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  1. ZERO RISK??? United States has 30K flu deaths per year and 500,000 flu hospitalizations per year. Americans take the flu vaccine, maybe 50%, and it's maybe 50% effective? We don't even blink an eye at those numbers in the US for influenza. We find that perfectly "acceptable". Covid vaccines superbly effective at keeping you out of the hospital and dead. A ship with 100% vaccinated pax and crew. At this point, where in the world can you go in the US where you are guaranteed 100% of the people around you are jabbed. Nowhere.
  2. My plan, as we have a tentative cruise in November ( fingers crossed) is to be an active participant in the challenge to stay Covid Negative prior to cruising. Nothing is perfect, but I can try and do everything in my power to not test positive. Two weeks prior. Stay home as much as possible. Still do curbside pick-up. Wear mask in public ( even if not requried). No indoor dining ( havent done that in a year anyway). No bars ( don't go to bars, so thats easy!). No concerts, ball games, any large gatherings. Flying. Masks will still be madatory I suspect. Layover, NO eating o
  3. I suspect they will carry a supply of antigen tests and dispense them to their passengers. Testing and getting results to the pax ( printouts? smartphone?) will need a team. Setting up a "lab" for potentially hundreds/thousands of passengers. How many can be done per hour? I think test must be done within 3 days of boarding time. Pre testing, adding to that all 18+ on some lines, ALL on other lines vaccinated, will be a super interesting study of infection rates.
  4. Terry I expect NCL is getting frustrated. How safe does he have to prove that a cruise is??? Bars are open, resturants are open, schools, churches. Even some long term care facilities have terrible vax acceptance rates within the staff. Efficacy is thru the roof in keeping people from serious and fatal Covid infections. And CDC is reluctant to say in transmission ( but 80% at least) is reduced with vaccination. A cruise with 100% passengers and crew vaccinated. Where on land, can you get that kind of compliance?? If anyone wants a great source of thoughtf
  5. Does the US accept Antigen tests? PCR? Not sure how the cruiselines would expect 1000 pax to disembark a ship at 8 am, find a place to get tested at the airport, get results and board an aircraft?? PCR? Antigen? Maybe the ships will carry and conduct their own testing for the pax in order to test and fly back to the US??
  6. I believe # 6 says your good to go without Quarantining... A ship with 100% vaxxed pax and crew, pre-boarding testing, to prove negative. I'm saying to myself, it sure seems like it's safer ON a cruise ship than at my local grocery store where potentially 60% of people are vaxxed and un-tested.
  7. And this: ( all asymptomatic, at .02% of fully vaccinated) Remarkable!! BATON ROUGE - As of Friday (April 2), 126 people in Louisiana were classified as having a "breakthrough" vaccine COVID case - testing positive for coronavirus after being fully vaccinated. About half of the breakthrough cases were found during routine screening and the patients were asymptomatic at the time of the test, health officials said Friday. A person is fully vaccinated 14 days after they've received the second of two doses or the one and only single-dose vaccine. The 126 c
  8. What is the goal for illness/death? This is the information from the CDC for United States for influenza for 2018-2019: This was with low vax acceptance for flu vaccine, plus vaccine efficacy 40% 50% ?? We found these numbers completely "acceptable" with no masking, no social distancing, no extraordinary measures in travel. If life was normal at these numbers, what numbers will it take to be normal with Covid 19?? Especially with vaccines at 85+% efficacy at reducing serious illnesses and death, and potentially being able to stop the spread from a vaccinated person. I have zero idea, but
  9. I think we will learn a lot in those first sailings coming in June/July. Especially from the Crystal Sailings. Smaller ships, all vaxxed. How "safe" or "dangerous" fully vaxxed (and tested) people are? Can a case slip by? Of course, but does it spread? We'll see. CDC had to walk-back a statement recently that vaxxed couldn't transmit the virus ( not sure why). If you test positive, what does that really mean? If one person tests positive, and there is ZERO spread, does that end the debate? I don't think it will, but I think it will answer some questions. If you have a fully vaxxed s
  10. Everyone as in Lindblad? Or everyone as in all cruises across all cruiselines? Where did you read this???
  11. Auto workers. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2021/02/27/vacc-f27.html
  12. That's what I've been thinking all along. Get at least some people back to work, sending money home. I've always thought, good or bad, the cruiselines would either get vaccines to their employees, or get their employees to the vaccine. Chartering flights and quarantining them and vaxxing. Bringing in the ships and picking up crew along the way. I just don't think waiting for the crew's home countries to get vaccines would happen this year. I've heard up to 7 years for some countries to get vaccines.
  13. I was thinking they very well might have brought some doses with them. Where would they have got them? UAE?
  14. I hope someone can answer. Planning on booking a very expensive ( for us) cruise for December 2021. I would like to purchase trip insurance that includes financial default. It will be on Silversea. I'm not that worried about RCCL going under as much as a smaller line, but at this point, we'd rather have a policy includes it. Can I do what I normally do when I buy trip insurance, which is start with the minimum $ when I make FIRST deposit, and then add to it as I add non-fundable components along the way? Example. I make a 500.00 deposit today. I buy 500.00 worth o
  15. I posted the reference to Sanotize. I was more to give an idea of what in a perfect world would be "safe" normal return to cruising. 1. Vaccine requirements ( which prevent serious and deadly outcomes should one be infected). 2. Testing, to catch any errant cases, and 3. Treatment. Easy , cheap, no infusions or complicated procedures. Sanotize was used as an example to illustrate what a treatment would look like, that a ships doctor could carry on-board and easily dispense.
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