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  1. Yeah, I'm not real excited about the change from Explorer to Radiance and even less excited about the change in itinerary. The 9nt first leg of our B2B is 100% different. Not even heading to the same part of the Caribbean. The 5nt second leg is going to Key West instead of Nassau. I'll take that change all day. Currently, when I log into my account, I can see that both of my cruises have been moved to Radiance, and can see our cabin assignments - which are two different cabins (when we had the same center hump JS booked on Explorer) - but am hoping my TA will be able to get tha
  2. I had a back to back booked on Explorer out of Miami in February 2022 and am being moved to Radiance. Only one of the two cruises shows up online as bookable right now. I think they are still working behind the scenes getting folks moved so have the sailings blocked out. I'm not even sure travel agents can seem them properly yet. Dan.
  3. If you were booked on Freedom out of San Juan, you will now be on Explorer. Those originally booked on Explorer out of Miami will now be on Radiance. Seems as though someone you were speaking with was a bit confused if they thought Radiance would be in San Juan. Dan.
  4. I am on sailings in Feb 2022, but here is where I am so far: I had a B2B booked. Both sailings have been moved to the Radiance. They moved us to a different junior suite for each leg, when we had the same center hump junior suite for both on Explorer, and they have our OBC all jacked up. We booked this B2B onboard a previous sailing, so had OBC from that, and we also had a ton of OBC from taking 125% Cruise Planner credit from a cancelled cruise that we had already applied to the 9nt sailing. I suspect Royal is still working to get OBC squared away, but I've told my
  5. The December 10, 2021 9nt is listed on there - second page of the PDF: Miami, Florida • Cruising • Labadee, Haiti• San Juan, Puerto Rico •Philipsburg, St. Maarten •Basseterre, St. Kitts & Nevis •St. Croix, U.S Virgin Islands •Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic• Cruising• Miami, Florida Dan.
  6. Agreed. We were booked on a B2B with one leg booked specifically for the 9nt ABC run. The new 9nt isn't horrible, but isn't the ABCs! Not sure what we are going to do yet. Dan.
  7. Here's the Radiance itineraries. Not "similar", at least not the 9nt. We were booked on a B2B on Explorer in Feb 2022. http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Deployment/2021_2022/RD_Caribbean.pdf Dan.
  8. Radiance will be in Miami now for late 2021-early 2022. And the 9nt itinerary (ABC Islands) we had booked on Explorer is nowhere close to similar to the new. http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Deployment/2021_2022/RD_Caribbean.pdf Dan.
  9. Radiance is not doing the ABC run in place of Explorer. We were booked on a B2B on Explorer in Feb 2022, primarily for the 9nt ABC run. Radiance itineraries for our two dates are completely different. Our Feb 18th 9nt was Labadee and ABC, you can look in the below PDF to see what it is now. Our 5nt on Feb 27 was Nassau & Labadee - now Labadee & Key West (an improvement on that one in my opinion). http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Deployment/2021_2022/RD_Caribbean.pdf Since I crashed a Freedom/Explorer thread, here's the Explorer flyer: http:/
  10. We just stayed at Excellence Playa Mujeres (Cancun) last week. Was the nicest adult only place I have ever personally been. Beautiful property, beach and pools, great food and drinks, and the staff went above and beyond. No time shares, no visitor/day passes, just pure relaxation. Five star and top notch all around. Dan.
  11. Matt did a great live FB video from one of the floating cabanas this morning. If you are on that social media site, checkout his blog page. Not sure it covered both sets, but was a pretty extensive walk around the floating cabanas. Dan.
  12. You pay the 18% upfront when you purchase the package, so no additional gratuity charge for individual drinks with the package. UNLESS, you go over the package limit. If the limit is $13 and you purchaser a $14 drink, you will pay $1.00 for the overage and the $.18 for the gratuity on that overage, so $1.18. Dan.
  13. They are extremely punctual, communicate well, and the trips have always gone as planned. The vehicles, typically SUVs, are clean and well maintained. Private ride, no waiting, no additional stops unless you request/arrange it. They have vehicles that can handle large groups too. We were curbside post cruise about 90 mins ahead of our scheduled pickup time. I called and they were able to be there in about 20 mins to get us. For two of us with luggage, our last trip in May 2019: FLL to Miami hotel: $100.50 (including 20% gratuity). Port Miami to Ft L
  14. YES! Another Chris *live* review. Following along and thanks for all of your great pics. Always helps with the withdraws while not onboard. I'm a bit sad that we are missing you by a couple weeks though. We board Allure on Sept 8. Have a great rest of your trip. Dan. Oh yeah, Marla says "Hi" too! 😉
  15. 96 Pineapples? Good lord! I'm on that sailing. Will have to wear my sunglasses indoors to deal with all the reflections from the nametags! <yikes>. 😜 Any confirmation on why so many will be on that particular sailing? Might be the first top tier event I go to just to watch them duke it out for who has the most points! 😂 Lowly Diamond here, and my first Oasis class sailing, and we are in a JS. Was hoping to hit CK at least one night, but now see that may not happen. Dan.
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