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  1. @CineGraphic I wrote that I would drive by it someday and we had lunch yesterday at this seafood walk-up nearby. The statue at the entrance is gone. Still boarded up. No tresspassing or I'd have gone inside. Sign posted for a development hearing, but this place would take more than a cosmetic fix. Anything iron near the ocean rusts away without paint and structural failure is visible. Hard to imagine this abandoned prime property, next to yacht clubs and multi-million $ seaside homes left to rot for over a decade.
  2. My doctor told me I should only eat bacon and drink alcohol on my days off from work. So I retired. It's true that I told her that during a visit. She totally cracked up laughing.
  3. We were on the Regal in 2018. The steam room and sauna were part of the additional paid spa package and not accessible to the general passengers at that date of sailing. This may have changed since. Balancing that out, we were in the Caribbean Sea, so just walking on deck was a steambath. Suggest posting your question on one of the, "live," threads for any Royal Class ship sailing.
  4. Did not know you could purchase a meal package for the land portion. This must be new. We did the Denali Explorer and had only one regret, that we didn't buy the Connisseur package. But, if you have your excursions planned already, then go ahead with Off the Beaten Path. If you don't buy a meal package or go Connoisseur, figure on either fasting or going broke, because when they say "wilderness" lodges, they aren't kidding! Maybe ten years ago, a hamburger was US$25 and nothing across the street as a dining option. The Majestic Princess holds roughly 1000 more passengers than the Sapphire. When you go to Skagway for example, the disembarking passengers of the Majestic outnumber the town residents by quite a bit, plus other ships in port. Some people want what huge ships offer. Not us. Just a thought.
  5. You might ask yourself if you want to continue sailing with Princess. In the down period, there was much discussion here on Medallion app problems, loss of perks etc... If you want to explore a different line, then your answer is simple. I feel compensation was generous. We had 3 cancelled cruises, so I can't give you a number for one. Our '22 cruise will be substantially on Princess FCC. With compensation, Princess asks for a chance to shine at a future date. If you want to stay with Princess, then take compensation in hope they work through the issues.
  6. The Medallion employs more than one technology. NFC is used for tap-and-go. Only good a few inches away. The Medallion also uses active RFID, which is good for 80 yards, if I remember correctly. The function is so they can locate a passenger on the ship if they order a drink or someone wants to find them using the Navigator panels. Active RFID is used in cordless home phones connecting the handset with it's base station. Needs power for that. The message it sends out has been compared to an automobile license plate in complexity.
  7. Red bar notice comes up on CC today regarding, "feed," problem. Not just at sea. Being worked on now. We'll see if this posts.
  8. You should have received a change in itinerary. We are booked on a Hawaii RT, out of LA, and did receive notification of a change from Lahina. A call to your CVP, or TA, is in order. We were in Kona as a substitution port several years ago when a crewman from the Grand decided to jump ship halfway across the Pacific from San Francisco. Kona became our favorite Hawaii port. Just enough tourist infrastructure to be interesting, but not too, "touristy," as is our opinion of Lahina. IMHO, consider yourself lucky! Must eat musubi from the ABC market just off the Kona pier and drink Kona coffee.
  9. Under Inappropriate Content in CC Guidelines: Touting of your personal cruise agent or cruise line "personal cruise consultant" (or any other venue by which you purchase a cruise) is not allowed on our message boards. Postings that contain "tell them John sent you" will be removed without notice. Please do report them if you see them.
  10. Since starting to use a CVP, some say PVP, he is a direct line and email and a return call or email usually within the hour, if not just picking up the phone right then. I don't know how it would work since you booked online, but if you know, he or she might help you with an eye on getting your bookings in the future. Don't know who it is? From the Princess website, go to Contact Us at the top. Then from the pull down, Talk to a Cruise Specialist. Send a message to find out who is assigned to you. Sorry I can't mention our CVP here.
  11. We also received a cancellation of the Lahina port for a different cruise with the same change in port. It's not just your sailing. No idea why.
  12. Thank you and no need to apologize. I counted 5 requests for a review of Harmony with the new menu, plus requests ln the previous sailing thread. The, "Harmony," thread is called, How would you rate the Majestic specialty restaurants, which shows the old and new Harmony menu. But it is probably a few pages back now. Hope you are having a great vacation!
  13. My suspicion is the wine was stored in boxes and cases cork side up. If the cork becomes dry, over a year, air gets in, it's a recipe for spoilage.
  14. Curious if anyone has, or plans to, eat at Harmony. Last cruise/thread, posters did not like the new menu, but no one posted how the new food is. If anyone walks by, are they busy? If dining there, how is the food? I have the menu from the previous thread. Thanks!
  15. What a disappointment! It would be interesting to compare the new Harmony menu to the old, if a passenger posts a pix of the menu.
  16. The Chopsticks Noodle Bar used to offer two or three types, rotating days. Dan Dan noodles tend to be pretty spicy, in case you're sensitive to heat, but on the ship they're probably pretty tame. Also, if they haven't taken it away, is the Gong Cha Cafe for Boba drinks. I think there is a charge for them but if you haven't tried bubble tea it is refreshing. Thank you for your posts!
  17. Sixty inches wide is a standard queen in N. America and Australia. Europe and Latin America have a different standard. I would have thought the ships beds would be Euro sized.
  18. The old post you mention might be the old bed measurements too. Not on board a ship, but here is Customer Service for Princess Luxury Bed. (702) 479-4045 retail@princessluxurybed.com
  19. Sure! But you can make a Tom Collins at home easily. Cruising is the time let the bartenders earn their keep and taste some flavors you might not keep at home. Since you like gin, as I also do, try a Negroni for something dark and complex.
  20. Human nature to want to make the most of something we've paid for. I usually eat more and gain weight on a cruise, since food figures in the cruise fare. Add alcohol and internet paid for up front and that's another recipe for over consumption. Are bundled packages worth it? Each person has to weigh that.
  21. Human nature to want to make the most of something we've paid for. I usually eat more and gain weight on a cruise, since food figures in the cruise fare. Add alcohol and internet paid for up front and that's another recipe for over consumption. Are bundled packages worth it? Each person has to weigh that.
  22. Your question is not stupid. Look at the number of threads and posts on the subject of Ocean Ready and you will see you are far from alone. I had a problem, a different problem, but like you, I too am not smartphone savvy here either. Their help line number is 1-844-525-0942. After explaining my concern, they told me to have my (adult) child do it. This is the level of help you should expect from them. Since then, supposedly, they have changed their tune and more can be done at the port at boarding time The bottom line is, you are the customer. They need to come through for you. Insist upon it. It was never right to throw this burden on their customers.
  23. Thanks! Will drive by it someday as there is a restaurant nearby that we like. Anything interesting left of Casa Sirena, will figure a way to send you photos. I looked at IMDB and no listings for location work. Tip for anyone visiting, the US Navy Seabee museum is nearby. Totally worth the price of admission, free.
  24. This caught my eye. There are port fees and taxes, as with any cruise. But does mean they tax the Medallion itself and charge a fee for mailing it? Did you buy wrist straps and such that are taxable? What are the fees mentioned?
  25. @Daniel A you are entitled to your opinion, but many here have a different interpretion of the word, "Friend."
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