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  1. Ok, evidently cancelled cruises are common. It just never happened to me before and I didn't realize how often it occurs. Thanks for all of your comments, stories, suggestions, good and bad ideas, and other thoughts and replies. I'm getting ready for a cruise in February - only a few weeks away and very excited! Not even going to think about my cancelled cruise anymore. When it's gone, it's gone. Time to move on.
  2. I agree totally. I've been on chartered cruises before and now I hate to think that my chartered cruise could have caused problems for others. Oh well, nothing I can do about all this now. Just wondered what others thought.
  3. Let me know your opinion when YOUR Holiday Family vacation is cancelled.
  4. Royal Caribbean cancelled a cruise because someone Chartered the ship. Months ago we planned and paid for a family cruise on Independence of the Seas, November 21-26, 2020. Just this week we received an email letting us know the ship has been chartered and we cannot go on this cruise. They gave several options and other dates to choose another cruise. None of these dates worked for our family because these are Holiday dates and trying to rearrange several family members schedules-----very hard to do. How do I trust Royal Caribbean when I book a future cruise? I have 3 other cruises with Royal in 2020 and now I can't trust that these will actually take place. After 37 cruises, most with Royal Caribbean, I've lost confidence in booking with them. Not only was our week cancelled due to the Charter, also another week in November 2020 was cancelled! How many people now are scrambling to re-book a cruise with Royal?! After 2-3 hours of telephone conversations with our travel agent, who was corresponding with Royal, we had to cancel the Family vacation. Why can't Royal Caribbean let the Chartered cruises plan years in advance and not disrupt cruises already booked?! Very sadly disappointed in a this cruise line that we've been loyal to. The "loyal to Royal" means nothing to me anymore.
  5. On most every cruise I've been on, there has been at least one line class taught by the crew. This would be additional line dance classes not taught by the crew.
  6. CB - you are right!! Most o the songs we line dance to are not country. There is nothing wrong with country, as a matter of fact I enjoy the new country music like Blake Shelton, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisely-------and I LOVE beach music--- wish I could do the Carolina Shag as well as others I have seen.
  7. Of course! Men are welcome to dance with us----makes it more fun!!!
  8. Even though I'm a Diamond+ member, I've only seen this happen once and it was on a Transatlantic cruise. I posted an announcement on the Bulletin Board for a passenger lead line dance class. What a GREAT turn out ---- we had 12-15 people every morning and we all took turns teaching different line dances. Some country, some rock, some oldies music and dances. In just a few weeks (February 22) a group of 20 ladies are cruising on the Brilliance of the Seas and almost half of us love to line dance and willing to teach some dances to any others that would enjoy learning. The problem is that the Bulletin Board is so very hard to find and the majority of passengers don't even know that it exists. Any suggestions on how to notify others about this?
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