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  1. Embarkation followed the same process as our 9/12 cruise (details and pics in that review). We have our first aft balcony. Maybe too early to tell but I don't think I like aft balcony as much as port and starboard balconies. Waking up and looking outside I thought we were docked for a second cuz the movement of the sea isn't as apparent. Watched 4 games at a time in the sports bar. It's been a long time since I had the joy of watching 4 games on big screens simultaneously. Lost $80 gambling last night. OJ in the MDR is good. Bacon is another story.
  2. Quite a climatic closure to your crazy-fun cruise! Now clear out bub, you gotta make room for my daughter and me to get on! 😁 🏴‍☠️
  3. I hope your revised vacation winds up so good you finish it saying "This was waaayyy better than a cruise!"... that's how we feel when we return from Italy and France.
  4. Covid Test went smoothly, we tested at the same CVS as we did for the 9/12 cruise. We showed up five minutes early and swabbed ourselves without a wait. Took about 30 minutes to get the results. This time we got a phone call as well as the text messages with the link to the results. The phone call was a live person asking us to confirm we got our texts. Following the text instructions to obtain the digital certificate was quick and easy and while we were both anxious, we were very happy to see NEGATIVE in green. So we are good to go. My daughter is having mixed feelings because she thinks she's going to miss the dogs and ferrets more this time. When I surprise her with $200 extra for gambling money I think she'll come to her cruise senses. We choose 1230 boarding time so our cabins will be ready - we only do carry-on luggage and a backpack, a trick we learned from many Europe trips where we typically spend three nights in each city and train around. We're looking forward to our first Europe trip in four years in the spring, but for now really looking forward to tomorrow!
  5. They were keel-hauled, bow to stern. 🏴‍☠️
  6. You do get the free waters if you're gold. You have to pick them up at almost any bar.
  7. To use internet you use the HUB to enter the FOLIO # that purchased the internet plan. To login is simple, just click LOGIN and the FOLIO #. To login when someone else is already on, just click LOGIN and the FOLIO #, and when you see "ALREADY IN USE" you have the option to kick those teenagers off for your own use. If teenagers kick you off without your permission, go to guest services and have your FOLIO # changed. Then watch them squirm at MDR.
  8. This makes a lot of sense on one hand. On the other hand why did I get "Player's Club" offers after my first cruise, when I spent maybe $20 and 30 minutes on my first cruise and have never gambled on land or online?
  9. Wow, is that really the reason? I LOVE cruising out of West Manhattan but Norfolk is a dud. Even though my drive time to Norfolk is 3.5 hours and to Manhattan is 4 hours. I love cruising out of NYC because of many reasons. One is I can spend three nights in Manhattan before the cruise to really enrich the vacation.
  10. First subject is actually the last-minute email from Carnival saying we need to complete a health assessment, but when I looked at my to-do list everything was checked off. As others have reported, the email saying (in an alarming style) you have to complete your health assessment (as if we're late) goes out hours (in our case many hours) before it pops up in the to-do list. I called Carnival and had the worst experience ever (for me). One hour and four minutes on hold, only to get the worst customer service agent in the universe. I explained we got an email saying we had to complete a health questionnaire but I don't see it in my to-do list. She went on and on about "using your mouse" to navigate to the to-do list. I explained that the email explicitly said this health questionnaire is different from the vaccination survey already completed. She said "no it's the same thing so if your vaccination survey has a checkmark, you don't need to worry". I asked to transfer to a supervisor. Got the "satisfaction survey" and was hung up on. Called back. Long wait. Immediately the new agent agrees the "health assessment" and "vaccination survey" are two separate items... but she has no explanation as to whether I should have received the email or not and except that she was more pleasant she was no more helpful at resolving the situation. What do I do? Come to cruise critic to rescue me! Sure enough there are already two threads about the email coming long before the health assessment pops up online. TERRIBLE CARNIVAL, all around. Anyway, hours later sure enough it pops up and I complete it, take multiple photos from all angles in case I get flack at check-in, take a deep breath and believe it's probably settled... (next up, covid test)
  11. (EDIT: the title should say 10/24, not 10/22)... We sailed on the first Pride sailing post-pandemic (review below) and I included a fair amount of pics... I didn't check cruisecritic every day while on cruise but you can see I do make a reasonable effort to answer questions. Embarkation will be the first topic but I doubt I'll have anything different to report from the pics and commentary in the 9/12 review below. I'm hoping for a much-improved David's Steakhouse experience. After reading a few threads today, I'm also hoping for no power failure. Otherwise, if this cruise is exactly like the 9/12 cruise, I'll be very happy!
  12. I agree with you a full refund "plus something" would have been the "Carnival Way" that I'm used to experiencing and hearing about. Sorry it didn't happen to you and really sorry your exemption was denied. Nothing worse than having a vacation the whole family is excited about cancelled. I hope you give Carnival another try and you are happily surprised. Maybe when the kid's clubs open back up?
  13. Welcome to the (Player's) club. To keep those free cruises coming, just make sure you gamble often. Some cruises you will even WIN money AND get a FREE CRUISE offer in your cabin mailbox WHILE YOU'RE SAILING ON A FREE CRUISE. Carnival treats gambler's well and I'm so happy for all of us.
  14. Right, so why didn't the emergency generators located up on deck that are enough to keep toilets, ventilation, and elevators working kick in? Or did it and it wasn't really a poop cruise, I thought they called it that cuz people couldn't flush?
  15. The CVS's in our area seem to be functioning like clockwork. Daily regular queue. Ours went really well for our 9/12 cruise and today I got the text reminder about tomorrow's test. We cruise Sunday, Pride-willing.
  16. I hope you're right, I'm newer to cruising than the poop cruise, did the on deck generators just not work?
  17. Stressing out as we're supposed to begin our cruise on the Pride on 10/24...
  18. If you've never been on Mardi Gras I suggest that one. That's what I would do (all things being equal except the price diff). But ports matter to me.
  19. Sure enough, NINE HOURS after the "emergency-like" email directing to complete the Health Assessment under To Do List, it appeared. Boo Carnival.
  20. I really enjoyed every post, thank you! I also think "Hercules" might have been a good name (or nickname?) for your son. Look at those calve muscles!
  21. I think you're just really nice or being nice if you're from the Great State of Texas and called Carnival's brisket "good". God bless your kindness and GOD BLESS TEXAS!
  22. Trying to remember from last cruise, I think the vaccination survey had one to three questions while the health questionnaire had about five.
  23. We cruise Sunday. This afternoon I got an email saying we needed to complete a health assessment in addition to the vaccination survey but when I looked at my to-do list there's no health assessment there.
  24. I have the same thing going on except still no health assessment. I waited one hour and four minutes to get the rudest Carnival employee I've ever encountered. She kept saying the vaccine survey is the same thing as the health questionnaire, talking to me like I'm a baby (e.g., first you have to take your mouse and click on "to do", etc.) then when I pointed out that the email indicated they were two different things she got huffy and interrupted me, every sentence, like it was a game. I asked to speak to a supervisor and instead got connected to the "call survey" I couldn't press "1" fast enough.
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