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  1. For those of you giving the advice to purchase the water package based upon ease and price you really are not getting a full case of water only a half case as they only offer 12 bottles. The 500 ml are the basic 16.9 water bottles. My BFF is a huge water drinker and is not wild about tap water regardless of where we are and prefers bottles water. That’s why I am asking as to purchase the water package, she can drink up to 6-8 bottles a day at 16 oz bottles. We are also doing B2B cruises, 24 days, so to purchase that much water thru Princess would be between 50-60 for water. If we to a big
  2. I know this question has been asked and answered a million times before however we cannot get a straight answer and would like to know peoples experience. We are trying to figure out how to bring water on. We have called Princess, Chatted with Princess and we keep getting conflicting info. Can we check water, still in packaging, with a luggage tag on it to be brought to our room? if we can’t do the above can we place water bottles in a suitcase, with clothing, to go to our room? Can we just place a case of water in a suitcase to be delivered to
  3. Last night my BFF was reading all the fine print and discovered that Princess states for our deck we should board at 2:30. That’s not what we planning. We were going to get dressed, eat breakfast, and then make our way down to the pier. In in order to get clarification on this and some other questions she contacted Princess by both chat and phone and was given different answers. One said that was the time we had to board, no leeway, and that the dining room would be closed but perhaps the buffet would be available for lunch. Another stated we could board between 12-3. I then went
  4. My BFF and I are planning our trip to Australia and New Zealand. I have researched just about every cruise line to see who sees the most ports with the least Amount of Sea Days. We originally picked a Princess Cruise which was 20 days and went to just Australia and New Zealand. We always get a balcony so the price was around $6,500 and did not include airfare. Our travel agency has monthly travel panels so we began looking at other cruise lines. In 2021 Holland American has a 43 day Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, New Caledonia, Hawaii, Victoria BC and it ends in seattle. The price for this is a
  5. I have contacted princess regarding this and this is their response. Hello, Thank you for contacting Guest Medical Support. Please always carry your identification card. In an accident, your I.D. card will tell the people helping you that you have a pacemaker. Please also travel with a letter from your doctor stating your use of a pacemaker and present the letter to security staff. This will allow them to utilize a wand/pat down rather than having you walk through the metal detectors. For future voyages, no need to send us this information prior to sailing.
  6. Does anyone know if a wine package is offered in the dining room? When we were on RCI they offered a package where you could purchase 3 bottles of wine (up to a certain price) for a discounted price. By any change does Princess offer the same or do you have to purchase the wine bottle by bottle?
  7. I am wondering how exactly you receive your medallion. I have read that you can have it mailed to you or pick it up at the port. One post states that on the Ocean Ready app there is a spot to specify what your prefer. I am on a B2B leaving November 6, 2019. At what point is your Ocean Ready app ready for us. I have been told 30 days before, 60 before and at 90 days before. When exactly are we able to enter our booking numbers, have them recognized, and set things up to receive the medallion before we arrive?
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