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  1. It would seem the person to whom you spoke has not read their "Cruise with Confidence" policy, specifically : "To provide peace of mind while you plan, we’ve enhanced our Cruise with Confidence* program to give you the flexibility to change any sailing you book by 30 September 2020." and In the terms & conditions it seems quite clear to me in the first paragraph that you can lift & shift from March 2021. https://www.azamara.com/en-au/cruise-with-confidence
  2. @benjoon lucky you in a state well isolated from the bulk of the east, where except for the lovely isolated island state Tassie the situation has blown up thanks to a small number of stupid, irresponsible people who flouted regulations and lied to cross borders! It is not so easy to cross a land border into WA as it is to move between Victoria, New South Wales & Queensland. At those border crossings more than a few people have lied, hidden in a car boot, or having been denied the right to cross, they have gone to another crossing to try again! Also you are well shielded by South Australia & Northern Territory. Enjoy the games as part of a socially distanced crowd reduced to half the capacity of the ground. 😀 @Mackdogmolly Betsey, my other half watches Gridiron and many fellow cruisers have been surprised by his knowledge of the game and players. Yes, AFL has it's share of injuries, as do most sports. I think Rugby has more serious injuries, spinal. Apparently helmets have been shown by research to not make a noticeable difference to injuries. Most injuries seem to be joint and muscular, most commonly in the legs. I wish you and your family well, especially your grandsons if they do get to play basketball this year. 😀 @Ithikan A good decision on the part of your daughter and her family. Stay safe & well. 😀 A small reduction in regulations in our eastern states saw numerous people totally disregarding social distancing regulations with most unwelcome results. 😢
  3. On the sporting theme, here in Australia Football (Australian Rules, not "proper football" which we call Soccer) is being played to empty stands and being televised. We also watch F1 racing . . . currently without spectators . . . team members wearing masks . . . no end of race ceremony.
  4. I saw this morning Neil has released a new, slightly altered version of the song, using the words you quoted.
  5. Not that we travel up the pointy end of a plane very often, but these are also provided by Emirates on the rare occasions we find ourselves in that very comfortable area of an A380 on a 14 hour flight. 😃
  6. Thanks for sharing Ann. Very true, we are definitely missing cruising, but others around us are struggling to survive. While not impacted to any large extent by missing out on the few cruise ships that anchor off our coastal town of around 16,000 people, we have been sorely impacted by : Firstly the devastating fires of last Summer, during which fire & road closures cut off access from north, south & west, with the Clyde River and Tasman Sea to the east. The 2019–20 bushfires in New South Wales were unprecedented in their extent and intensity. By the beginning of February 2020, the fire ground in NSW covered 5.4 million hectares (7% of the state), including 2.7 million hectares in national parks (37% of the NSW park system). Secondly Covid-19 has restricted travel domestically with most state borders still closed. Christmas & Easter both usually see a very large influx of visitors from west, north & south. Just when we appeared to be recovering from the devastation of Summer, along came this nasty little bug to isolate us once again. Small businesses are struggling and some have unfortunately folded as a result of the double whammy of fire & Covid-19.
  7. " . . . guests will complete the drill by visiting their assigned assembly station, where a crew member will verify that all steps have been completed and answer questions . . . " Presumably those who do not report to their muster station in a timely manner will be sought out prior to sailing. Addit : should have read the Muster_Q&A's before posting!
  8. I first contacted Azamara a couple of months after cancellation. we kept in touch every couple of weeks via Messenger, whether there had been a development or not. Refunds came in dribs and drabs over about 2 months after I contacted Azamara, or nearly 4 months after cancellation. Only one of those via our (former) travel agent, all the rest direct from RCCL. Nothing to lose by touching base with Azamara again, especially as it has been 4 weeks since you spoke and is now 4 months plus since cancellation. Good luck!
  9. Ann, I have communicated via Messenger. Good luck! Trish
  10. We have successfully lifted and shifted cruises from October and November 2020 to November 2021. These have not yet been cancelled by Azamara. We always book our own flights, so I cannot answer that one. I do know that ChoiceAir non-refundable was not able to be lifted & shifted by one poster, but I think you should be ok with refundable ChoiceAir. Check with Azamara.
  11. That is really disappointing, it seems they are being quite literal with the offer to lift & shift as written and their refusal to lift & shift your complete holiday. "Booked your ideal voyage, but need to postpone? You can rebook the same cruise the following year for the same price (including promotions) when you contact us by 1 August 2020." I wonder whether @Azamara Team might be able to shed any light on your quandry?
  12. Do you have cruise & land tour booked this year, or just the cruise? If just the cruise, might you be able to lift & shift the cruise and add the land tour later?
  13. Thanks for the unsurprising update. Yesterday's news story . . after my previous post.
  14. From the Qantas website : "All Qantas scheduled international flights, except for flights between Australia and New Zealand, are suspended until at least the end of October 2020, due to government restrictions. All Qantas scheduled flights between Australia and New Zealand are suspended until at least mid-August 2020." It is more than likely that the international suspension may well extend well into 2021.
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