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  1. Excellent info, thanks so much!
  2. Any new reports of how this is going? And the refillable bottles a normal size bottle for taking off the ship, or large for refilling our reusable water bottle? Where I live (Memphis) we have some of the best tasting tap water in the country ( it comes from wells). We just refill our glass or water bottle. Can we do this on the Quest?
  3. OK I see I left out the most important words in the last sentence.. We do NOT have any credits from any other sources. Sorry. I would like a referral coupon/voucher if anyone has one. Me email is s t a n 1 1 6 2 @ aol dot com Thanks to anyone who might have one. So exited for this cruise!
  4. Restrictions? Are there any restrictions for using one of these referral coupons? We are booked under RB category. First SB cruise. We make final payment August 22. Would we be able to use one? We have credits from any other sources. Thanks
  5. We're on the Lima to Santiago cruise this November. How do we know which night is formal night? Is it a sea day? This is our first SB cruise and trying to figure things out. Thanks!
  6. Excellent. Thanks for the responses. We each travel with one 22" roller, and a backpack ( from one week to 3 weeks) All items must mix and match. With self service laundry onboard, this makes packing easy and clear.
  7. Will what I outlined as our attire be acceptable at ALL venues ANY night?? That is all I'm trying to figure out. Or should DH bring a tie too? Formal, formal optional, casual. TK, main dining room. We travel light and does one jacket, dress trousers, dress shirt (and a tie) meet every scenario we might dine in?
  8. So... We are going on Lima-Santiago on Quest. Plans are for DH to bring his Black Cashmere Sports Coat, and wear with grey trousers. Collared dress shirt. Would this be fine everywhere? A tie takes up no space, does he need to bring one? I will be in black skirt, and bringing a few colored cardigans. And simple black dress. Is this fine for all areas as well? We don't wear jeans, so trousers and sweaters at the more casual dining areas is fine I assume.
  9. I have not seen this ( Nepresso machine) listed as one of the amenities in a standard balcony stateroom... This would work for sure for us. Can anyone confirm this??
  10. So grateful for the information. Will stay in close contact with SB as time approaches. Our plan is/was to just take a taxi, and it sounds like we still can, just have to make sure we have the gate #. Surely, we are not the ONLY pax to fly in early and find our own way to the port? I assumed it would be like the port of Civitavecchia in Italy. A shuttle bus pick up area for all cruise lines outside the gates...you go there, and find your shuttle bus and they transport you inside the secure area. We're relatively young ( 56 and 57)and not adventure adverse, so that's a plus! ???? Thank you so much for replying.
  11. That would be excellent. Have it set up, and make a cup or 2 ourselves!
  12. Old thread, but maybe those who did this in 2018 have an answer. We are on the 2019 november LIM-SCL Seabourn cruise. We are in Lima for a couple days before departure. We too, need to get to the port on our own. How did it work out for everyone who were doing it independently???? Taxi? Shuttle?
  13. Great info. Thank you very much. I'm thinking about bringing our large insulated travel one(s)??
  14. Other than room service, is there anywhere to get coffee very early? 5 am? 6 am? We're early risers! Thanks
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