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  1. From Hurtigruten site: Did the 90 year old need/get one of the required notes from a doctor? Do Norwegians get special permission? There have been a few discussions on different threads about US doctors being reluctant to "sign-off" on such a form. Ninety years old really seems to be quite an exception of someone getting the OK from their doctor. Just wondering. Guests who are in the “Slightly Increased Risk group” as defined by the Norwegian Health Administration (FHI) need to provide a health certificate from a qualified physician documenting a good health status. This group includes: guests aged 66-80; guests aged 50-65 who have any of the following conditions also need to provide a health certificate: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic lung, liver or kidney disease, a compromised immune system, morbid obesity. We are sorry but regulations forbid us from taking guests who are are in the “Moderate to High Risk group” as defined by FHI, to Svalbard at this time. This group includes guests over 80 years of age, or guests of any age who have 2 or more of the conditions listed above and guests of any age with severe health conditions.
  2. Also, if I were to be a fall student (or a parent paying the big college tuition/room-and/board costs), would going to college either be that much fun and/or enlightening?? Worth the hassles?? Full Ohio State campus dorm rules story at: https://www.dispatch.com/news/20200619/herersquos-what-ohio-state-students-living-on-campus-can-expect-this-fall THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio Terry As an owner of a few investment houses 4 blocks from a University, we have been receiving so many calls to see if any of our houses are coming available. I think these parents see a little 2 bedroom/1 bath house as with just 2 students as a very good option with far less restrictions. Laundry in the house, bathroom, kitchen, and outside deck for some sort of viable social distancing. My two cents, it will be "easier" to space passengers out on a ship, restaurants, bars, theaters, loungers if the pax #'s are halved at most. Maybe even a third of the normal number. Scheduled seating at dining venues. Room service ( meal delivery) enhanced and encouraged. In our lives we've gotten used to curb-side pick up and grocery/food delivery. Obviously masks maybe required in some circumstances. And if the elusive Rutgers 15-minute test will be more available by November?? Fly-in early, hold up in designated hotel for 24 hours. All of this of course dependent on any destinations in the world willing to accept US citizens. And, dependent on pax wanting to sail under these conditions.
  3. This is going to be very challenging, if not downright impossible for the cruise lines. Socially distancing resturant tables is easy. Elevators, hallways, bars, barstools, theaters, loungers, gyms, staging areas for excursions. Have you been into a Home Depot recently?? Filled with maskless people who don't understand 6 feet apart. Chatting away face to face in every aisle. The "doesn't apply to me mentality" is alive and well. How the crew will be able to enforce this I have no idea. Cruising is inherently social for most people. Wouldn't bother husband and I in the slightest. We don't socialize with other people, and dine as a twosome always. But we're not the norm.
  4. I don't see this ending very well. If you read this article ( 4th paragraph) these fisherman tested negative before boarding vessel. Someone had it, just was still testing negative. You can test negative at noon, and then shortly thereafter be positive and shedding the virus. That "lag" time is critical. A lot can happen in 72 hours between a negative test and boarding the ship. If any test needs to be administered, it would be the Rutgers 15 minute test. https://komonews.com/news/coronavirus/american-seafood-trawler-on-lockdown-after-85-crew-members-test-positive-for-covid-19
  5. Here is another, what is most impressive about this one. It was built by a 17 year old!!! https://ncov2019.live
  6. Since the United States is # 1 in the world for infections ( not something you want to be # 1 at) , there might very well be many countries unwilling to allow residents from the US to enter. Remember, early on, there were restrictions placed upon people from certain countries or for those who transitted certain countries. I'm not too optimistic for Americans at least. Maybe if you're from Australia or NZ. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries
  7. Here's the thing. You might want to cruise, and be brave enough to do it. But, looking at the infection rates per country in the world, there could very well be many countries not willing to accept passengers from the United States. Remember when this first started, pax from certain hot spot countries were not allowed places. We are now the hotspot. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries
  8. Just because you test negative, doesn't really mean much.. These fisherman all tested negative, then boarded their vessel. https://komonews.com/news/coronavirus/american-seafood-trawler-on-lockdown-after-85-crew-members-test-positive-for-covid-19
  9. I suspect it has a lot to do with the WHO being "World" health. There are hundreds of millions of people worldwide who have zero access to clean water, let alone masks. So they are saying this for the poorest populations where masks are potentially in tight supply and/or just not available at all and are a limited resource. Just my opinion. I wear a mask. My thought is if I had the choice of entering 2 rooms with a contagious virus in it, one room with no mask wearers, and the other all mask wearers, I know which one I would choose.
  10. All public spaces are potentially problematic, not just the often picked on buffets. Casinos. Lots of touching surfaces (cards, tables, slot machines) seats certainly not 6 feet apart. Theater seats and tables are not 6 feet apart. Will they remove 1/2 of the seating? Lounge chairs are closely packed... Dining tables, will they cut the dining capacity to 1/2 or 1/3 of previous footprint?? Gyms, elevators, coffee shop seats. Fixed in place bar stools. Everything set up to be "social". What will the answer be, I have absolutely no idea. Seems almost too challenging.
  11. When I've sailed both Azamara and Celebrity in a GTY, as long as I stay in that GTY category, I have been allowed to move to another available cabin in the same category. . DOn't know if the policy is the same for Seabourn. Worth checking.
  12. I understand that, so using this as an example from early March, when we get up and running, the wording could say " any individual who has traveled from or through" insert United States instead of China if they were targeting those countries with the highest # of cases?? So, if you are coming from US ( US citizen) you would not be allowed to board? Just asking the question.
  13. Dear Valued Guest: To protect the health and safety of all onboard, we are closely monitoring the evolving situation with novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Our medical experts are coordinating closely with international health authorities and together, we have developed a written traveler’s health declaration to be completed by all guests and crew prior to boarding in order to keep our guests and crew safe. Those individuals identified as high-risk groups are required to undergo enhanced screening measures and additional prevention and control procedures. These measures include: Any individual who has traveled from or through mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong, South Korea, Iran or Italy within 14 days of the start of their cruise, including transit through their airports, will not be permitted to board the ship. With the United States leading in the # of cases, followed by Spain, France, Italy, Germany UK, China, Iran shouldn't/wouldnt this be changed??
  14. I am aware of that. I was commenting on the future for them.
  15. Can you imagine what Disney is going thru in regards to the parks. Anyone who has been and waited in a twisting, serpentining line waiting to ride ANY ride, there is zero physical distancing going on. And having to wipe down EVERY car every time a rider exits, and a new rider gets in. Think of the cars on Rock n Roll Rollercoster, or Space Mountain. Their whole plan is to pack 100,000 people into multiple parks, restaurants, kids clubs. All of this with lots and lots of multigenerational groups and people with health issues. What a nightmare.
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