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  1. I don’t have a pic but in 2019 on a single cruise aboard the Freedom I took home 5 ships on a stick plus 3 medals. Was a good trip for trivia and giant board games.
  2. I don’t think you can plug into the tv. I just watched on my iPad.
  3. On the Vista I was able to do Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and HBOMax but I couldn’t get Hulu or Disney+ to work.
  4. I can confirm I was able to log into Pokémon Go with the premium package but there were no Pokémon at sea. Plenty in ports like Cozumel though!
  5. I had a facial, a massage, a mani/pedi, and spent time in the thermal suite aboard the Vista. The spa is 100% open!
  6. And just like that Galveston is within sight. It has been fun reporting from cruise 2 of the return of the Vista. Allow me to remind you that these folks have been out of work for months so please remember to tip extra to the staff, have a great time, and be respectful to each other when you get the chance to come aboard!
  7. It does look like debarkation is being handled just like it was in the past. I have picked up my tags so that we can get off the ship pretty early and clear out for the next group to go have fun! I love going cruising but I miss the cats back home. And when you get on board find Elle because he is absolutely amazing!
  8. So there is one thing that bothered me yesterday and it was a passenger and not the at all Carnivals fault. We were on a shore excursion that was cut short due to onboard time and sail away time being made earlier. This made us “pier runners” even though we were on a ship sponsored excursion. I have seem people clap and cheer at that group but there was one person I am hoping none of you will ever be. They were on their balcony shouting for us to “Hurry the f- up because they wanted the f-ing casino to open”. They even shouted this at the old lady with the walker who was with us and the last one back from our group. They did it to the people who arrived after us from the final excursion back as well. Don’t be that person. It’s a cruise and everyone is trying to relax and have fun. Carnival will open up the donation boxes soon enough…
  9. Our day in Cozumel has come to an end and we are departing for our return to Galveston. We went on the Elite Catamaran excursion and it was totally worth it!
  10. We were originally Jamaica and Grand Cayman but our itinerary was changed.
  11. You can’t. It is first come, first served seating. We were talking to others on the ship who also thought they should go the reservation route as well.
  12. Good morning from Cozumel! We are in port with another ship for the first time today and the is the Adventure of the Seas. Our day in Cozumel will be shorter because I think they are worried about the same kind of currents that delayed the Vista last week so our port time was cut by an hour. Gonna have a good time snorkeling out there today anyway!
  13. I don’t know about the Breeze but on the Vista I have had no problems streaming from Netflix, YouTube, or HBO Max on premium and my husband has had no problem with YouTube on the value plan. A video May briefly buffer but then it gets going!
  14. It has never happened on a Carnival Cruise I was on before so it was new to me.
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