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  1. We did it last year and it was a great encounter, the rays are smaller then you will see in the wild encounters, but the staff was hilarious and they had a photographer there to to take pictures, she also took a few pictures with my iPhone for me too (in a wet bag). A few bits of advice, the stingrays get fed all day and are way more interested in the morning according to the guide. Also, if you can get in on the first or second session the groups seem to be much smaller, giving you more one on one time and attention from the rays.
  2. We wore ours on wrist bands snorkeling, helmet diving and my husband and son did zip lining and bobsledding. They never moved and I honestly never felt like I needed to check to see if it had moved at all.
  3. We are going through our normal TA, how she is getting the deal I have no idea 🙂
  4. We just got confirmation that the sale will start tomorrow through day from out agent! We are booking for Jan 2021.
  5. I have my eye on a Jan 2021 Mexican Riviera cruise on the Royal, but all of the current sales do not cover sailings that far out. Does anyone know when these cruises typically start having sales and incentives? Is there any advantage in just booking now? The other catch is I would like a premium balcony, which comes up as able to be reserved but you can not choose your cabin... so i'm not sure if that means it is to early or that rooms are scares. Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  6. My kids loved it, I was underwhelmed by what they organized but I think because Princess doesn't have a ton of family events it was a nice family time together.
  7. Here is the menu and a few pictures from out March cruise Breakfast with Stanley 🙂
  8. Hi All, We did the Breakfast with Stanley on our cruise in March. It was cute, but since it was the first time they ran the event it was a little disorganized. It was a nice breakfast with theme food as well as a limited dining room menu if anyone wanted anything outside of the bear face pancakes and combo breakfast. However, the food did not come out at the same time so my kids were done eating and bored by the time the adults received their food. They did have fun music and Stanley came to see all the kids and you were able to take your own pictures (there was not a photographer there). My main problem was that the breakfast was for children but the only time slot was 8 am on a sea day, it made for a busy and long day. I also think that price was a bit high for a family, we had 3 adults and two kids, so for $50 I don't think it was a great value. Carnival does a Dr. Seuss breakfast for $5 and I think it is much better done, theme, presentation and interactivity wise.
  9. This is the medallion in the generic fit bit zip wrist bands. We bought a 4 pack off Amazon for $7.99 and they worked great. We wore them in the pool/ocean/excursion and had no problems scanning in anywhere.
  10. Thank your for sharing! It looks like you had a great time!
  11. Thank you for the review! We board the Regal on Sunday and are really looking forward to a fun family vacation.
  12. I'll do my best! I have never done a review so now I'm all excited to have a specific topic
  13. We are booked for the breakfast so i'll make sure to post a review once we get back!
  14. We purchased the fitbit zip wristbands for our upcoming cruise. The medallions fit in, while it is not exactly a perfect fit, they will not be able to fall out either. I was able to buy a 4 pack in different colors for $8 off Amazon. These are the ones we bought: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HCHE6DK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  15. I just saw this as well, it says that our deck Marina (mini-suite) will board at 3?!? We usually get there around noon and enjoy getting familiar with the board and check in at the kids camp well before the ship leaves at 4! Also, since we have to be out of our hotel by noon, it might make for an interesting start to the cruise leg of our vacation 😞
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