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  1. Puchungui

    Which train station to Vancouver?

    Thanks for the info. Are you taking the train the same day of your cruise? Im worried about the timing even though I know the train is supposed to be at Vancouver by 11:40 am and cruise departs at 5. Im starting consider traveling from Seattle the night before our cruise.
  2. Hi. We will be on our HA cruise on July 13. We will be flying to Seattle July 10 and stay there until same cruise day to visit the most places we can. We plan to take the 7:40 Amtrak train to Vancouver. Can you tell me the exact Train Station name at Vancouver because when I went into their website it gives me two options to Vancouver. Do you think Im leaving enough time to take the train the same day as our cruise? Any suggestions more than welcome. Thanks a lot!:):)
  3. Puchungui

    Condado Area to Old San Juan

    Hi. Condado area is good place to be for dinner as you may choose from plenty of excellent restaurants. It depends on your taste. If you stay in the Condado area you can walk to Ventana del Mar where you can just sit and relax in a couple of sidewalk bistros around. A taxi from Condado to OSJ is aprox 10$ and its a better way to get there. OSJ is fantastic also for dinner. After dinner you can walk almost the entire OSJ and find excellent coffee shops (La sombra is a good one). Like beers? take a walk to a Old Harbor Brewery. Good beers and nice place. Have a wonderful night in Puerto Rico.
  4. Puchungui

    Juneau & Skagway excursions...need sugestions

    No I did not provided them with that specific information. Thanks a million for all your great suggestions. As I am the family member assigned to do all the logistics for this trip definitely will need all references possible and I know for sure I will be posting a few more questions before out trip. Happy Sunday:)
  5. Puchungui

    Juneau & Skagway excursions...need sugestions

    There is one round trip that last 3 hours and another that isn8 hours. Which one did you take
  6. Puchungui

    Juneau & Skagway excursions...need sugestions

    I contacted Marv & Harv and they have a 1:20 trip but I think it is too close to our arrival at port. The second is at 4:20. Considering the trip will last for 4 hours it would not allow me to take an helicopter excursion as we will be back to late. I think I will consider taking just the whale tour at Juneau, and spendnsome time at Mendelhall visitor center and taking a walk from there. Skip the helicopter trip to Skagway as our port time will give us more time to do glacier and train. Just another quick question. Our cruise begins July 13. We will be flying to Seattle on July 10. Which city do you think we shloud spend the ,or time on. Seattle or Vancouvr. We will have just two entire days and haven't decided where wengoing to stay. Thanks for your time.
  7. Hi. These are the excursions we are interested on. Whale watching, helicopter glacier landing and whitepass train. Questions #1 Will we have enough time to do heli-glacier and whales at Juneau. Our cruise will be in port from 1-10:30Pm. Question 2. I know there are heli glaciers trips in Skagway but I dont want to miss the train excursion. Will it be better to do the glacier and train in Skagway and just the whales in Juneau. Would it make a difference taking the Glacier trip at Mendelhall or another glacier at Skagway? Cruise will be in Port 7am-9 pm. Question #3. Holland America offers different types of Whitepass excursions and Im having hard time to decide which one to take. I've read here that some people take the train just one way and return by bus, I guess they didnt take the ship excursion as they sell both ways. I understand that Im asking a lot but I am coordinating our first family trip to Alaska with 12 people and I want to make this trip a memorable one. Thanks a million
  8. Puchungui

    Juneau excursions

    Did you take the ship excursion? I will travel with HA Zuiderdam July 13. My kids are 6-10 and 13
  9. Puchungui

    Juneau excursions

    Ok. No food.
  10. Puchungui

    Juneau excursions

    Thanks everyone for your responses. I will check on the Alaska Forum.
  11. Puchungui

    Juneau excursions

    Hi. This will be my first time in Alaska. Very interested in Mendelhall and whale excursions but our cruise ship will arrive Juneau at 1PM and leave at 10 PM. Will I have the chance to take the Mendelhall heli/hike tour and then the whale excursion. It will be my first cruise out of the caribbean and I am very scared of the timing. I dont want to be left in Alaska with two kids . Would you recommend to take both or can we take whale excursion at Skagway or Ketchican? Anxious about this trip and to read your opinions. Thanks