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  1. Do you get cruise day credits for additional rooms that you book? We had four rooms on my last cruise but I only got credit for my room. I could not find anything on this on the HAL Mariner Society website.
  2. Does anyone know if the BW Balcony cabins on the Royal Princess have a small couch or just a chair? Which balcony cabins on Royal Princess do have the small couches? I think BA category does, but I am trying to determine where the category is where you get a couch or do not. Thanks, Joe
  3. Mattpro, Why do you think smoking will not be allowed in the RC casino's in 2020? Is it just wishful thinking, guessing, speculating, or do you have some reliable reason to say that? Thanks, Joe
  4. I am sure it is because Royal Caribbean doesn't want to lose any casino revenue. When they have a large indoor smoking area on their ships (the casino) lots of smokers go there just to smoke, so maybe they will also gamble. They don't want someone who is spending lots of money gambling to get up and leave to have a smoke. But RC fails to appreciate that some people like me would take more cruises with them, would not be looking at other lines like Princess and Holland (that have better smoking policies), and be looking at other venues. I am currently trying to decide if I want to out up with the smoke and take another RC cruise, go on a Princess or Holland, or maybe a vacation at a resort. Thanks, Joie
  5. I would prefer that over the way it is now. They should charge everyone and disclose it up front. It is just an additional fee disguised as a gratuity.
  6. Littlelulu01, Do you think that the cruise line employees who are supposed to get these "gratuities" got a 50% raise when the DSC went up 50%? It is just a way to charge you more while making you think it is for the employees. If everyone on a cruise did not tip, would the employees not be paid? Of course they would. When someone removes the tips, do the employees still get paid the same amount? Yes. Are the tips reduced when you don't eat a meal or forgo housekeeping for a day? No, but why not if you are not receiving those services? You don't have to leave a tip at a restaurant if you don't eat there? These questions I have asked are to illustrate how "gratuities" are not what most believe they are and not what the cruise lines want you to believe. Thanks, Joe
  7. HBE4, Great idea, I agree. Since only adults will be in this smoking saloon, they could have slot machines in there. That way smokers could gamble and smoke. Royal Caribbean - are you listening?
  8. Five Holland America ships have non smoking casinos and all casino have non smoking night. Here is what it says on the Holland America site: Onboard Zuiderdam, Oosterdam, Westerdam, Eurodam and Nieuw Amsterdam the casinos are non-smoking. Onboard all other Holland America Line ships, smoking is allowed in the casinos except for non-smoking days.
  9. I stand corrected. In the RC FAQ section in response to is smoking allowed in the casino it says: Yes. During operating hours, the casino will allow smoking, with certain areas designated as non-smoking. Under the RC smoking policy it still states that: Onboard all interior public spaces are smoke free. It would be nice if all public spaces were actually smoke free.
  10. M, That is not what the RC policy is. Go to there website and look at the policy. It states that all indoor areas are smoke free - which is not true because of smoking in the casino. It also states that only active players are allowed to smoke and only when the casino is open. Neither of those rules are enforced and even known by the various crew member I spoke to.
  11. Sorry, one more point. Princess has smoke free nights in the casino on formal nights and they only allow smoking for active players on a few designated slots. This is a lot better than RC. My experience has been that there is a lot less smoke emanating from the casinos on Princess than on RC.
  12. BNBR, Just a follow up response. Looking at a deck layout it shows that the casino doors are right next to the stairs and elevators. I have never detected and ventilation of the smoke from the casino, unless you consider the stairway leading to the promenade. The could add ventilation but do not. It would have to be pretty powerful to overcome all the large opening onto other areas of the ship from the casino. They could make half of the casino smoking, enclose it and ventilate it, but they do not. RC must make a lot of money off smokers who gamble.
  13. coolcruiserr, On my recent Royal Caribbean cruise I complained twice about non players smoking in the casino and was told it was OK. The daily cruise planner stated that the casino allowed smoking. It did not say it was only for active players or that smoking was not allowed when the casino was closed. RC denied it was there policy and said anyone can smoke in the casino at anytime.
  14. I just got off the Oasis a month ago and Royal Caribbean still does not go by there own rules. Smoking is allowed in the casino by anyone at anytime, even when in port and when it is closed. The smoke does not stay in the casino but enters the common areas nearby such as the elevators, stairs and entrance to the MDR. I tried to walk through the casino at 10AM, two hours after docking at a port, and people were in there smoking. It is frustrating when you go to the MDR for breakfast and dinner and have to put up with smoke from the time you get into the elevator areas and even in the beginning of the MDR. I am glad I did not have a table near the entrance to the MDR or I would have had to breath in smoke during my meal. I am not apposed to people smoking and having places for them to smoke. But I do not think it is fair for me to be forced to breathe in the smoke when I am not in those areas that it is allowed. Doe the smoke stay in the casino when it has large opening into common areas. Of course not. They could close the doors to the casino or ventilate it to the outsidet, but they do not. Royal Caribbean dos not go by there own policy of all common areas being smoke free.
  15. Sorry BNBR, but I just got of the Oasis of the Seas and the the smoke from the casino regularly was very noticeable when entering the dining room for breakfast and for dinner. It even was in the entrance to the MDR and you could smell again before you even left the MDR. I asked people in our group who do not complain about hte smoke and they said it was very noticeable. The casino is wide open and near the elevators at the rear of the ship, which is where you go into the MDR. The smoke does not stay in the casino. Royal Caribbean does not in force their own rules about smoking n the casino. I was going to walk through the casino two hours after we docked when it was closed and people were in there smoking. I tried twice to get RC to do something about it. The first time they thought I wanted to smoke in the casino even though I was not gambling. They said it is fine, I can smoke in there anytime I want. I addressed it again and they checked with security who said anyone can smoke in the casino anytime they want. I told them this was not RC policy and they just kept saying sorry, but did nothing about it. How can all areas of the ship be smoke free, as per RC policy, if the indoor smoking area (the casino) is wide open to other primary areas of the ship. There is even a staircase leading from the casino onto the promenade. RC would be my favorite cruise line if they would make it so those who do not smoke are not forced to by there open air indoor smoking area.
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