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  1. Dining is allocated by cabin number, but if your bookings are all linked, allocation together will occur automatically. Allocation is only relevant for the main evening meal. At other meal times you can do to whichever dining room (or the buffet) that you want. All have the same menu. Afternoon tea - this is usually in the buffet as self service, but sometimes can also be in the MDR. This would be advised in the daily newspaper. Waiter service is obviously quite nice, and sometimes in the restaurants they have 'special' afternoon teas eg a few times I've see a chocolate aftern
  2. I'm considering at some point doing a Christmas cruise. This is specifically to avoid Christmas with extended family. For those who have done it, what's it like? Does it feel Christmassy? What are the demographics onboard? Is it families, or older couples? Presumably that will also depend on ship and length of cruise? I'm a confident solo traveller, preferring to travel alone. Not easily bored or lonely, but I do appreciate companions at dinner. Are there any other solo travellers who've done it at Christmas? Anything particularly different to travelling solo at
  3. First I think you've misunderstood P&O Sue's post - she was just saying that she agreed that it was nice that she didn't have to walk with luggage Second a minor inconvenience is a matter of opinion, and so that's great that the changes suggested are not a big issue for you. However everyone has their preferences, and I don't think it's helpful (especially in a patronising tone) to suggest someone's preference is not valid. Third, it may not stop anyone cruising, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't feel the need to state they don't like it. Whilst I understan
  4. Throwing in my opinion Lots of talk of those who need help . . . . . I'm 36 and have no physical issues. However one of the things I like about cruising is that I don't have to think about my luggage. So even though I don't NEED porters, losing them is a big deal. To me it reduces some of the specialness that cruising has over flying. I hate to think of myself as one of those people who starts saying things like "it's not how it used to be", but if porters are taken away ..... "It's not how it used to be" :-(
  5. Has anyone who is gluten free (or has another food allergy) paid for Eric Lanlard's Afternoon Tea at the Epicurean on Ventura? What happens - do you get the same sort of menu but just without gluten containing ingredients? The non-fee afternoon tea does have gluten free options, but often the choice is limited (although delicious). So I was wondering what happens when you pay If anyone hasn't eaten in this specific restaurant, but has paid for afternoon tea and has a food allergy I'd be grateful to hear about your experiences as well
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