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  1. Hopefully that includes the time to clear the back to backs through Customs & Border Patrol...that process took us about 3 hours last year because people didn’t show up and they wouldn’t let us back onboard until every one was accounted for (and in our case it was guest musicians/entertainers who didn’t show up...so it was frustrating). Hopefully the sick passengers are not continuing the voyage and you get a healthy group boarding for your next journey!
  2. Hmmm...so I was hoping I wouldn't need to make this follow-up comment, but it's bugging me. First and foremost, I wish everyone an amazing & healthy cruise onboard the Koningsdam - we were actually on her for 21 nights at this time last year and loved it. So what's on my mind is my original post includes reference to an article in the local Virgin Islands media published yesterday morning while the ship was docked in St Thomas ...it states someone from the ship advised the reporter that the passengers were not contagiously sick, but rather they had eaten something on another island that wa
  3. https://viconsortium.com/vi-health/virgin-islands-code-red-issued-for-cruise-at-wico-dock-as-virus-vomiting-outbreak-affects-passengers-coronavirus-not-detected- Anyone have more info on this? Article implies source seems to be food poisoning from “one of the other islands” as opposed to Norovirus, so I’m guessing the affected passengers may have had an excursion or something in common? Food poisoning is pretty fast acting...last stop was St Kitts. Anyone have knowledge on this situation?
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