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  1. We have 4 days in Sydney after our cruise at the end of November so that’s some great info - thanks. got a day before as well, but I think we’ll just wander around.
  2. We have 4 days in Sydney after our cruise at the end of November so that’s some great info - thanks. got a day before as well, but I think we’ll just wander around.
  3. Well I got some great advice which I’m grateful for and learnt a bit about the ship as well. Very pleased to have booked. Thanks all 😎
  4. Anyway guys, thank you for all the comments. we've booked this afternoon, a suite for my parents and a delux balcony for us. Paid extra and did the select so we could choose cabins in the middle on good decks. Very pleased.
  5. Thanks all for the excellent answers. Very helpful. We’re going to book select and choose our cabins away from the soot and hopefully in a good location.
  6. Ha yes that would help 🙂 The Britannia. Thanks
  7. Thanks all. One final question. Having never been on this ship, where’s a good place to get a cabin? I’ll avoid the aft.
  8. Thanks everyone, some valid points. It seems a lot extra money for not a lot as it’s only room number and meal but based on what you’ve said I can understand it. We want anytime so I’d hope they would be flexible with that as they were last time.
  9. Just looking at prices for next year to the Caribbean and there’s quite a bit of a difference on certain cabins. a deluxe balcony is around £1,000 more over two weeks. You get £400 OBC so that leaves £600 extra in return for knowing your cabin number and dining time. A normal balcony cabin is around £350 more. What do most people book? We we are thinking of having two cabins and both P&O and a TA said we could end up with different dining times. We would want anytime dining so generally can we swap to that once onboard if we aren’t allocated it?
  10. My 1st cruise was a Caribbean cruise in December 1997 and the first thing we did was go up to the pool area and have a drink. They were serving lots of pina coladas and back then I’d never had one so tried it. Nearly 30 cruises on i always have a pina colada when I get on the ship if possible. Just the one as I’m not as fond of it as I was back in my 20’s.
  11. No problem, reporting it? Wow! Why not concentrate on your own holiday than caring about what other people are doing. Ending your last post with !!! Obviously a big bug bear for you - move on and don’t worry about other people.
  12. I’ve got a19 and 17 year old who I’ve taken on over 20 cruises, starting at 9 months. Back then very often say with P&O babies up to 2 went free in certain cruises. Children used to be very cheap. I’ve noticed over the years the prices have soared for children because . . . . They can. You have children, you pay for them. Ive now got a 2 year old as well and I don’t mind paying however when she was 1 we paid £1,300 to take her on a Southampton cruise. We supplie much of her food and she was too young to be in the kids club.
  13. My mum and dad are booked in that very suite next year, it looks lovely. We are in a premium suite d122 - any pictures of that anyone? Cheers.
  14. Thanks both of you . . . . . I didn’t word that very well. I know what the perks are as I looked them up before I booked. What I meant by ‘hope’ is that I’m hoping the service and experience of a suite is worth it. For example the whole suite experience with NCL was fantastic. On other cruises lines it’s not been as good. Anyway I’m sure we’ll enjoy it.
  15. Hi Okay this is quite a generic ask I know, but I just wondered if anyone has any tips or ideas. We’ve cruised a lot before but never been to Australia or NZ. Will have a couple of weeks there before the cruise. We’ve booked a premium suite and are hoping the perks are similar to RC and NCL. It’s Nov 2019amd we’ll have a 3 year old with us. Any thoughts most welcome 🙂
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