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  1. Cruisemapper says she will return to Civitavecchia from her current position anchored off Sardinia.
  2. If one contacts the Housekeeping Supervisor, he/she will have maintenance look at and in most cases fix your issues.
  3. Jeff, are you talking about your "My Azamara" account, or just getting to an Azamara web page? I have just logged in to my own "My Azamara" account and in with no problem. Also have no problem accessing Azamara Australia (where we live) which does not require a login. If it is your "My Azamara" account, I would suggest contacting Loyalty Ambassador Sandra Penaranda loyaltyambassador@azamara.com
  4. I believe we are looking at the same cruise, Dubai to Singapore on Journey. So, I went and had another look today . . . and the price has dropped from AU$15,374 to AU$10,788, but still AU$2,168 more than we paid before lifting & shifting from 2020 to 2021.
  5. Out of interest, I had a look at the current pricing of one of the two (unlikely to go) cruises we have booked for later this year. Currently advertised on the Quarterly Savings list, it is very close to DOUBLE what we paid. AU$8,620 up to AU$15,374.
  6. It means exactly what it says : you pay full (book or list price) for any days not covered by the complimentary ones. No promotional fares can be used. For example if the price is US$500 per person per night, on a 12 night cruise when you use 2 "free" nights, you would each pay US$5,000 for 10 nights at full price. This cruise would doubtless be less expensive if booked without "free" nights on a promotional fare. On the other hand, if you apply 4 "free" nights to a 7 night cruise also costing US$500 per person per night, you would have to pay for three nights, a t
  7. Baynanno1


    Yes, sailing in is a bit tricky, but well worth doing in the hands of a competent captain and crew. We did it with Azamara in October 2018. Azamara ships are almost 50m longer than the Windstar (formerly Seabourn) ships. We arrived around 6.30pm on a Saturday for two overnights and left again about 6.30am on the Monday. As you say, excellent access, as is often the case with smaller ships in many ports. If one is able to pick & choose from seven itineraries in 2022, it would be well worth checking whether there are any special activities in Seville on the full
  8. https://www.azamara.com/privacy-policy "DATA PRIVACY NOTICE If Azamara holds your personal data, your data may be provided to new Azamara ownership, SP Cruises Holdings Limited. LEARN MORE" The date at the end of this (learn more) which is what I get in Australia, is 10 August 2020. Perhaps it needs to be updated?
  9. That's good news. We were very disappointed almost a year ago now to find that although both fares were paid with one credit card, when the booking was 50% off the second person the FCC was apportioned 66.6% to one and 33.3% to the other. Made using them more than a little tricky, especially as at that stage only one FCC per future booking was allowed. Looks like they have listened to all those who had leftover for one person and a shortfall for the second when using FCC.
  10. Captain Carl Smith was voted “The Most Helpful Individual” in the 2020 Cruise Passenger Reader’s Choice Awards, announced in Dec 2020 https://cruiseguide.cruisepassenger.com.au/heroes-of-cruise/?fbclid=IwAR3YqPKnPgJa96LmSaFDsMFFQw4wc5gjvI1v5_jCHLDvNiPR_lTP9hI6KHY Congratulations also to all the unsung heroes of cruising, some of whose names are easily remembered, while others are never seen by passengers as they work tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring all goes as smoothly as possible.
  11. An excellent read . . . thanks for posting. Above and beyond is where Azamara's wonderful crew members go to sort problems, whether they are miniscule or gigantic. No wonder we love cruising with them!
  12. Yes, we have done most of our cruising on Azamara. I was aware that reciprocal benefits will no longer be earned once separation is finalised. It would be illogical to think they would. It seems you have been informed that your points earned prior to separation of the brands will not be recognised by Azamara once separated, as you have not yet sailed with Azamara. May be worth a query directly to Azamara's Loyalty Ambassador Sandra, particularly if your 2022 Azamara cruise was booked and your Loyalty status recognised prior to the sale. loyalty ambassad
  13. I was recently in touch with our Loyalty Ambassador Sandra to enquire about not receiving emails from Azamara. In her very prompt response she included the following unsolicited information : "Your loyalty tier won’t be affected once we fully transition to a new system (we don’t know when that’s happening yet). We should expect some minor changes, but nothing that will affect your loyalty with us. More information will be released once provided to us."
  14. Free nights are not free! Firstly, one can only use them on the high rack rate, which we never pay when booking our cruises. We used our four nights on a three night, absolutely ridiculously expensive cruise sandwiched in between two 9 night cruises we wanted to do, so that worked well for us. We used our six nights in 2018, booking Norway for 2019, because "Norway is never discounted" . . . wrong . . . that year it was discounted and we would have been better off had we used those six nights on a different cruise . . . oh well . . . we live and learn . . . and hav
  15. I beg to differ with your opinion, as he provides information not provided in news articles or in Carol Cabezas' email to guests. From the MarketWatch article : Royal Caribbean Group said it is selling its Azamara luxury cruise line for $201 million in cash to private-equity firm Sycamore Partners. Along with the transaction, Royal Caribbean said it has tapped Azamara Chief Operating Officer Carol Cabezas as the brand president. Royal Caribbean and Sycamore declined to specify the number of employees transferring to Sycamore's ownership. And from the Cision Ne
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