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  1. Every night of this specific cruise the hot buffet offerings have been less than 10 choices and a majority of salad bar items
  2. I have an honest question about the dinner buffet offerings... has the dinner buffet line always been 75% salad bar and around 25% of the offerings being actual hot cooked foods? This is an observation while being on a cruise right now. I appreciate any insight for my own knowledge.
  3. This is a huge help.. thank you so much!
  4. I have no concerns, but want to know if there are any things I should know about positive or negative before making that selection
  5. I am going on the Breeze for the 3rd time and was wondering if I should avoid or book on the 1st deck (Riviera). I am not sure if there are any benefits of being on deck 1 or none at all and I should avoid. I have always stayed on higher decks... so just trying to get some other thoughts and opinions as well as experiences.
  6. My nephew is 4 and much less than 48 inches and he rode with my dad in a double multiple times.. for anyone wondering if double passenger needs to be 48 inches or more to ride along.
  7. Someone in my party has an accessible cabin (wheel chair assistance for boarding needed) and they just called NCL and they said there is no special accessible boarding and you have to just show up at whatever time you pick. Is that correct? I thought they called for handicapped earlier than they call for general boarding? If they selected a later time, but was unaware that there was handicapped assisted boarding can they show up or will they be turned away until their selected time?
  8. Incorrect. It’s $87 when you buy it ahead of time for the ENTIRE cruise. Take what these fools on the phone tell you with a grain of salt.
  9. We were given an accessible cabin on the Bliss. When I try to print my boarding docs they say “wheelchair assistance needed”. I do not need wheel chair assistance. Should I call them, tell them at the port, ignore it?
  10. Can they still make a dirty mojito in sugarcane? I remember it from Getaway back in 2014, but I do not see it on the menu.. best mojito EVER and I am worried they don't make them anymore :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
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