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  1. Love all the pics! Can't wait for Feb on the Sky!
  2. Thanks! Looking forward to it! Less than a year away LOL,
  3. Thanks. I think we’ll skip Paris. 3 hours on a bus doesn’t sound like a fun vacation. I appreciate everyone’s input!
  4. debshomespun - thanks for the pics and details. Looks like a fun anniversary 🤗
  5. Thanks. Would you mind sharing a bit about what the trip was like/your experience?
  6. It looks like a 3-hour bus ride each way. The "on your owns" drops you off, and you're on your own for a little over 4 hours. The Best of Paris, it looks like they mostly drive around, stop at a restaurant for an hour, then stop at the Eiffel Tower for about 1.5 hours. Just trying to imagine 3 hours each way on a crowded bus. The train is an option, but I tend to get nervous about missing the ship.
  7. Has anyone done the Princess "Paris on Your Own" or "Best of Paris" via Princess excursion? I'm curious if they use a regular full-size but (like the ones they usually use for airport transfers) or if they use smaller buses. Thanks.
  8. Curious to know if anyone has done the Princess "Pars on You Own" Le Havre to Paris, or even the Princess "Best of Paris" tour? Still debating what to do in April. If you've done either of those excursions, with Princess, do they use a full-size bus, or do they use smaller buses?
  9. In a Facebook Group that I follow, there is some talk about other passenger's charges showing up on their account, because of the medallion. Is this really an issue with the medallion? We're looking forward to our first Medallion cruise in April on the Sky 😀 Thanks.
  10. Brest will be a stop for us in April. It will be a short one, 7am to 3pm (Sky Princess). We have a 2-hour walking tour booked in town at 11am that meets downtown. It looks like there is a shuttle that goes from the ship to town, but I have been able to figure out how often the shuttle runs (both directions). Also, trying to see if town is in walking distance from the ship. I don't think getting to the tour will be an issue, but want to make sure we'll have plenty of time to get back to the ship. I'm assuming we'll need to be onboard by 2pm, but don't know for sure. Any i
  11. Thanks so much for all the pics and info. We'll be on the TA in April. For the Sanctuary, I couldn't find that your blog. Do you think it's worth signing up for a 1/2 day? I've never done the sanctuary, but am curious. Also, where do you go to reserve that once you get on board? Appreciate your answers to all of our questions!!
  12. We'll be disebarking the Sky Princess in Copenhagen on April 25, then flying out April 26. Plan to stay at the Marriott. What do you think the best way is to get to the Marriott from the ship, and from the Marriott to the airport? Thanks
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