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  1. Thanks for info. How were customs coming back into U.S? Did your return flight come into JFK? Was it a zoo? More questions from me -- thanks for your patience! :) My DH and I are interested in taking this cruise; however, we are in our mid-70's and want to make it as easy as we can.
  2. To stevenr597: would you please tell us which Princess excursions you took in Russia. What did you see and do? Did your guide speak English well? How exhausting was the experience? Would you recommend this trip? I am just full of questions today :) Thank you.
  3. Regan

    Seats with EZ-Check

    Is there any way to keep our booked seats with the airline when using this program? We love the convenience of getting our luggage home without the hassle, and we have used EZ-Check several times when returning home from Ft Lauderdale. Each time when we get our airline boarding passes back from the cruise line, our seats have been changed from the original ones we booked with the airline. Any advice?
  4. Regan

    Regal Princess Review - Baltic 6/14 - 6/25

    Great review; thank you so much for posting! One quick question: Would you please let me about the passenger mix on the ship; i.e., American, European, Russian, Asian? Thanks.
  5. Regan

    Passenger Mix on Baltic Cruise

    OP & others taking this cruise: Thank you so very, very much for posting this info. My DH and I have been thinking about booking this cruise, now we will re-think it. I am so very glad you had the courage to report this to us; it helps us so much when planning future cruises!!!!! Thanks again!!!!
  6. Regan

    Minor Changes to Suite Perks?

    I agree with ginabab who wrote, "We definitely would have liked more attention and a quicker fix when we had a problem." My DH and I are elite and most of the time, we stay in suites when we cruise. We took 2 cruises in suites last year. On the first cruise, we had "Not-My-Job" Vitor as our steward. Upon arrival, we asked for a top sheet. He told us that Princess did not provide top sheets because it caused too much work for the stewards. I told him I knew differently, and perhaps we could talk with his supervisor/manager or the Hotel Manager. He then said he was only joking. Right. When the light bulb on the lamp beside the bed went out, I asked him if her could get it replaced. He replied, "Not My Job; call maintenance." When the shower backed up and would not drain, I asked Vitor if he could get someone to fit it. Again, he replied, "Not My Job; call maintenance." On the second cruise, we had "All in good time, madam, all in good time" Marco as our steward. When he greeted us upon our arrival, he said, "I will tell you what I can do for you, then you can tell me if you have any special request." OK, I thought, a different approach, but one I can handle. Then he proceeded to NOT telling me what he could do, but telling me he was on the floor only until 12:30 and after that we were to call housekeeping if we needed anything. He also said if we wanted the room to be cleaned, to put that card into the door slot. However, putting the "please clean room" card into the door never, ever worked. We were at the end of the line of the rooms Marco cleaned, and he never cleaned our room before noon. We would go out, put the card into the slot and return and hour or two later, and the room was never, ever cleaned before noon. On two occasions when I saw Marco in the hall around 10-11 am and asked him to make up our room, both times he replied, "All in good time, madam, all in good time." He also told us he needed to clean the rooms of those going ashore first because they would come back on the ship and would want to take naps. I guess he had his schedule, and he was not going to deviated one bit from it. Both of these stewards left us with bitter feelings. We fondly remember our butler on Celebrity who always said, "Ill take care of it Madam, my pleasure!" Now, I'm not saying I need a butler, but it would be nice to have a go-to person to get things done -- someone with a "butler attitude." Celebrity is currently offering many amenities to entice suite passengers. We are thinking it might be time for us to switch back to Celebrity. We enjoyed our one cruise on Celebrity, but liked Princess' suite amenities of free laundry, breakfast in Sabatini's, and the separate line at passenger services for suite/elite passengers. We also liked the entertainment better on Princess. However, beginning in Jan 2016, Celebrity is offering free laundry to their Royal Suite & above passengers. With the replacement of Share for Sabatini's, we don't know if the breakfast suite perk will continue on Princess. On Celebrity, of course, suite passengers have their own restaurant to got to breakfast. It seems Princess is going towards more passenger-participation entertainment, so we don't know if we will continue to like entertainment better then Celebrity's. Just saying. Well, thanks for reading my rambling.
  7. Looks like a good reason and a good time for us to think about switching to Celebrity.
  8. Would highly recommend Davis Stubbs at http://www.londoncountrytours.co.uk We find him to be dependable, knowledgeable. and reasonable.
  9. Two quick questions for you Pia-- 1.Are you hearding much noise from the deck above? 2.When is formal night? Thanks for any feedback you can give me.
  10. Regan

    Suite AND Elite

    So, if you have a suite and a short (5-day) cruise, do you get 2 mini-bars?
  11. Regan

    Iced Tea

    Thanks everyone for your response!
  12. Regan

    Iced Tea

    Oops! That is: I love to drink (not drive) ice tea. lol!!!! Thanks
  13. Regan

    Iced Tea

    I'm from the South and love to drive iced tea with lunch and dinner. Do Italian Restaurants serve iced tea?
  14. Regan

    Princess Vendor

    Thank you very much for the replies. I feel much better now about this!
  15. Regan

    Princess Vendor

    Princess is using the vendor Kuoni Travel as “ground handler” for the land part of our Classic Italy/Greek Island Cruise, per my cruise personalizer. Is anyone familiar with them? I can’t seem to find out much about them on the web. My concerned right now is our hotels have not been posted for our trip in May. Is this usual? Does anyone know if Kuoni will offer any other excursions for us, other than the ones already included in our package? Guess I was spoiled with our Alaska land package. The Princess Rep was wonderful and took care of everything for us. Hotels and other excursions were posted on our cruise personalizer way before our trip. Think I need to worry about Kuoni Travel?