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  1. Cunard did what they said, 50/60 day, received my refund on the 60th day.🍷🥃
  2. True what you say, but I feel sorry for the people who are ill, with the worry they and their families are going thro’. 🍷🥃
  3. Í This is not a surprise to me, Cunard are not the the shipping line the management think they are, they appear to be cutting corners at anything they can, who is to blame, Carnival? I have said before, I think they only purchased Cunard for the name of CUNARD, fair enough to say if they had not purchased Cunard there would be no Cunard now, to spend all that money to buy a great ship QE2, but a very old ship. My wife and I have cruised many times with Cunard and have seen the decline of the fleet. We think the only thing not to have changed are the wonderful crew members. I have written to Cunard to complain, and credit to them, they have answered my e-mails saying they are spending millions of pounds/dollars to improve things, I have yet to see any improvement.🍷🥃
  4. True what you say, card very nice, but the Cunarder not impressed at all.😡
  5. We find the main dining room can be cool, many females bring a shawl with them.🍷🥃
  6. The trouble with jewellery you may only get the value of the weight (if gold) but you will have paid more for the art work when you made the purchase.🍷🥃
  7. A short while ago I was told Cruise Director Sally would be joining the Queen Elisabeth after her vacation, has she arrive yet? 🍷🥃
  8. If you had booked the Cunard fare you, would have had the dining time you requested, but you have chosen the cheaper fare, so you get what is available, which is only fair to the people who have paid the full amount.🍷🥃
  9. I think your figures are correct, we have done almost 60 Cunard cruises, we have found when in European waters most men wear tux, when in American waters nearly the same, American men not keen to dress up but, will do so, but when in Australian waters they wear what they want to wear. We enjoy Cunard mainly for the dress code, as least it looks like people have made a effort to dress for dinner.🍷🥃
  10. You can pay Debit Card no problem. Our last cruise which we completed this week, we payed the balance by credit card to our T/A no extra charges. companies are not allowed by law to add on extra charges now.🍷🥃
  11. O I am sure your husband will be SUITED when he gets a Tux, and will feel more comfortable when he sees that most men are dressed in a Tux. 🍷🥃
  12. True, what you say, but we have done over 50 cruises with Cunard and noticed cuts on every cruise we go on now, food, we think the Head Chef is given less to spend per passenger, so that means less choice, quality and amount, I do not blame the crew, orders come from Head Office and this also applies throughout the ship. New cruisers I think , think everything is great, but they do not know what it was like. I have also said many times the only thing that never changes are the wonderful crew members on ship.🍷🥃
  13. none of these meals appeal to my taste buds, I enjoy plain english food, the ones in the photos look mainly from the Asia. 🍷🥃
  14. Not one of those meals appeal to my taste buds, but I have s
  15. You are correct in saying, if it was not for Carnival, no Cunard. True, but I think, 100% they purchased Cunard for one reason, and one reason only, the world famous name of CUNARD. 🍷🥃
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