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  1. SNJCruisers, I think you are correct......it was a Sierra Mist. The point was $4 for one drink is outrageous!!
  2. Last cruise, my daughter spend $4.00 for a can of Sprite at the bar on a NCL ship. I think it's wonderful that Carnival lets you bring on a 12 pack. 🙂
  3. Things I bring on every cruise: 1. Poo Pourri- works great for small areas. 2. Insulated drink cups. Perfect for the pool, excursions etc. Keeps drinks cold all day. 3. Tide detergent packets. For washing out bathing suits. 4. Large Ziploc bags for damp clothes...because they never fully dry. 5. Clothespins for hanging wet bathing suits and shower curtain. 6. Power strip 7. Beach bags for excursions 8. Waterproof camera 9. Bag of meds...just in case.
  4. flwinejunkie, thanks so much for your quick reply. I'm very happy to hear that I will have a place to chill my drinks.
  5. There are no umbrellas but there is some shade in the waterfall area. When I got too hot, I just cooled off in the waterfalls.
  6. I just booked the Magic for next May. Can anyone tell me if inside cabins have refrigerators?
  7. Thanks Sid. I looked forward to reading your posts each day. I've never had the time to do a post cruise report but now that I have retired, you have inspired me to share my journeys as well. Glad you had an awesome trip!!
  8. Does the app work well with Android phones? 🤔 It seems that most posters had IPhones. I'm cruising with my 24 year old daughter and I am wondering if this app will work to keep in touch with her on the ship. Last time we cruised together, she was 15 and stayed with us the whole time. This time, I'm sure she will want to venture off 🙂
  9. Loving your blog. I am from New Orleans and we sail in 23 days on the Breakaway. I check CC every few days for new posts and your blog is definitely one of the best. I hope you enjoy the rest of the cruise as it seems like you're off to a fine start. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures. Thanks!!
  10. Thank you so much. I didn't know if children could participate. I look forward to it and I plan to reserve a spot as soon as I board.
  11. Can a 13 year old do this activity or is it adults only?
  12. Thanks for your review. We'll be on the ship in a couple of months and I'm glad to hear that all was good. We usually sail on smaller ships. I was worried about the size of the Breakaway. My dinners and shows are booked and I'm starting to get excited.
  13. Sailing in early March. Will definitely try the Moderno thing for lunch and breakfast. Thanks for the tip!!
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