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  1. i have done 10+ cruises. I have never been in the pool. sat around on deck yes but never fancied the pool. so the small pool is fine with me. (i don;t tend to go on med cruises, more places like baltics or alaska.)
  2. thanks, with 2 of us, with bags, seems easier (and maybe cheaper) to get a taxi. And assume taxi rank will be rightoutside the station, compared to trying to find a bus stop 🙂 least stress way of starting the holiday
  3. I managed to book meals for 3 of the 4 nights on booking (30 days out) then last Wednesday someone on the favebook group said more availability so managed to get the italian finally on my free day AMD move a (too late but all they had) test kitchen to a much nicer 6.30. (by move i mean release and rebook)
  4. How much would a taxi from the railway station be of interest? I have only just heard of this extra test and need to arrive 2 hours earlier, luckily before i booked my trains. it doesn't look tooo far. Least they take us from the test place to the ship!
  5. Disembarkation showed SOLD OUT for every time slot on the app, BUT when i went onto the booking page (in the app) then i could select a time easily.
  6. Just booked for 2 of us. The app is not ideal to use! managed to book restuarants for 3 of the 4 nights, so feel happier i will be eating 😄 And one red room show. Not sure if i need anything else yet!
  7. I think there was a big roast pork option, but that was it. (roast chicken i could have had, but i am not a huge red meat fan)
  8. Luckily i am NOT a veggietarian, so i had something like fish gougons (ie very similar to chicken nuggets) and then some potatoes/peas. would have been more sensible to attend MDR and get plain grilled chicken. I suppose the issue is there is no where at times for simple food if feeling a bit rough (could have done room service i suppose) which i did on first cruise , going via north sea to Baltics.
  9. I thik I'd like a nicer buffet. having done Celebrity on the last cruise, the buffet tgere was far more my sort of thing, with mexica stations and tacos and pizza. I loved it. More like a good food court at a shopping centre. P&O is more "fairly decent work canteen". The themeing is too much, One night i felt sea sick so didn't want MDR so we went to buffet, it was fish night. NOTHING but fish. Even the salad had mostly fish in it. Soup was fish. I mean i like a theme but also, put some normal food out for people who don't want that theme.
  10. logged into the celeb app and that shows Qsine still with that menu. However on cruise exercusions page, it now shows you can book for my cruise Lpc. Which is a great shame as the menu looks very poor compared to the variety of Qsine. So that saves us £45pp.
  11. CELEBRITY MOVE UP TRACKER (effective April 19, 2019; but can back-fill data, if available) Ship: Millenium Length of Cruise: 7 nights Cruise Sail Date: 30th August Date email offer received: 14th July 2019 Captain’s Club Tier [“PREVIEW” = first Celebrity Cruise]: PREVIEW Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: Direct Current Cabin: Inside guarantee Bid? Yes/No: YES If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin Category: place winning category, if accepted (all category offers, can be mentioned in comments) Ocean View Bid Offer: £80pp Notification Date: 22nd August Accepted / Rejected Accepted General Comments (offer details, etc.) was offered OV £80pp , Balcony £120pp (bid £150, rejected) Conc £200, Aqua £280
  12. i also looked for this sort of route, have done one Baltic tour with 2 days in St Petersberg and did a very intensive 2 day tour with Alla Tours. And looking again, i could not find an independent tour that didn't do pretty much the exact same things. So it would be a bit of a waste to go again if there were other options. (okay, one could do a 2 day Moscow tour for many many pounds)
  13. yep, i think i walked (was with P&O) and was very short walk.
  14. we're just planning on wearing wrinkled clothes! (actually for HIS shirts, we'll iron them in the pre-cruise hotel and then walk them onto the ship in a suit carrier, they will get a bit creased by the Uk-USA flight beforehand.
  15. whe is the changeover? we are on Millenium 30th August, so 10 days time. Not booked any meals yet though.
  16. we are booked with Island Wings for the traitors cove tour in a few weeks time, I am not sure that the other flight they do is likely to see bears or not (but is half the price).
  17. We did a bid up but as the cruise is now sold out, i can't see how anyone can move (its only 2 1/2 weeks ago now)
  18. definatly you can buy the package for 1 person and not the other. Or buy different levels of package (one with drinks and one say soft drink). You just can't share the drinks.
  19. i can see it at £54.68 on my planner, the normal premium is £55.89 and classic £47.49. I don;t have a drinks package (as booked a very cheap inside room). Be interesting to see whats in it, as if its bottles of wine, my partner can order it. I assume though they don't expect any one adult to drink 2 bottles a day PLUS the other drinks? as that would seem a bit excessive.
  20. sounds great,. I am doing similar trip end of this month on same ship. I had not realised you got free fizzy on boarding. Other ships offer it on the sailaways and then charge you so I'm usually alert to saying no thanks! but won't this time! Magnetic hooks are a good tip. will check how much they are.
  21. what tv channels are there on the ships/what sort of thing do they show? we'll download a ton of netflix shows but handy to know if we have other options!
  22. thanks, I checked out the menu and its 100% pasta so we'll skip it. In the uk we have "bella pasta" which is a nationwide chain which is probably similar. I am also not a huge sea food fan so there will be plenty of lunch meals in Alsaka ports where it'll be crab legs for him and a diet coke for me! The greek stuff looks good though. Now Tim Hortons, I did love last time i was in Canada, so will be getting me some coffee and muffins there 🙂
  23. yes, i will probably aim for that. Hotel check out 12pm, 5 min walk to port, takes a while to go through immigration and security etc.
  24. we're fine to carry the wine onboard - IF we have access to our room quickly to dump the stuff. I will also be carrying soft drinks on board. Worse case we'd be having to carry around wine and cokes and shirt and bags for a few hours before can drop them off. not idea start to a trip if it can be avoided. Hopefully we can get access as soon as on board.
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