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  1. We have sailed twice on the 'older' designed ships. We would chose the SS ships just to experience the newer designs. Either would provide a superior experience, IMHO.
  2. Done that on one of our 6 Alaskan Cruises - last cruise of the season, and with good weather. Down side, if you call it that, was that in many of the ports a lot of the shops had already closed to move to the Caribbean! As another said, cruising Alaska is often a crap shoot based upon weather; be prepared and make the best of the 'Great Land.'
  3. Love this! In honor of my best Friend who served in the Pacific on a Navy destroyer during the Vietnam conflict. He is gone now, but not forgotten! My service was in the Air Force, 1967-1992. To all the Guardians of America -Thank You.
  4. Loved the Journey and her wonderful crew! Thanks for sharing this.
  5. For us, both 70 or older, and one with a medical condition as currently listed, it means the end of cruising with any and all lines requiring such a note from a certified medical professional. We will cruise together, or not at all. I believe there are lots of folks, like us, who will find they are no longer able to cruise.
  6. Not cruising the ocean until planned July trip to Alaska which has been cancelled by us. However, the road trip planned for this spring would have had us somewhere in New Mexico or Arizona with our RV headed for northern California to see the grandchildren; then a further trip on to Portland and Seattle to see relatives, and on to Vancouver B.C. before turning east into Alberta, and then south wandering through Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, etc. towards home.
  7. Yes. My wife received her new GE card in the mail; we have also been told there is a one year extension for my existing card. I am not sure all this will be over in a year, and then there is the backlog. Maybe the queue will be arranged based upon when one applied on the internet.
  8. We just renewed our passports because they were almost out of blank pages; however, i am waiting on a Global Entry interview and all interviews have been postponed indefinitely. My wife got her Global Entry updated via internet application (mine didn't).
  9. I am another member who has appreciated your technical and detailed information! Thank you.
  10. Wonderful music - brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much for sharing. I really need that this morning....
  11. I bought one years ago on board, still keeps excellent time, still waterproof for swimming. Has lasted longer than any other watches that I purchased or receive as gifts.
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