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  1. I love RCI, but I wish they would stop adding so many paid options and start making them complimentary. It's hard for me to get excited about a paid BBQ joint when Carnival has a good one for free. Some with JR vs. Guy's. Or Playmakers vs O'Sheehans on NCL, etc. Royal would obviously be dumb to avoid collecting more revenue if people are actually willing to pay for them, but that does not mean I have to like it. 😉
  2. Anyone try this yet and can provide more details, specifically on Playmakers and late night desserts at the specialty restaurants?
  3. I wouldn't want to book the first cruise out of dry dock because delays during the process might cancel your cruise, the rare damage to the ship will certainly cancel your cruise (a la Oasis), and in certain cases they will sail the ship but have contractors on board "finishing" the dry dock while it sails.
  4. Awesome! Any chance you could check if Playmakers is included too?
  5. Sounds like Royal is treating it like an a la carte restaurant and only giving you the $35 credit for it. Seems a little ridiculous since I'm pretty sure there are only two price points on the menu, but I guess anything is an improvement over the previous option of nothing.
  6. Agree with both of you. We are also going on Mariner at the end of May. Hoping embarkation, Playmakers, and Hibachi is all included.
  7. It isn't that cut and dry. RCI considers Hibachi an experience which is technically excluded from the packages. The fact that they listed it separately before makes me think it is included now, but we need confirmation. Playmakers is even more fuzzy. It wasn't listed before, and it isn't listed now. RCI's justification has always been that Playmakers is a "bar" and not a "specialty restaurant," so until I see reports of people eating wings for free, I'll be a hopeful skeptic.
  8. I noticed that the price of the UDP went from $99 on the old UDP to $116 on the new UDP. Anyone else report a similar increase?
  9. We found that the deserts in the specialty restaurants were far more elaborate and delicious than the ones in MDR and WJ, but food is subjective, so you might have a different opinion.
  10. And the tons of people who are going to want into Chops for late night dessert options but not a real meal. I have no idea how they are going to handle that.
  11. We are in a JS on Mariner for a 4 day cruise. Minimum bids are the following (prices are all-in for both guests, not pp): GS - $200 OS - $380 GS 2B - $600 RS - $1300 Are any of these decent deals? Honestly, I'd be happy enough with my JS since I've always done balcony in the past so it will seem like a big upgrade to me, plus I don't think there are many suite perks on Mariner, but someone tell me if I'm wrong here!
  12. Nah, it was never in there, at least for the UDP. Here is the section of the old T&C for the package that they changed. The dark sections are what was modified: Here is the updated section. Again, dark sections were modified:
  13. So basically, we need the following answered because it is ambiguous: Are most people still getting embarkation day lunches even though it is technically excluded? Is Izumi Hibachi included now? Are places like the Playmakers included in the new plan? I'm really hoping Playmakers is included, but I doubt it. Very little in the wording between the two plans appears to have changed, and I could see a lot of people eating there during the day if it were. My gut tells me this change was RCI simply betting that most people won't want to eat at multiple restaurants in a night but then they can charge more for the "benefit" of it. I guess we'll see . . .
  14. I don't believe it ever included embarkation lunch, but most people had it honored if they asked. With the Key program though, I wouldn't be surprised to hear of more denials for that.
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