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  1. I always picture those two little girls from The Shining standing at the end of the hallway when I'm in a hotel. Now I'll picture them on the ship! lol
  2. I wish I never opened this thread! I hope I forget about this by the time my cruise comes!
  3. I love having a Promenade! Just to sit and have a coffee and people watch! I have been on both ships and I really liked the Oasis better. I just booked the Oasis for May 2020 when I found out it was coming to NJ. (close to me) Whereas I was never in any rush to book the Anthem in NJ again. Both ships are beautiful but I just liked the Oasis better.
  4. Great info! Thanks. Yes. Weekday.
  5. Ferry to Hamilton then taxi? Will the taxis be where the ferry comes into Hamilton? Will there be taxis at the caves to go back to Hamilton? Thanks!
  6. I thought it was just me! Hope they come back!
  7. I feel sorry for the sick passenger and I hope he/she is doing better. I also feel bad for everyone on this cruise who is missing a couple days worth of cruising. I was going to book this exact cruise! I asked my husband what we would have done and he said he would've canceled but I think that I still would have wanted to go. (We can drive from CT to NJ, no air involved) The Anthem is a beautiful ship and Bermuda is a beautiful island and I hope everyone on board enjoys their cruise and enjoys Bermuda. Looking forward to reading updates on the mood, how full the ship is, etc... Have a great cruise!
  8. Good to know! Thanks!
  9. Can't you take a water taxi near the Straw Market to Paradise Island and then walk to Cabbage Beach? I'm trying to remember how we got there on our last Bahama cruise! Then I remember coming back all the taxis/buses were lined up right outside of the path from the beach to go back to the ship.
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