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  1. Looking forward to your review, thanks!
  2. ??? could you elaborate on that ??? why would service be less good for guests in an RS?
  3. thank you for taking the time to write this review. Pure poetry!
  4. If I understand it correctly, the Silhouette should be revolutionized by 31. january 2020... when I check the deck plans under https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-ships/celebrity-silhouette I am offered two different deck plan types. One for sailings until 05th april 20 and one set for sailings after may 3rd. this makes me a bit nervous because my sailing is supposed to be april 5th and the plan somehow hints that this is the time the ship is not in service at all. am I reading this wrong?
  5. We are flying in Saturday, the ship leaves Sunday afternoon. Since There are four of us, we would have to take an uberxl, which would cost us around 80$+ tip. With the trirail at 5$ And the uber from trirail to port we would save at least 30$. I just do not know if it is much of a hassle... Do I understand correctly that you do not consider the trirail option to be a comfortable one?
  6. We decided to take the trirail aswell. We will be staying at the Sheraton Miami Airport Executive at MIA, it is in walkable distance to the trirail and the metrorail and has a free shuttle from the airport. In FLL we have looked at the Marriott Courtyard, which is also in walkable distance to the TriRail and seems to have (or used to?) a free shuttle to Port Everglades aswell.
  7. We intent to take the TriRail from Miami Airport to FLL and then Uber on to the port. Which stop would be better the FLL Airport Stop or the second one (FLL Downtown). I am asking because I have read that the downtown stop felt less safe than the airport stop? Maybe someone can share their experience? Thanks!
  8. We are considering taking a shore excursion in St. vincent (given the limited other options we found): Dark View Waterfall & Coastal Tour KINGSTOWN, ST. VINCENT Has anyone done this excursion and can point me to a review? tia!!! Sandra
  9. great start, looking forward to reading more !
  10. So glad you are back. Will be on mera for the second time in april so cannot wait to hear about all the changes. If you get a chance to check: Do they sell the unlimited internet package (I know they do on seaside and seaview but have not yet heard of anyone on the Meraviglia who had the chance to buy this?) thanks for taking the time to post - I like your positive style!!!
  11. Not an option for german customers (at least not if booked via TA) I am afraid 😞
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