021. She said that the FCC could only be used for new bookings. It is interesting that different folks are being told completely different things. If someone transfers the FCC to an existing booking, let us know. That would make a big difference in what we decide to do.
  7. We only sail in the aft wraps. We have been on the Zuiderdam, Oosterdam, Westerdam and NA. Level 5 in the Vista class ships is best. Love them! It is further away from the Neptune Lounge, but still not enough to be inconvenient. Enjoy your cruise!
  8. We booked our 2021 Mediterranean cruises on December 11, 2019, so they are out there.
  9. This is the spreadsheet and for some reason it is not opening for me.
  10. I got a Gold match for my Princess Platinum. It took about 2 days. Questions about the Excel spreadsheet with the status information. It looks like someone may have replaced it with their monthly budget?
  11. I could not figure out if either of my cruises qualified for the 3-day sale, so I called them. One qualified with my paying an extra $134 total ($67 pp), but we received $400 ($200 pp) ship board credit. The other was not as good a deal, as we have Explore4.
  12. Great! Thank you for the info. We look forward to seeing/hearing him again. Is his wife on as well, do you know?
  13. He is a nice guy, as is his wife. My husband and I were invited for dinner at the Captain's Table for my 50th birthday several years ago and we enjoyed our time with them. We will be back on the Oosterdam in April/May 2020 for two weeks. I hope he is the Captain then as well.
  14. Enjoying your post! Our favorite cabins are the Vista Class 5th floor aft wraps. We will be on the Oosterdam in April and May in 5191. Thank you for posting!
  15. I am on the coastal in April 2020 as well. I was waiting for that one to be included, but sadly, it is not.
  16. Just an update! My office manager had 6 family members in the larger plane. Sounds like two have been released to fly home as of today. The two most serious are now in a hotel, but not released to fly home. They have an appointment on Wednesday for additional scans and X-rays and then will find out. Thanks for all your prayers!
  17. Our office manager here in Colorado has an aunt and uncle that survived and were transported to Seattle. Princess is paying for their flights to get there today to be with them.
  18. So sad! We just disembarked the Royal Princess on May 4, and it breaks my heart that this has happened! I can imagine the mood is somber on the ship.
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