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  1. Any word on if the water park is going to be open for May?
  2. Thank you . I couldn't find anything on the cruise planner
  3. Hi there. New to Royal Caribbean. Do you know if there are photo packages available for purchase? On NCL we always purchased a package. Being latitude members we got a discount. Does Royal do anything like this?
  4. Thank you so much. We have never cruised Royal before. We have always done NCL Haven. Was originally booked on Allure because it was so much cheaper. Ended up changing entire reservation to Harmony since that was our original first choice because price came down and was thousands cheaper! Very excited to be in the Aquatheatre
  5. Jesse did two....Did u travel star class? If so, Am I correct in that I don’t need to book shows as Genie will do this? Any suggestions of things to ask Genie for?
  6. Thank you for your reply Jessandtwo. I appreciate it. That was the kind of reply I was looking for...Not opinions or judgement. Just facts. I was really just trying to find out if it was recommended over 18 or enforced. I would not ask our Genie to break the rules and get in trouble either.
  7. Thank you XXHadleyXX. Well said
  8. Ok remind me not to ask a question again. I was purely asking about the age and if they stick to it? It really is up to MY discretion what my children see and hear. I know my daughter and know what she and the rest of us would be comfortable with. A simple no that they stick to the age limit would have been sufficient. It was not my intent to cause a verbal battle online
  9. The only thing I am pre booking because we have the Genie is the comedy shows. I just tried and you are correct it will not let me add her. Hoping the Genie may be able to modify on ship
  10. Question about the comedy shows. I know there is mention of being the "adult" show in the evenings. How strict are they on age? My daughter will be 17 1/2 and would want to go with her brothers that are a little older. I have no issue with her going she certainly hears worse things at school haha. Does anyone have an experience with this? Staying in Star class suite so I dont know if the Genie would be able to make this happen also.
  11. It seems ridiculous that families have to book everything separately....I imagine there are many families with more than 4 people
  12. We are sailing on Harmony. There are 5 of us. For some reason Royal Carribean breaks it into 2 reservations of 4 people and 1. I linked the reservation on the site and they both show. When I go to book anything as far as excursions It wants me to type in my sons separate reservation number every time. Shouldn't this be linked already? Does this mean I have to do this every time I want to book shows etc?
  13. Ok I am a little confused. I am trying to book day at water park and Coco Cay with zip line . Its an all day pass. It wants me to pick a time...Is this just for the zip line?
  14. Hi there. On a cruise stopping at coco cay in August. It says on itinerary 8 am to 4 pm. Not sure if I should get full day or half day. I know you need to be back on ship a certain time prior to departure. Suggestions?
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