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  1. Thanks, we actually did book that tour as well, we leave at the end of June and will be in Geiranger on June 30, so it looks like I may have to let you know how the tour is!
  2. It’s one that goes up the Eagle Road and takes you to the Herdal goat farm. Price is decent, it seems to get good reviews, and has a “back to the ship” guarantee. Just can’t find anyone who’s actually used this company.
  3. Has anyone used norwayexcursions.com ? We’ve booked through them for Geiranger and would love to hear about your experience with this tour company. Thanks!
  4. Thanks, hallasm! Have heard the hike down is amazing but that is a long time and apparently quite the distance. We're young and reasonably fit but don't want to get ourselves into a situation that we regret. We are also looking at just going to Vatnahalsen and hiking from there (since that appears to be what the excursions do) but that doesn't seem to cut off that much distance. Thank you for the alternate option - we will keep looking.
  5. Follow up question - Does anyone know how long the walk is back down if you take the Flamsbana up and then do the hike back down? Looks like the round trip is sold out already! (Missed it by just a few weeks ago apparently).
  6. We'll be in Flam July 1 next year on Celebrity Silhouette. We want to book the Flamsbana train on our own since it's cheaper. We know that the cruise lines often book up the spots in the middle of the day for excursions. Right now it's showing a 9:45 time available to pre book - our itinerary shows us docking at 9. My questions are: 1. We should be able to make the 9:45 train, since it's right by the dock, correct? (as long as there are no docking delays, etc). 2. Does anyone know the cancellation policy for the Flamsbana?
  7. We’re booked on Celebrity at the end of June for next year and those two ports are included.
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