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  1. "we have taken the liberty of adding it for you." What the H*ll are they taking the liberty for something that you didn't ask for or want just to use a "FCC" ...That's a bunch of Bullsh*t!!! Tell me if that was disclosed when you were issued the FCC??? I bet NOT....SHEESH!!! Only tells me that they are fishing for ways to gain any extra $$$$ at any cost......Not good business in my book.
  2. I just received a $372.00 price drop on one of my inside cabins. June 7th Arctic Circle sailing. Thank you for the reminder to check those prices!!! WOO-HOO!!!
  3. We were on Ovation of the Seas just this last season. We asked the the head maitre d (not sure of his title) in charge of CK and he told us that yes the waiters working in CK are in fact part of the "standard tip pool" but you can reward the CK wait staff a couple of ways: 1. If you want to do a "separate tip pool for CK" (over and above the other) he will split it with the CK staff only. - This works because all week long we had great service and our dinning staff did rotate through out our cruise. We did use CK for most of our meals ie: breakfast, lunch, & dinner and even had meals prepared extra to take back to our suites if we wanted. (which we did) 2. If you wanted to tip any wait staff in CK that you felt went over and above in service then he suggested that you may do so and just hand it to them separately. He also stated that this is what his staff works for in their goals on this particular ship. Note: We did tip extra in this manor as well. The service at CK was great all week long and never once had any long delays in getting our food or getting a table at anytime. We did make a few changes in our times and never once arrive and not walk straight to a table for our party. We were traveling with 3 separate suites and a total party of 7 guests. Our whole party agreed that a few staff members stood out and did go over and above in the level of service expected on a cruise. So we did in fact reward those staff members accordingly. This was a no brainer for us as we are very generous if we see & feel a crew member works hard in delivering great service. We are always looking to be pampered and it's a vacation so we just budget our gratuities into our vacation. Just a side note: the head maitre d that we talked to was very genuine in his answer and we did not in any way feel like he was manipulating us in tipping extra. He also told us to do what your heart tells you and what you can afford and the staff will appreciate it no matter how much it is. Anyone have any comments or different experiences please feel free to reply.... Happy Sailing All!
  4. Hi All, Just trying to plan ahead. Anyone know if CK is open on boarding day for lunch? I prefer not to do WJ if I can help it. I believe I can do Cafe 270 and get the roast beef but do I have any other options that I don't know about??? Thanks, BP
  5. I just wanted to point out that just because you are in a suite and eat at Coastal Kitchen does not obligate you to tip extra to the waitstaff there. Remember: If you stay in a suite you pay more in prepaid tips than a standard room. That should cover CK. and other staff. But if the service warrants extra tips than you may do so if you so desire... Your Call!
  6. If your in a suite do you just tip one waitstaff or multiple waitstaff? Your bound to have more than just one wait on you exspecially if you eat there for all 3 meals throughout the whole cruise...
  7. Sorry for the minor high-jack to the OP but curious to know the thoughts on tipping the wait staff inside Coastal Kitchen? First does the prepaid tips cover the staff in there? If so or not, How does everyone handle tipping the staff at Coastal Kitchen? What about if you are served by more than one waiter during the week? ie: What if you have been served by many different waitstaff during the week? Are you supposed to tip them all? How do you even keep track of that all week long??? Thoughts???
  8. Hi All, Anyone know how and what the best way to make IFly rsvp for an upcoming Alaska cruise on Ovation of the Seas? We are in a Sky Class cabin and have not seen anything on our cruise planner. How should we go about getting this handled? If we have to wait till we board where will they be taking reservations? Could a suite concierge be able to handle this for us? Help Please!
  9. What's the name of the restaurant that took the place of Johnny Rocket? or Are they putting Johnny Rocket back?
  10. I know this is a bit off topic but does anyone know if the Noodle place has been converted back to Johnny Rocket for the Alaska sailings???
  11. I believe if your a "Haven Guest" then you don't have to worry. From what I've heard they will take care of you no matter how busy the terminal is or whenever you arrive. I too am traveling via Haven and want to see how this whole Haven thing is all about. Can't wait!!!
  12. Hi All, I was just wondering where the smoking area is on Oasis of the Seas? I have a cabin booked on Deck 14 and want to make sure that it's not right above or just to the side of me...Ugh! I would really hate that I can't enjoy my balcony in peace w/o choking to death every time I go out to enjoy the sea air! Thanks!
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