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  1. The view would be good from there, but it definitely looks like a handle. I can just see it getting wedged under the harbour bridge on the way through.
  2. Yes I've seen this and it definitely doesn't fit, yet if you check out the Sun Princess fact sheet https://www.princess.com/news/backgrounders_and_fact_sheets/factsheet/Sun-Princess-Fact-Sheet.html it states she is 8 feet taller than Golden... which has to be rubbish surely. So I guess you can't place too much faith in these statistics. Sun definitely goes under the bridge though.
  3. I think she may be getting her pipes cleaned out too, seems a regular job for these class ships, including Sun and Sea Princess. They all have problems with their sewer systems.
  4. With all the runaround everyone's been getting, that is entirely possible.
  5. Haha, whay exactly are those things for, can anyone who's been on Golden princess tell me?
  6. Arrival in Sydney Oct 30 2020. So this has been discussed on another thread as to whether Pacific Adventure will dock in White Bay as listed in the port schedule or debark everyone by ferry and there's been some dispute about getting her under the bridge as Golden Princess has never been able to. I messaged P&O and asked the question and this is their reply... "Hi Chris, thanks for your message. When Pacific Adventure joins P&O, she will be able to fit under the bridge and will berth at White Bay Cruise Terminal on 30 October 2020." Not sure exactly
  7. Yes it is short notice but I suppose can't be helped in this case. Hope it isn't too cold for you. We are travelling on the mid north coast atm and the smoke isn't pleasant but thankfully the fires have calmed down for the moment.
  8. I think they have offered everyone $50 OBC, they will probably stock the shops with warm clothes and sell out.
  9. Just heard Carnival Spirit's Moreton island itinerary is diverted to Hobart this week, is this your cruise?
  10. Yes, was speaking to someone on our last cruise who was very knowledgeable about Vanuatu and had been many times. He said so much was now being bought up by the Chinese. It's a great shame.
  11. It hadn't changed much in the 20 years since 1995 when we first went there on the fantastic TSS Fairstar. Have been back three times this decade. Still love Vanuatu.
  12. It would make more sense to bring Adventure into the OPT first, disembark passengers by 9.30 or so then move the ship to Athol Buoy and bring Serenade in. But what would i know about logistics. Seems easier than the alternative to me.
  13. Haha I didn't think of that, wonder if it will be trick or treat 👻🦇🎃
  14. Yes it is the 30th and I wouldnt mind at all if that happens but our cruise is supposed to end on the 30th not the 31st so it's a bit confusing. I thought maybe P&O would use the extra day for media and publicity purposes.
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