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  1. For me too, I consider SJS (J4) to be better that a J3. J3 is bigger in total size, much larger balcony, some prefer that. I guess that’s why it is priced higher. I have been in an SJS but not a J3. J3 has 1 full bathroom vs J4 separate toilet, shower & bath in bathroom. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. Yes correct. From the prices I have seen, J4 price is lower than J3. J3 total stateroom size is a tad bigger than J4. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. Ovation SJS is listed as category J4. “Standard” JS is category J3. Royal just trying to confuse us after the renaming some time last year.... Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. I am not sure if USA rules allow that. See similar question on this thread. I know it is for Ovation of the Seas. Might worth asking on Royal Caribbean group as there are many experts there. See post #51 in this thread Ovation OTS 11-nighter Alaska May 13, 2019 https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2574044 Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. Thread from Kiwi Kruzer’s is still valid. Last year, during Ovation stop in Outer Harbour, had to take train to city to pick up car hire. If I remember correctly, 1st train was either 7:30 or 08:00am. Takes about 45mins. Plenty of car hire choices in Adelaide city. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. Oops.. copied and paste wrong. My picture is from room 6286. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. Here is a view from room 6636. Also watch for what’s underneath your room. Under 6636 is Jamie’s Oliver restaurant. Cleaning in the middle of the night. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. From explorer current position, still 7 hours to reach Honolulu (Oahu) Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. Radiance of the Seas is also in the area. See post here, near the end. Hilo skipped. May 3, 2018, 10 Night Hawaii https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?p=56003888 Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. It is very unfortunate that Korea migration has not improved for years now.... the same thing happened in the inaugural Ovation cruise from Singapore to Tianjin almost 2 years ago.... ship docked around 6-7am... could not get off the ship until around midday!!! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. Have booked a Guarantee Balcony (Category X-GTY) before.... not sure of Guarantee Large Balcony? The bad part of Guarantee Balcony is that got assigned a partially obstructed balcony on level 6...for us that wasn’t the issue.... noise from under stateroom at night/ early morning.... seems like cleaning from Jamie Oliver’s restaurant.... Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. Radiance is at Circular Quay. Glad that the issue is fixed for the TP!!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. https://www.businessinsider.com/how-royal-caribbean-gets-customers-spend-more-money-2018-4 Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. Before someone posted a map where a ship can get real voom depending on the ship position. Anyone has the link? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. Did 14 night NZ on Ovation and no problem with using credit card to pay for excursions at port. Only Dunedin port, cruise terminal is far from city centre. Option is pay cruise shuttle ( I think it was $25 USD) or take local bus ( NZ cash only), no foreign exchange at port. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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