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  1. great start, looking forward to reading more !
  2. So glad you are back. Will be on mera for the second time in april so cannot wait to hear about all the changes. If you get a chance to check: Do they sell the unlimited internet package (I know they do on seaside and seaview but have not yet heard of anyone on the Meraviglia who had the chance to buy this?) thanks for taking the time to post - I like your positive style!!!
  3. Not an option for german customers (at least not if booked via TA) I am afraid 😞
  4. Thanks a lot. I thought skype did not allow 1-800 numbers. I will try this option then.
  5. The flights for my next cruise are released when I am on a cruise in Europe and on a bank holiday I suppose the toll free telephone number will not work (german phone). But I found one other contact number that is 305-539-6000 . My question: Is this the only way to contact choice air? (price for the satelite connection and/or mobile connection will be huge considering the time I will be on hold). I cannot relie on my TA working that day (bank holiday) and I do not want to miss the best prices as those sell out practically instantly on this flight. Do you have other ideas or contact information for me?? (in my experience the prices via choice air are far better than booking directly with the airlines) thanks a lot for your input kr sandra
  6. Brilliant map, thank you @skier52!!! do you happen to remember the price for the taxi (if you usd one) from the airport? thanks again!!!
  7. Hinall, just read in an excellent review on faceb. that there was a luggage drop off right outside the train station in genoa. can anyone confirm that this is a permanent option? thanks and kr sandra
  8. Msc don’t give out extra keys. On the seaside they let us swap cabins with our teenage kids with no problem. They printed new cards and everyting was fine. Same situation on the preziosa: we were told that there always had to be an adult in the room, so no way they could help us (both times in yc1). I think it depends on the good will of the concierge/guest service person.
  9. Great video thank you!! If it is your video could you tell me if they did honour your request for a table on the balcony??
  10. Does anyone remember how much it costs?
  11. Hi, anyone done the Black Card dinner at the Teppanyaki restaurant? Is that even possible? If yes, the menu says "Samurai" is included in the dining experience, so that should be included in the BC-D? Also : Is it true, that the YC-Drink-Priveleges don't apply ? (Do you have to pay extra for drinks?) and: although this HAS been discussed, but seems to change a lot: 4 black cards in one cabin = 1 comp dinner or 2 comp dinners? Thanks a lot!
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